Minimalist Footy: Super Sec Soccer


I’ve gushed about local multiplayer minimalist sports games before, those lovely games which strip sports down, tossing out slow bits and rebuilding them as frenetic and weird games. It’s a pretty great movement/genre/thing. Today brings the release of another reinvented sport, a bouncy version of football this time, in Super Sec Soccer. It offers 90-second matches of 5-a-side where the ball bounces back off boundary lines and the action is never slowed by free kicks, corners, penalties, fouls, or anything. It has matches vs. AI too, but it looks like one best played with a pal.

Beyond movement, Super Sec Soccer has only two action buttons – one to change players, and one to slide. These slide can work out as punting a ball, tackling a player, and other context-sensitive things. 90 seconds of ball-bouncing wacky action sounds ace to me.

Super Sec Soccer is €4.99 (£4) on If it gets through Stream Greenlight, developers kingPenguin say you’ll get a Steam key too.

Here’s the official list of features not in the game:

Free kicks
Half time
Switching sides
A referee (there is a whistle though!)
Assistant refs
Ball out of play
A kick-off
22 players
Boring super defensive matches


  1. charlieewing says:

    Looks eerily similar to TENNNES by jwaaaap.

    link to


    • jeeger says:

      What? 20 € for TENNNES? Yeah, I’d prefer paying 5 € for this. I’m not stingy normally, but this… Nope.

      • charlieewing says:

        It’s not stingy, I actually tried to find out of there was a reason behind it’s exorbitant pricing but nothing came up.
        I really love Vlambeer and respect JW a lot as a designer but $20 for TENNNES is too high.

  2. Barchester says:

    Seriously, I love retro gaming and I love retro looking games, but this is a bit too much. Or not enough, for that matter. There’s some trend going on at the moment where we are reverting to Commodore 64 levels of graphics, and I’m fine with that, but not for that type of money.

    • plugmonkey says:

      I thought it looked pretty endearing. I’m not sure how you’d animate things like that on a C64…

  3. GomezTheChimp says:

    I had this game sometime in the late 70`s. Everybody did. There were several other equally stunning games available, such as tennis and squash.
    Personally, I can`t wait for the re-imagining of Pong. Probably be years in development though. And it`ll be online only. Oh well.

  4. Xantonze says:

    I thought the game was a good Idea, but I’d really like to try it before buying because, judging from the videos, the ball is impossible to control… thus, it looks more like baby-foot than soccer, with the ball flying everywhere and everybody trying to shoot as it goes. I’m not sure this kind of gameplay is really endearing: the joy of soccer is in controling the action and building towards scoring, not juste mindlessly shooting everywhere…

  5. lanelor says:

    How about free to play FPS foot to ball (

  6. mukuste says:

    This reminds me a bit of Sensible Soccer, which was quite fun.

    • TheApologist says:

      Quite fun? QUITE fun? QUITE FUN?

      Sensible Soccer is the finest electronic entertainment known to humans, and should not, nay, MUST not be besmirched by such faint praise you so airily breathe in its hallowed direction.

      Unless you mean the 2006 remake, in which case: yeah it was alright, s’pose.

      • Kerr Avon says:

        I agree but c’mon… it wasn’t quite as perfect and fun as (w)Anco’s ‘Kick Off’ and getting “the chip” perfected so there wasn’t anything your opponent’s goalie could do to save it :) Whatever happened to Dino Dini anyway?

        • TheApologist says:

          Kick Off was good. No, kick off was *brilliant*. There’s a fast-pattern-recognition-flow to it that last came to my mind playing PacMan Champ Edition DX.

          But Sensi WofS was a perfect blend of game play and strategic meta-game. It was something else…