Lick It Good: Rain World Now Has Adorable Lizard Tongues

You’d think I’d stop being impressed by Rain World‘s physics animation system, but I’m entertained to the nines every time its developers put out a new Kickstarter update. The latest shows more of the lovable slugcat’s grimdark world via a new trailer, plus GIFs showing new water tech, weapon-throwing and lizard tongue assaults. It’s all beautiful.

Don’t worry, it’s not asking for your money. Rain World was already funded to more than twice its asking amount earlier this year, prompting its two-person development team to shift from Game Maker to a new custom-built engine. That’s what you’re seeing above and in the GIFs below.

Rain World is about more than English drizzle; if rain falls and you’re not in cover, you’ll be crushed to death by the force of the water. The problem is that you need to venture out into the world in search of food, which means battling with an ecosystem of different creatures. You’re hunting bats to feed your own hunger – and perhaps the hunger of some slugcat pups, if other GIFs are any indication – while lizards with different behaviour types are hunting you.

Or hunting each other, it turns out:

This latest Kickstarter update is mainly concerned with showing the new water tech, which looks lovely when complete. Here’s one of the in-progress images, because I like both the swimming animations and that you can grab that spear from the bottom of the pool.

Rain World was originally due out before the end of this year, and though this now seems unlikely, a “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” is teased as coming in the next update. Hmm!


  1. blur says:

    What we need now is a crossover with Hopoo games: Risk of Rain World!

    I can totally imagine those lizards spawning and trying to eat you up in that sci-fi world.

  2. pepperfez says:

    Cute+Cruel seems to be a pretty hot aesthetic lately.

  3. cloudnein says:

    I am so glad I backed this game; the devs really have it together. Not only is it amazingly beautiful and enticing, the algorithm work and level design continues to impress me. (Same goes for Okhlos!)

  4. alms says:

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT = Console Exclusivity?

    /me runs away

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Outsorcing all that heavy computation to the cloud as building the game without it will not meet their “vision” of the game…

  5. The Dark One says:

    I can never get enough slugcats.