Lost Ark Is A Very Pretty, Over The Top Diablo Competitor

Play and complete Diablo 3 multiple times and you’ll eventually reach difficulty levels in which the mob count balloons and combat is enjoyable for frequency of popping, bursting, exploding enemies. This eight minute Lost Ark trailer begins with dozens of enemies being fought and dismembered and only becomes more ridiculous from there, with increasingly wild attacks and scenery-dwarfing boss monsters. It’s an Unreal Engine 3-powered, South Korean-developed MMO hack-and-slasher and it’s not clear if it’s coming westward, but you should watch this trailer anyway.

It’s rare for a game to be announced in the west with anything more than a 60-second CG teaser, so it’s a thrill just to see this much. The game’s website is in Korean, but from the above we can infer co-op combat, mounts and, I guess, some sort of laser-grapple for dragging floating landmasses. The game will also have 18 playable characters of which only five have been announced so far.

If the game looks lush, that might be because it’s being made by Smile Gate, developers of gosh-it’s-just-anime-Counter-Strike CrossFire. That was reportedly the highest grossing free-to-play game in the world as of the beginning of this year, which presumably gives them some money to throw at this new thing, which has already been in development for three years.

The trailer marks the launch of beta sign-ups for a closed test due to launch next year. There’s no word on when or if that will be localised into English.


  1. damoqles says:

    Is the top image from an earlier WIP version of the Dark Souls II cinematic trailer?

  2. Brtt says:

    Color me interested.

    Here’s hoping they’ll westernize it, and not just the language… the rising sun countries tend to love their games very hardcore, which is sometimes too much for us (well, for me at the very least).

    • Alien426 says:

      I agree as far as art is concerned. The first 1:43 was very nice.
      When the dude unfurls his already ridiculously large sword to a length of over twice his own size I cringed. He’s already wearing armor that would make a main battle tank jealous!
      With a lot of the later monsters the producer seems to have said: “More spikes!! MOAR SPIKES! Put spikes on the spikes!!!”. Reminded me of this Jimquisition.

      I don’t know if difficulty needs tweaking.

      • Brtt says:

        Ah, but the hardcoreness doesn’t usually merely cater to good old plain difficulty (if we’re talking about the number of mobs and how hard they hit).
        It’s quite often in the mechanics, crafting, whatnot.

        My most recent experience with said eastern hardcore fetishism was with TERA (it sure is an MMO, but that’s irrelevant): while the monsters needed some strategy of their own (even more so with BAMs), the real trouble was with the items, the skills..
        The grinding required to do simple enchants on items was crazy FUBAR.

        That’s the reason I didn’t want to take it further than the beta.

        And that’s the kind of stuff I’m fearing for this one… if it ever comes to our distant shores, that is.

  3. battles_atlas says:

    Nearly four whole minutes before the big tits appeared. Progress!

  4. Bone says:

    Diablo III – How it should or could have been :-D

  5. cqdemal says:

    Those AoE attacks are so delightfully over the top. Looks fantastic.

  6. Niko says:

    It certainly looks gorgeous. And there’s a mecha!

  7. lordfrikk says:

    Well, that was something, alright. Can’t wait to see how’s it actually going to play.

  8. msing says:


  9. SVW says:

    I’m just very happy that the characters are *actually* using their weapons, instead of wearing carrying them around like so much luggage.
    This still annoys me every time I open DIII – as much as the game is about loot, you see very little of it on your character.

    • jrodman says:

      But you can see it on the paper doll!

      (Seriously I feel somehow like ancient games with low budgets were more successful in some ways. Ie, if you can’t ever see your character ASIDE from the paperdoll, then there’s no problem!)

      • Niko says:

        I think it’s just the combat mechanics in D3 – if you are not a melee character, only the stats from the weapon matter, so my Witch Doctor carries around a large mace, but he never swings it.

        • jrodman says:

          Oh. That does seem a bit sad.

        • Grendael says:

          Would be nice if the casters attacks came fromm the weapon. You would look like a conductor of death

      • Tacroy says:

        I would be very very surprised if characters have multiple different weapon animations in this game, with how much the weapons seem to be tied in to the skill animations.

        • SVW says:

          As long as they actually hit the enemies with their weapons instead of, say, their fists – I’m satisfied.

  10. Kaeoschassis says:

    Supposing absolutely nothing more of this game ever gets delivered – supposing this trailer is literally the only trace of it that ever emerges – it will still have been jolly good fun, I’ll say that much.

  11. Crafter says:

    I have got to say, this game looks very fun !
    I suspect that there might be keyboard movement controls, that would make very happy, I love Ys take on Diablo’s gameplay.
    This game is also a severe case of bikini armor. Somebody should write a biology guide based on this kind of character design :
    -male warriors are incredibly fragile, so we need to cover them from head to toe in plate armor.
    -female warriors are very durable and have only one weakness : their boobs, this is the only part of the body that we need to protect.

  12. Stevostin says:

    It looks fantastic but also very scripted. I wonder how much randomisation / procedural level generation there is in this. Also scripted animation and cinematic get old fast.

    • Superpat says:

      I agree that that may be a potential downfall, but at the same time, I’m getting a oh so crzy vibe from the atmosphere that just might make it worthit.

      Not to forget that nightmare/siegfried character is pretty badass!

  13. KFee says:

    sometimes, less is more… the MOAR in this game is close to getting ridiculous. Then I saw that it’s korean, which explains a lot :)

  14. Zallgrin says:

    Well this looks definitely thrilling. I love any decent Diablo-clone and this has some very nice over-the-top animations. I hope the gameplay is as fluid as it looks like.

  15. Monggerel says:

    So I certainly won’t be playing it for several years, if at all. This rig can barely run Dark Souls II and I will never afford an “up-to-date” computor, so.

  16. vivlo says:

    that does look very pretty and inviting and interesting to me – which is a bit odd since i was never attracted by diablo 3

  17. Geewhizbatman says:

    So much pretty! I could see this actually being entertaining to watch streamed, even if it looks like my feeble computer starts nervously coughing at all those particles.

    Still, I’m excited for it (even with Lady Boobpunch and her sister, Grunty Angellass joining Sir Matrix Allowed-To-Wear-Pants and Thor The Megapec’d)

  18. MellowKrogoth says:

    Incredible visuals, and the combat looks good (whether it’s fun in the long run is another question). Too bad it’s gonna be an MMO.

  19. Keymonk says:

    My lord, that looks rad and over-the-toppy.

  20. Zaxwerks says:

    You lost me the moment the words MMO issued forth from your delicate typing fingers… however, for those people that like that kinda thing it looks cool.

  21. Phantasma says:

    Liked some of the scenery, but can’t say the same for the car-sized swords and especially the tit-armour… definitely not my cup (i’m sorry!)

  22. boundless08 says:

    I think, as camp as it can be, the flashy anime-esque style fighting is jyst what a game like this needs to liven it up a bit. I don’t think I would ever get bored of that DmC style gun play.

    Also Mechs, so yeah…. better learn Korean!

  23. YeGoblynQueenne says:

    I’m learning Korean as we speak.

    More spikes please.

  24. Orageon says:

    It looks positively fantastic, although a bit over the top and betting much on graphics (korean style, I guess). I wonder how teamplay reads with all these super attacks making a mess of the battlefield.

    But what make diablo3 awesome is its gameplay, the synergies you can make between skills and items, the gameplay-changing legendaries or set bonuses, and so on. They needed a couple of patches to get it right.
    So if this one is all great looks but has basic grindfest and bland or too repetitive gameplay (yeah well it is still a hack n slash, so that’s the tricky thing to solve), then the trailer will be enough thank you very much.

  25. Felixader says:

    Holy cow. This trailer is over eight minutes long. I didn’t realise untill i looked at the timeline at the bottom. That was amazing to look at (typical crinchworthy armor aside) and looked like a lot of fun.
    I feel like this is what i had originaly expected from Diablo 3.

  26. aphazard1 says:

    That was quite a trailer. Wow.

    Yes, maybe the game won’t come anywhere near what was being shown. But give the creators credit, they grabbed my interest. That looked like something that would be a hell of a lot of fun to play.