The RPS Bargain Bucket: Fizzle

And it’s the end of the week! Oh, thank god, it’s the end of the week. It’s beginning to feel like every Bargain Bucket is preceeded by muttering about long, long days. (Which it is. Good grief. You can thank my slow but inexorable assimilation into the fiction industry for that.) We’re going to try doing that “these are the big outlets having sales” sub-section this week. I will personally boff anyone who protests with a digital pillow. You have been fore-fluffed. As always, enjoy this bucket of deals. (How have YOUR weeks been?)

Big Bargain Stuff

GOG: is still running their DRM-free Big Fall Sale, which includes fantastically named bundles like the “Fedora Deluxe Pack.” Discounts are huge. 90% huge, to be precise. So, keep your peepers peeled. Most importantly, you should also know that checking in and collecting stamps will net you a game. And a movie. Because that’s just how rolls. Nicely. (The combo in question is made up of The Witcher 2 and The Gamers: Director’s cut.)

Steam: While Bohemia Interactive might not be discounting their entire portfolio, they do have a substantial number of games going for 80-90% off. These include Alternativa, Pat & Mat, and Arma: Combat Operations. Good? Bad? Who knows? I don’t. But I could, if you tell me.

IndieGala: Is it just me or does Indiegala look suspiciously like the Humble store now? It might be just me. Maybe. (No, I don’t think it’s just me.) Nothing particularly stands out, but they have competent titles like Unrest and Cloudbuilt discounted for 75% and above. Incidentally, in case you weren’t warned about this already, you should probably think about not picking up Escape Dead Island. Atrocious, it seems, doesn’t seem begin to describe it. (Or you could try it and let the rest of us know. It’s cool.)

Regular picks:

Civilization V
If you missed this bargain last week, now’s your opportunity to pick up what looks like a possibly less impressive offer. Free from the yoke of DLCs, this version of Civilization V exists in its most pristine form. If you want to sully its untarnished 4x strategy goodness with something as reprehensible as expansions, well. That’s your own decision right there. (The DLCs are also available for separate purchase.)

South Park: Stick of Truth
Disclaimer: South Park is not my jam. Jack Daniels bacon jam? That’s my jam. (Totally a thing. See?) As a result, I can’t make any hearty recommendations. (About the game. The bacon jam is fantastic.) However, there are people I know who do heartily enjoy it. If you laugh uproariously at every South Park episode, I recommend you snag the game. It’s apparently rife with all of the bawdiness you’ve come to expect from the series, and no small amount of opportunities to fart at people. Interestingly, this appears to be the uncensored pre-order version? This cannot be confirmed, however. So proceed with caution. (Do note that region locks might also be a problem.)

Diablo III
Look! Diablo III! Third-person beat ’em up that the esteemed Jenn Frank once called adorable. Diablo III didn’t really deliver on what everyone hoped for, but they’ve since worked frantically to cure some of those mistakes. Did they succeed? Well, I don’t know. But here’s an opportunity for a looksie. (Traditional caveat: new website, haven’t heard a lick about it. Be careful. Read up.)

The CheapBeats Bundle
Do you enjoy chiptunes? Can’t get enough of those lo-fi sounds? Do you constantly feel the urge to listen to people make music from Nintendo gameboys? Great! You’re in luck. Over at Groupees, some nice folk have put together this enormous collection of relevant auditory artistry. I haven’t heard any of the names, but the fact it consists of international names makes me rather happy.

P.S: Sorry for the small selection this week. Impending Black Friday and a momentary case of burn-out is complicating this week. Blargh.


  1. Melody says:

    Oooh, can anyone tell me anything about Memento Mori or AlternativA in the Bohemia thing on Steam? They look like my kind of games, but sometimes they can be horribly broken as well. And I don’t really trust steam reviews. They fail to see the point of certain games way too often.

    • Anthile says:

      I played through Alternativa but it’s not particularly great. It’s not the worst adventure game I have ever played, far from it, but there are many that are better.
      If you have any questions regarding specifics, I imagine I could answer them.

    • Ormu says:

      I played through the first Memento Mori. It was alright, though the plot was really dumb. Especially the quick part in Finland (where I’m from) was so ridiculous. I still think it was worth playing through though.

  2. timur says:

    On the Diablo III offer: Alternate are legit, they’ve been around for over thirty years and I remember seeing four-page ads (just long price lists) in issues of c’t in about 1997.

    Having said that, they ship physical goods, so you’re going to have to add postage (at least two Euros) as well as potentially import duty/sales tax if you live outside the EU, so this may not be an amazing offer!

    Edit: oh, there *is* a download option too, but that is €46.99 so pretty pants.

  3. eggy toast says:

    This is a very lack luster round-up.

    This is a very good bundle: link to

    • Anvilfolk says:


      From the Depths (very promising), Retro-Pixel Castles (also promising but VERY early), and OMG Zombies (looks lame at first, but the stupid game draws you in…).

    • Borodin says:

      Cass did explain and apologise. And it’s “lacklustre”.

  4. Kefren says:

    Ladies and sirs, I have a free copy of Metro 2033 (Steam) if anybody would like it. Just email me at aquapotator [symbol], or via my website contacts.

    • Kefren says:

      I’m also willing to give away my Desura account, I haven’t even played most games on it (I also have them elsewhere). It has the following:
      Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World (fun little adventures(
      Corril Slayer (horror platformer, I enjoyed it)
      Darwinia, Multiwinia, Defcon, Uplink
      Really Big Sky
      Runespell: Overture
      Serious Sam games: Double D; Kamikaze Attack; The First Encounter; The Greek Encounter; The Random Encounter; The Second Encounter
      Shadowgrounds & Shadowgrounds Survivor
      Soulcaster & Soulcaster II
      Trauma (short little adventury game with an interesting atmosphere)
      Zeno Clash

      • Jurple says:

        a momentary case of burn-out
        Ah. Yeah, that’ll happen. Hang in there!

        I’m also willing to give away my Desura account
        Beware, that account is likely to be linked to your indieroyale account, and therefore to the steam keys for those games.

        • Kefren says:

          Yes, I do find that confusing. If my HiB account goes with it I’m not too worried. I have activated any Steam keys I wanted. I was probably going to give away my HiB account in a future week anyway, since I can’t buy from them anymore (and they couldn’t resolve why the payment system wasn’t working).

    • Melody says:

      Are you sure you do? The Humble keys from when it was free expired yesterday.

      • Kefren says:

        Ooh, not sure! I have a link but haven’t tried it in case it somehow nukes it. Okay, clarification, if the link still works then someone can have the game for free, if it doesn’t then my apologies! Hard to check, the link has no date on it.


          If anyone wants a free Metro 2033 and Kefren’s gift doesn’t work, I think I still have a key I can gift (not from the HB thing, this was… *sigh* much older).

      • Kefren says:

        It worked! Game now taken by someone. Maybe because I had partly redeemed it in advance to get a URL. Anyone else wanting Metro 2033, contact AXAXAXAS.

  5. Azhrarn says:

    On the Quality of, they’re an on-line retailer of hardware generally with good service and better pricing. They have a big presence in Germany and the Netherlands. :)
    They don’t generally deal in software beyond Operating Systems usually, but on the whole they should be just fine for your purchasing needs. They’ve certainly been around long enough (a decade at the very least, so they must be doing something right).

    Now on their game offer, I don’t know if the language is set by the game code you get in the box, but I don’t think it is, it is a Blizzard title, you can probably install it in any language you want.
    However all documentation in the box will be in German. ;)

    • Anthile says:

      I can vouch for Alternate as well. I’ve been buying hardware from them for at least a decade although I disagree about the “better pricing”…

    • Cockie says:

      Yeah, if you add a blizzard game to your account you can install it in whatever language you want.

  6. thedosbox says:

    I get the impression the plushie on the left represents Monday, and the one on the right today – just add steam coming out of it’s ears.

  7. Jalan says:

    IndieGala has essentially copied every single thing Humble has done now. I suspect they’re now toiling away on launching a bundle filled with comics and another with audiobooks.

    The only thing they didn’t copy from them was their giveaways site, itself basically a clone of SteamGifts. If BlockStorm is the only thing speaking to their sense of originality, it’s hard not to imagine that they’ll just change their name to HumbleGala or something and call it a day.


      Yeah, I was amazed at how similar to the Humble Store it is, with just a small whiff of Steam. But, don’t try to fix what ain’t broken, I suppose… (And they do have a suprisingly diverse catalogue…)

      • Jalan says:

        “Diverse” seems like a pleasant way of saying “crap”. The only thing they’ve changed about their store content is that they no longer sell “mini-bundles” in it.

        I guess I’d rather see them attempt to do something based on their own ideas instead of just carbon copying a bigger, more successful outfit.


          I actually meant ‘diverse’ to say ‘they even sell some big-name games in addition to the small strange games I happen to like’, but whatever floats your boat.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      Considering in their beginning they even completely ripped off some of HumbleBundle’s site code, it’s not really that surprising.

    • malkav11 says:

      Their site design was really awful originally. Humble’s got much better design. So I’m not likely to complain about them nicking it. Meanwhile they haven’t gone nearly as far along the questionable tiering road Humble has. Most of their bundles are either “pay at least this price to get the whole bundle” or $1 and BTA tiers. No “pay at least $12-15 for this one other game” or “spam your friends with this game no one cares about to get this other game”. The selection admittedly usually isn’t nearly as good – Humble still seems to command the really top tier games. But for me this is in some ways actually a benefit. Humble Bundles nearly invariably have a bunch of games in them that I’ve already gotten some other way and often the stuff I don’t have and want is at a tier that makes it unreasonable to get the bundle just for that. (e.g., I have everything I care about in the current Humble Weekly Bundle except Costume Quest 2. But to get that, I’d have to pay CQ2’s full retail price. What would be the point of that?)

  8. iridescence says:

    I believe DA:Inquisition can be had for about $39 US on GMG (Click on their “VIP” section and then use the new voucher code). Somewhat tempted but I probably should wait…

    • Paul B says:

      Hotukdeals has a deal telling you how to get DA: Inquisition for £16.27. The Hola! Chrome Plugin is used to trick the store into thinking you’re a Ukrainian customer. Sounds dodgy to me but, if you’re up for it, the link’s below:
      link to

      EDIT: And DA: Inquisition has now been removed from the Ukraine store – that was quick.

  9. VODO says:

    Some self-promotion but we got two pretty great games on sale at VODO:

    Chainsaw Warrior (50% off):
    link to

    Secrets of Rætikon (40% off):
    link to

    or submit an offer for the chance of getting an even better price. Cheers.

  10. pepperfez says:

    Not games, but has a sale going through the end of the day which includes their very nice Zowie-made gaming mice, (some) mechanical keyboards, and (some) high-res monitors. They’re also offering $15 off $50 with the code NV15.

  11. Frosty Grin says:

    The Desolate Hope is 75% off on Steam – an unusual and charming game.

  12. stoisko says:

    I like this game