Gasp! Betrayal! The Last Federation Expansion Out

No funny captions this early in the morning.

Oh sure, uniting the galaxy in a harmonious federation is a noble goal, but video games do ignobility so well. On Friday, Arcen Games released the first The Last Federation, adding a little skulduggery. Named Betrayed Hope, it brings a new mode where you’re done with all that unifying guff, instead controlling a planet trying to wipe out everyone also. But if you’re big on that ‘holding hands and singing friendly songs, we’re all better together’ malarkey, the other big addition is a mode about trying to defend the system from an alien invasion.

The core ‘Betrayal’ mode makes TLF a lot more 4X-y, commanding armadas and ground armies, and doing the usual 4X-y things to wipe everyone out. That ‘Invasion’ mode, meanwhile, sees your solar system invaded by the alien Obscura, who wipe out one race and will take a huge effort to wipe out. Sounds splendid, that. The expansion also adds new ships, abilities, music tracks, and quests. Betrayal is £4.49 on Steam at the moment, thanks to a small discount. The Last Federation is on sale too, down to £6.75 with a far larger discount. Or they’re £3.99 and £6.10 respectively on GOG.

They’re a busy lot, Arcen Games. They’re also having a crack at making a 4X strategy game without combat in Stars Beyond Reach, and last week released several patches for the base game to accompany the expansion’s launch. These bring the full patch notes since v1.0 to over 61,000 words – “quite literally the length of a respectable novel” Arcen point out.


  1. Baboonanza says:

    Like all of the Arcen games I’ve tried the premise sounded really interesting but I found the game somehow uncompelling. I think in this case there is simply insufficent direct feedback from player actions.

    • riadsala says:

      It’s worth spending some time with this game to get up the learning curve. Yes, it’s initially a bit confusing and its not all that clear what’s happening. But once you learn how the races differ in mechanics and personality, and how the game plays, there’s a lot to love. Quite a bit of personality too. Also, the base game has been updated significantly, with v2.0 getting released last week (as a free patch of course). So this is a good time to try again if you bounced off it the first time around.

      Also, I kinda like the fact that the causality between player actions and simulation behaviour is a little foggy. It would be a bit of a dull puzzle to solve if everything was extra clear

      • Rojas says:

        We must add that the game has a good tutorial.

        At least for me …

        • Kitsunin says:

          It is quite good. This is certainly Arcen’s least confusing Excellent Game. Actually, it’s not particularly confusing at all.

  2. Monggerel says:

    I remember Imperium Galactica II’s Solarian (humens) campaign gave you a bomb that could be used to detonate a planet.
    One bomb. One planet. Whoever is targeted (if any) will literally never forgive you and focus exclusively on wiping out your empire at all costs.
    So obviously it was the perfect Coo-degrass for when they only had the one planet left.
    Suck it, silly Shinari!

    Edit: so yeah this game is not to my tastes I haven’t played a 4x in at least 6 years

  3. jnik says:

    Also on GoG or direct on Arcen’s site. GoG’s a similar 50% off base / 10% off expansion, Arcen’s site is 10% off for the expansion but full price for the base(!?).

  4. Kaeoschassis says:

    Blimey Arcen, that was quick even for you…

  5. LionsPhil says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, I’ve been waiting for this to come out of beta.