Dota 2: Nemesis Assassinations For All! Well, For 20…

The following items were unavailable so we have replaced them with other groceries

Valve has now confirmed the details for its Dota 2 Nemesis Assassin event, which introduces new hero Oracle and spotlights Phantom Assassin.

The event introduces an extra element to some of the game modes, if a player owns a particular item set (The Manifold Paradox Arcana), where Phantom Assassin (PA) is tasked with killing a particular enemy hero from a list of potential targets. If she succeeds, her whole team is eligible for a trophy and if the target kills her first, the opposing team is eligible for the bonus.

The trophy will only be handed out if that team goes on to win the match. I’d assume that’s a decision Valve made to mitigate concerns that players would ignore the overall match-winning objectives and gameplay in order to get contract bonuses.

If they fulfil or deny the contract and go on to win the game, then there’s a chance to trigger a drop of items for the winning team – it looks like that chance goes up the more Arcana owners are in a team and the more games those arcana players have played as part of the event.

From reading Valve’s post, it also looks like the Arcana owner doesn’t even have to be the one playing PA in order to trigger the event in a match. The only thing that matters is that there’s a PA on one side and a hero from Oracle’s target list on the other team.

RIP! Until, y'know, you respawn back at base

If you’re wondering about the lore explanation, it’s approximately thus: Oracle can see into different timelines and has made a note of heroes who kill him in those instances. He’s compiled them into a list and passed said list over to Phantom Assassin.

Before anyone freaks out, the event is only available in unranked modes excluding bot matches.

As for who’s currently on the list?

Bounty Hunter
Faceless Void
Ogre Magi
Phantom Lancer
Shadow Fiend
Skywrath Mage
Spirit Breaker
Wraith King

The Nemesis Assassin event runs until 7 December, 2014.


  1. Terragot says:

    So there’s a hero that revolves around RNG to decide f she is OP or useless in every game now? Or did she get reworked after TI4?

    I used to love her, but the changes to stifling dagger were ludicrous for her laning potential.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Huh? The RNG only determines which hero is the target. It doesn’t affect PA’s abilities at all.

      • misterT0AST says:

        Well, this particular event doesn’t mean that Phantom Assassin gets more RNG in her abilities…

        But out of four of her abilities, 3 of them are based on RNG. So saying that “RNG doesn’t affect PA’s abilities” is a bit misleading.

        Terragot probably doesn’t play much Dota though if he thinks that you can win or lose based on a critical hit, or if he thinks that daggers being able to crit is that scary (she gets that at level 6, so the laning phase will be over or almost over anyway before she gets it, and in a teamfights if she can .dagger she will probably jump on you right after that, with her basic attacks, so the only difference is that you get nuked a bit sooner than usual. It’s a buff, but not a huge buff.)

        Any good player knows how to handle chance-based abilities.

        And Phantom Assassin is neither overpowered nor underpowered right now. PSEUDO-random rather than pure random chance means your luck is going to get you roughly the same chance of dodges and critical hits every game. Nobody can manfight PA “hoping she won’t get a crit” or “hoping she won’t dodge”. It is programmed to happen every 7 hits or so.

        The presence of Heaven’s Halberd, Scythe of Vyse and Monkey King Bar in the game are there to solve any problem one might have with her.

      • Philomelle says:

        But PA’s entire toolkit is built around critical hits, which makes her a character that revolves around RNG.

      • Ginger Yellow says:

        Well, sure, but it doesn’t make her “OP or useless in every game”. The RNG is going to even out over the course of a game, even without the pseudo-random mechanics. And this update doesn’t change anything about that anyway.

        Also, there are loads of RNG dependent heroes. Ogre Magi springs to mind.

  2. Hex says:

    I love reading only the intro paragraph of these Dota articles, and not having any clue what any of the words mean.

    I’d read on, but I’d hate to spoil the mystery for myself.

  3. Nervum says:

    happy early greeviling!

  4. blur says:

    I like that the list of targets is made up of heroes that people often claim are “OP”, and are often able to dominate a game. This event is really going to make players (and teams, for that matter) really consider how to counter this particular set of pubstompers.