2D Survival Shenanigans: MiniDayZ


Look, we can’t put this off much longer. I’m putting up a dado rail in the sitting room and if I have to go to B&Q on a Sunday afternoon, you have to go to B&Q on a Sunday afternoon. No lone person deserves that grim hellscape. If it’ll help you steel yourself, here, have a play of MiniDayZ for free. It might not prepare you for a couple furious that the paint-mixer’s out of a particular pigment, but a top-down 2D take on Bohemia’s zombie apocalypse survival sim comes close to the experience.

MiniDayZ has all that DayZ survival jazz – zombies, a big world, looting, weapons, stats like blood, body heat, and hunger to balance, crafting, bandits, and dying pathetically – but in simplified top-down form. My crack at this was the first time I played anything DayZ, and I duly died from blood loss after zombies bit my face and I fumbled while tearing my t-shirt. That sounds like DayZ, from what I’ve heard of it.

Multiplayer is planned too, one day.

It’s made by a DayZ fan with official recognition from Bohemia. The dev’s been releasing public test builds for a while, and reached version 1.0.0 on Friday. It’s a browser-based doodad you can play over on Bohemia’s site once you’ve created a Bohemia account.


  1. Brtt says:

    I stopped reading at “once you’ve created a Bohemia account”.

    Which was a bummer, since those are the very last words of the article.


    This just makes me sad that Rogue Survivor’s development apparently stalled.

    Also I put up a dada rail in the sitting room. It won’t stop spitting out cabbages.

    • TTex says:

      If you liked Rogue Survivor, you may want to look into Cataclysm DDA. It’s got a bit of a learning cliff rather than a learning curve but it’s also much much deeper than Rogue Survivor with a ludicrously varied crafting system.

      • JiminyJickers says:

        Cataclysm DDA is definitely good. I keep returning to it from time to time for some survival goodness.

      • tasteful says:

        yeah cataclysm dda is one of my favorite games period

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Chiming in with my own +1 for this recommendation. Cataclysm DDA is the closest thing to my perfect zombie survival game.

  3. Continuity says:

    I tried it, it kind of sucks. The zombie behaviour is way too simple, they will basically keep running at you so long as they can see you and stop the second you break line of sight, there is no sneaking or any randomness in the detection its totally binary.