Commander Ladystab: Another Shadow Of Mordor Outfit


Dear Video Games,
Please observe what Monolith are doing with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Recognising that its bland-o hero could be anything with two legs, two arms, and two blades, they’ve been releasing free outfits that turn Johnny Stabman into other people. First he became gothy villain the Black Hand of Sauron, and now we can play as a lady – Lithariel, the warrior commander met in the campaign. If your story is mostly dressing, why not let us stab-stab away as a variety of people?

Yr pal,

Anyway. The Lithariel outfit arrived in the free Power of Defiance update last week. This also added a new Challenge Mode trial where you can’t use your fancy magical powers, only good old pointy things. To top it all off, it throws you an Epic rune as a freebie. There’s your feature list.

So, Lithariel. She is very much just a new look. You still see Talion in cutscenes. She doesn’t have new voice lines, so she’s mostly silent. Orcen yells still refer to you as a chap, but those silly monsters are hardly versed in human society anyway. I’m sure it’s all a right lark in missions where you hang around with her.

People expect bonus outfits to be a little wonky, though. We know they’re not how the game’s ‘meant’ to be played, we just like getting to be a bit different. (I hugely enjoy Leon’s daft mobster outfit in Resident Evil 4, which includes hat tricks when reloading the unlockable tommygun.)

Look, here’s Lithariel stabbing some orcs:


  1. RogerMellie says:

    As far as I can tell, all her moves are exactly the same as the original fella’s, which is fine and all but given this game’s combat is a Batman reskin, it’d be lovely to have the equivalent of a Nightwing or Robin doing different stuff.

    Fingers crossed for future updates!

    • Tarn says:

      Even better, a skin to play in Mordor as Batman would be fun.

    • rick11772 says:

      Wow seriously you guys are bitching because you dont like the outfits. They made one of the best games in 2014 and you have an issue with the outfits. Stop being freaking jerks and trying to find something to complain about. You guys probably complained about Skyrim and the fact that the UI text was slightly small, screw the fact it was an amazing game you couldnt play it since the text was too small on the UI.

  2. Winged Nazgul says:

    That’s unpossible! Everyone knows that putting ladyparts into a game takes up too many valuable resources and development time!

    • Cinek says:

      or if it doesn’t – we have a female main character with a wife and a son, a female main character that’s refereed to as a husband and a father.
      I can’t believe LGBT societies don’t protest against having lesbian family where one of the partners is refereed to as a father…

      • Underwhelmed says:

        Sometimes I have a hard time telling the difference between irony, and an honest to god persecution complex. The later would bring with it an additional layer of irony, and as we all know, you can’t have too much of that.

        • pepperfez says:

          Litigators specialized in Poe law have been doing a bangup business the past few months.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Oh come on, cut Ubisoft some slack, they were using all their resource and time to optimize the thing.


      • Csirke says:

        But you are actually right, you know.

        If the game came out in this state, they were probably aware that they were a bit late in their progress. Which could explain that mentioning any new feature (like female animations) would get an instinctive “That’s too much work (, we have enough work left as it is)” response.

        • gnodab says:

          Good point.
          Now to decide whether this is a point in defense of Ubisoft or not….

          I think I stick with the “never appoint to malice what can be accounted for with stupidity” line.
          They clearly knew that they were never going to finish the game before release, I mean they even had to clone the male character model in a desperate attempt pretend they had more then one protagonist.

          But didn’t they release a AssCreed game with a female lead not too long ago? The smart move would be to implement her as a free dlc.

          • Jamesworkshop says:


            and the hd release on steam

            and aveline was in some DLC for 4

            Aveline is a single-player downloadable content addition for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The content features the French-African Assassin Aveline de Grandpr√©, and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Little tip for the Propaganda-Bots out there: at least try to talk like real people.

            Uhm, is there a way to flag this stuff?

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Yeah, but while that could work as an excuse for the actual developers, it sure is not a good one for Ubisoft as a whole.

          I too am pretty sure the devs realized the dire conditions in which they were, and i’m also positive the upper management was fully aware aswell, but that didn’t stop the latter to still push for the usual Q4 annual release.

          Bottom line, Ubisoft’s ( as a whole ) priorities are probably working right now for them, but they sure as hell don’t line up nicely with us. The money is still going strong for now, apparently, but their budget for each big game is rising and their public image is going down. Maybe they’ll be able to keep going like that, but i totally hope for the contrary.

          • Csirke says:

            Yeah, I’m not saying Ubisoft are without fault. Even though this is a feature they might not want to add in the last half year of development (or whenever that uproar about it was), they still could’ve thought about it themselves earlier.

    • Gothnak says:

      It depends, do you want a woman that animates like a man or a woman?

      if you don’t care then it will indeed take a very short amount of time to add.

      • Dilapinated says:

        The digigrade legs and baleen mandible-fronds make women a unique challenge in the animating field.

        • Gothnak says:

          Because when you see a woman walking down the street she walks in exactly the same was as a man. When you have worked on AAA projects for 10 years you realise that Animators can get quite angry about these flippant points from non-Animators.

          • LexW1 says:

            I’m sure they do, Gothnak, which is why they need game directors to slap some sense into them (metaphorically). It’s a completely ridiculous thing to get up in arms about when every male in a game moves the same way outside of cutscenes, whether he’s fit, fat, old, young, short, tall, or what-have-you. Unless you have serious gait diversity, it’s “close enough”, frankly.

        • pepperfez says:

          I don’t mean to objectify here, but if I’m going to play as a woman she’d damn well better have nice mandible-fronds. Why even bother otherwise?

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Yeah, but the OP was having a stab at Ubisoft.

        I’m taking for granted you didn’t get the joke and that you weren’t trying to defend Ubi, because i can’t see how anyone would feel like doing that.

        All kind of crap happened at release no matter how many corners they cut to save development time, and that simply happened because this time around they needed more time and Ubi didn’t care. This is objectively impossible to defend.

        Other than that i agree, this particular free DLC is not a proper implementation of a female character, but it’s a nice little free thing and as such not the end of the world. The OP’s joke might have been a little forced and out of context because of this, but it was still worth a laugh for me.

    • frymaster says:

      It’s very possible if you half-ass it

      It turns out people are OK with that, if you don’t promise it in advance, as a free update to an existing game, and are honest about the limitations.

      • DXN says:

        Yeah. I’m assuming this model uses the male rig, and it looks absolutely fine to me.

    • povu says:

      If you don’t code in boob physics what’s the point, right?

  3. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    Well, if the autumn sale is really going to start the 26th, i’m pretty sure i know what to get.

  4. Kollega says:

    Reminds me of the insane amount things that Ratchet (or any other PS2-era hero) could, and still can, turn into with unlockable skins. Aliens, ninjas, robots, alien ninja robots… the sky’s the limit, really.

  5. K33L3R says:

    Hang on, FREE outfit DLC? That’s a nice step away from the norm imho

    • Aetylus says:

      When every other company is busy breaking their game into a bazillion parts to monetise each bit it is very nice to see someone adding obviously monetisable content for free… I think this game just made on onto my Christmas shopping list.

  6. DeadCanDance says:

    I care nothing for free dlcs, I want to see this game fixed once and for all. I can’t stand the controller lag and the frequent stutters even on low quality. And don’t tell me it’s my pc as I have the recommended specs.

    • Cinek says:

      It’s your PC. If you have to play on low details and still got FPS issues – it’s definitely your PC. For me this game works like a charm on ultra high details (high textures), and never experienced any input lag (that said though: I played with a mouse and keyboard instead of controller).

      “I want to see this game fixed once and for all.” – that’s not possible. No game will ever be fixed “once and for all”. Some people will always have problems, be it due to specific hardware they got, or software installed on their PCs that might cause some issues, or outdated drivers, or other, more specific reasons… that’s the beauty and a course of PCs: the sheer amount of possible combinations and complications resulting in that is impossible to cover “once and for all”.

      • Corvusdu33310 says:

        Your not wrong, but not entirely right.
        Maybe it’s fixed from now, but that’s not a controller or PC related problem since I can run the game without FPS problem at max quality.

        I was fighting the very first “big” boss, the hammer of Sauron.
        When he was with about 30% hp, it did the sort of forcefield attack..
        Right after that, my character went in the ground and died.
        Not so much of a issue for me cause he was pretty much easy to beat,
        But that’s still a annoying glitch.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Anecdotal, but I’m running the game on a machine that is below minimum in some regards and I get a fairly steady framerate on medium with a few bits and bobs on high. I’m fairly impressed by my creaking old PC I bought in 2008.

      • DeadCanDance says:

        My win7 was installed on a clean hard drive for this game only. All drivers are updated. I’ve seen my same complaints on steam forum by so many people, and it seems one of the patches broke the game for some. I’m disappointed but not surprised with you fellow pc gamers for not believing a game can be poorly optimised mainly because often they are just ports from consoles. If it is working for you that doesn’t mean other people complaining are dumb guilty people. Watch dogs is proof enough of it.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I’ll never recommend it enough: stop reading minimum and recommended specs, they’re misleading and worthless, worst of all there is no fixed standard for what “recommended” is actually supposed to accomplish at which settings.

      You have a bottleneck somewhere, either hardware or software, maybe conflicting driver left-overs or god knows what else, it’s hard to say. The only real way to get a game to work is to research a LOT and build a deep understanding of how everything works under the hood.

      The specs are only good if you spot a trend with them, compare them with previous titles and benchmarks with various hardware combinations, actively trying to understand patterns like how the different design philosophies of various CPUs and GPUs are getting the job done and what seems to work best and in which scenarios. Do this and you’ll actually be able to predict what you’ll need, step by step.

      Random free tip #1: you’ll want more VRAM for the next years, increasing that is much more key than it was before.

      Random free tip #2: Multithreading is still a mysterious beast, even though it’s getting better, while Mantle is still not something you can expect on every title and DX12 will take a very long time before widespread adoption. You still can go with 4 cores for the foreseable, but the only important part is that they need to be BIG ( i5 at least ), with an even bigger clock.

      • cederic says:

        Random free tip #2: Multithreading is still a mysterious beast

        Multithreading is not mysterious. Multithreading is extremely straightforward, well supported by modern languages, something people have been developing best practices around for literally decades and thus pretty easy for anybody competent at programming.

        Sadly games development houses seem to have software engineering practices just as shitty as the rest of hte IT industry :(

  7. Jumpyshark says:

    I intend to play this game soon, and Talion really does seem dull. Would I miss anything by playing as Commander Ladystab for my first playthrough as I don’t often revisit games these days, sadly? The Talion cutscenes don’t bother me, but would the silence in battle be a shame? I can’t imagine that he says much of interest during battle (“NONE MORE GOTH”?), but I’d like to check.

    • Xocrates says:

      Pretty much all the non-cutscene dialogue I can recall from the main character is from the elf dude, which I don’t think was replaced, so you should be perfectly fine.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Well, if you find Talion dull I doubt you’ll honestly find Lithariel all that deeply compelling. She’s about as stock of a game character as he is.

      The writing can actually be fairly good at times, but the story itself is pretty standard.

      The greatness in this game is the gameplay. I reckon it will be as much of a blast beheading countless orcs with a bland heroine, as it is with a bland hero.

      • Jumpyshark says:

        Thanks for the advice, friendly RPS people! I just find the idea of playing yet another typical badass gruff white dude boring, so I’d rather play as a badass lady, even one without any characterisation outside of cutscenes. I’m playing Mordor for the gameplay and the orcs, not least because Dan Abnett wrote the Orc dialogue!

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I played through using the Black Hand skin and didn’t lose anything. If anything it made the game better because the skin suits your actions more than the original.

    • neckro23 says:

      Both Talion and Lithariel (Commander Ladystab) are pretty dull characters, so you won’t really be missing anything. Mordor is kind of like Just Cause 2 — the story/characters are terribly lame, but the game itself is a lot of fun once you figure out how it works.

  8. jezcentral says:

    While this is A Good Thing, it does also smack of tokenism. “Here’s a lady-version. Hah, take that, Ubisoft! But we aren’t going to implement anything else, like animations or audio or story or cut-senes.”

    It’s cool, but it could have been so much cooler with a bit more effort.

    • Koozer says:

      Baby steps!

    • CKScientist says:

      Uh, the efforts involved are entirely different. They already had Lithariel’s model, to implement it into the game probably took 1 guy less than a day. To give her her own animations, or voice acting, or writing selectable main characters into the story – this would involve a massive investment of time and money.

    • MeestaNob says:

      Tolkienism, surely?

  9. Papageno says:

    Kind of disconcerting seeing Commander Ladystab turn into a dude when she uses the wraith powers, but…OK.

  10. Jimbo says:

    Torvin next?