The Marvellous Miss Take Sneaks Onto Steam Next Week

It’s a bright and sunny day in London, which should be your first clue that something is amiss. You come home to find your home has been ransacked and a lifetime of collecting priceless works of art is now reduced to nothing but a memory. The only solution? Don a large and fabulous hat, walk confidently into your artwork’s new home and effortlessly grab armfuls of your belongings to a bouncy jazz soundtrack.

Welcome to The Marvellous Miss Take, which sees the stylish Sophia Take trying to reclaim her collection of magnificent artwork from a number of central London art collectors. It’s clear it’s a game about thieves, as its November 20th release date has popped up out of the shadows and caught me completely by surprise.

I’ve had a few opportunities to play through sections of Sophia’s adventure in the last few months and for me it’s well worth a look if you’ve ever dreamed of not only being a master thief, but doing so in the kind of style that is only possible after hitting some high-end boutiques for a formal suit and flagrantly stylish new hat. Take a look at this new trailer and tell me she doesn’t nail “thief chic”.

Best part of that whole trailer? I’m pretty sure this is the first stealth game to ever emulate how I would react to being caught mid-crime. Sprinting with your arms waving about? The height of video game stealth realism.


  1. pepperfez says:

    All I ever ask from video games is that they let me be stylish, and they so seldom do.

  2. Scio says:

    Puns not guns.

  3. Monggerel says:

    Spliffs not wits I says.

  4. Jamesworkshop says:

    single player Monaco?

  5. eggy toast says:

    Every single thing about this game reminds me of Invisible Inc so so much.

    Which is good, because I love that game, but odd because isometric stealth robbery games aren’t, traditionally, a flooded market.

    There’s another one in the Steam “coming soon” section, too, Crookz (sic)

    • Hex says:

      Oh my. Crookz. Indeed. That’s quite a lot of Ron Jeremy. (Though probably not as much as his fans are used to seeing amirite?!)

      What’s great about Miss Take vs Invisible Inc is that they have that one enormous difference — real-time vs turn-based — which enables me to excuse requiring both games, even though it looks like they’ll largely scratch the same itch.

      I have to say I’ve rarely (if ever) had a turn-based experience feel as hectic and hysterical as Invisible Inc’s.


    I like how she loses her hat when she gets caught. How vill pipple know hyu’re a goot dief if hyu don’t keep you hat?

  7. RCoon says:

    Got in contact with the devs and publisher and I’ve been sent a press key. Will have a review up by the back end of the week. All in all they seem like super nice guys.

  8. zentropy says:

    Gah, I read the title as “The Marvelous Miss Takes on Steam Next Week”….