Pugnacious Pinball: Rollers Of The Realm

Rollers of the Realm is a pinball-RPG hybrid. It’s no secret that I like pinball and it turns out I like RPGs as well. If we accept both of those things, must we not also accept that pinball + RPG equals super double-good? I’ll be able to find out later because the game’s out today and I’ll be getting up close and personal with it spherical heroes. Trailer below.

Balls that vary in size or weight, animal companions, levelling, combat and bosses. All of the ingredients are in place for a successor to the combat pinball games of my youth. Combat pinball was a thing at one point, right? A genre. Maybe you’d call it adventure pinball instead of combat pinball, but there were several games that added enemies and abilities to pinball tables. I’d completely forgotten about the Crush series until somebody mentioned it in the comments on my last Rollers of the Realm post.

Here’s the full list of features from Steam:

A new spin on pinball: includes physics-based puzzles and combat with unique nudge and flipper mechanics.

10 hot-swappable player characters (represented by balls), each with a unique size, weight, and stats.

Unleash devastating special abilities: flaming swords, animal companions, hailstorms, bombs!

Upgrade stats and special abilities as your party levels up.
30+ Campaign levels to discover and replay. Fully-voiced storyline.

Combat focused: battle grunts, elites, bosses… and more.
Loot drops: gold, score and mana multipliers, power-ups, and treasure.

Arena Mode: 5 challenging boards with Steam Leaderboard support.

Here’s hoping the physics are decent because all of the magical balls in the world don’t matter if they don’t roll just right.

A few weeks ago, I was performing my own particular brand of crawl around the dungeons of Manchester (not much hacking, plenty of slashing) when I stumbled across a Judge Dredd table in the local Brewdog. First time I’d ever played it and I’d already had a little too much of the hair of the Brewdog that bit me so my memory is hazy. Always happy to see Dredd though – his chin, at least.

You can find tables in your local area using Pinformer.


  1. MeatMan says:

    Adam Smith wrote: “Trailer below.”

    I’m beginning to see a pattern. Are you trolling us?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    This seems like the logical follow up to Odama.

  3. mukuste says:

    Pro Pinball: Timeshock, where art thou?

  4. Riaktion says:

    I know that Judge Dredd Pinball table and as a fan of Mega City One’s premier law enforcer I have admired it from afar, never given it a go.

    This game however looks intriguing, will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the highlight.