Undead Lemmings: Zombie Night Terror


The problem was never zombies. It was games unimaginative enough that they just threw zombies in. It was games with a skeleton of an idea, papered over with the sun-dried skin of the dead. Poor old zombies, having long-since bitten off their own tongues, couldn’t make a case against ho-hum game design. Bless ’em. But there’s hope for them yet. Here, look at Zombie Night Terror, a game that’s aiming to be the Lemmings of flesh-eating. Its bendy pixel zombies are animated so charmingly, gosh, you’ll be glad to see the undead again.

Zombie Night Terror will have players trying to devour every last morsel of living human flesh by creating and leading a zombie horde. You’ll start with one zombie then need to use Lemmings-y puzzle-solving and special powers to overcome those tricky living folk with their dang traps, weapons, and wiles. Big zombies! Sneaky zombies! Hordes of zombies! And what zombies they are! Look at their delightful floppiness, their teetering gait, their gaping mouths, their bendy limbs which snap into horrible violence when a meal’s near. Cracking animation, that.

It’s lurching towards an early access release on Windows and Mac later this year, or that’s the plan. You can follow development on its TIGForums thread. Look at this cool party:

And look how sweet this hungry horde is:


  1. jonfitt says:

    That certainly has a great comedic horror style. I look forward to seeing what the game is actually like.

    But darn these modern times when we should be teased with a game announcement that in the future there will be an interesting game that will be not yet finished!

  2. Dog Pants says:

    This looks great. Loving the zombie pedigree referencing Return of the Living Dead. Am I the only one who’s still imagining it with chiptune Mozart?

  3. LionsPhil says:

    Lemmings was the game of my childhood the way Mario or Sonic were for others, so that’s certainly a comparison which gets my attention.

    (Lemmings 3D was sorely underrated and I wish it worked under DOSBox.)

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I introduced my girlfriend – who only plays a couple of games – to lemmings not that long ago, and she was hooked for like a week. Whatever it was that made it so infuriatingly addictive, it’s still there.

  4. Bobka says:

    Aw, I miss the original Lemmings games.

  5. padger says:

    This is hilarious.

    Also: how as there not been a “spiritual successor to Lemmings” kickstarter?

  6. Viroso says:

    Is there a zombie game where all I can reasonably do is run? To me, zombies are really about the entire world after you, not killing the entire world. I can’t think of a game where fighting isn’t an option.

    Like, not even talking about an imaginary game that won’t even let you punch a zombie, but every game that does let you also makes it an effective option, not some last resort desperate option.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I would argue that the Left 4 Deads fit your criteria, since while mowing down the undead is your primary activity during the game, it is only ever to clear a path toward escape, or safe rooms along the path to escape. Ultimately fighting is futile and you will lose if you get bogged down in it. The narrative is very much “RUN” (and on some maps, like the bridge finale, especially with a injector full of adrenaline to the junk, this is a viable and effective strategy).

      • Viroso says:

        No man, L4D killing is like your primary tool. Talking about a game where you really just run, not run and gun. L4D wants you to fight.

        • Eukatheude says:

          Actually, on higher difficulty levels L4D/L4D2 are basically unbeatable if you don’t just rush through the level WHILE fending off enemies.

    • Silent_Thunder says:

      Project Zomboid would fit the bill I imagine, individual Zombies can be pretty easy to deal with if you have a weapon in that, but guns and ammo can be really hard to scavenge, and even then, fighting off several zombies can become a problem. Hordes are basically no go zones if you don’t have the means, and your best bet is to hole up in a safehouse and slowly scavenge supplies nearby without being detected, before finally moving out to the outskirts and starting up farming. And if you get bit, that’s it. You’re done. Try to take a few down with you as you succumb to uncurable infection.

      Dead State as well, although it’s not open world like Zomboid, instead having an overmap sorta like what you’d see in the old fallout games and such. Again, individual zombies can be easy to take, but other humans can quite easily ruin you if you aren’t careful, and the usual MO is to get in, loot the hell out of a place, and get out before attracting too much attention (this is assuming you don’t save scum, but that makes any gave trivial really). Unlike Zomboid, getting bit isn’t an immediate death sentence, instead the infection can be treated, but not cured, with antibiotics. But once you run out, that party member is done. This one is also has turn based combat instead of action game controls.

      Either one fits the bill nicely, but it should be warned both are still in Alpha/Beta states, and I can’t comment on how well they play, as I haven’t touched either one for awhile. Too many games not enough time, ya know?

    • OfficerMeatbeef says:

      The standalone free Source mod No More Room In Hell might be what you’re looking for. Killing zombies is still often necessary and important, but always something to avoid if at all possible because any time you get close there’s a very good chance you’ll get grabbed and bitten, and every bite has a good chance of giving you the infection which is a death sentence, one that can only be temporarily delayed, never commuted. The only cure is a bullet to the head before you succumb, which you’ll do if you want to save your teammates from having to deal with your freshly undead self on top of everything else. Beautifully grim.

      See, the safest, strongest melee weapons are also the most fatiguing and take the most carrying space, so you can only handle a very few zombies before you’ll find yourself completely exhausted, while smaller ones are both less likely to kill in a fully charged hit and to knock the target back, making them a big risk every time you close that distance.

      Firearms are obviously the safest option, but guns and ammo are extremely finite and limited and there’s always going to be far more of the dead than you have bullets; they use a quite clever spawning system where most areas that seem reasonable to like interiors of buildings can usually be cleared entirely, but large open areas like city streets or larger locations with many entrances can only temporarily be thinned out.

      Honestly I didn’t really expect a lot out of it but when I finally gave it a shot one day on a whim I was extremely impressed with how it really captures the “oh man I am fucked” feeling I had continually found lacking from every other zombie game. Many have captured the “there are soooo many zombies” thing, but they’ve all been too afraid to put in the truly dangerous part in most of the fiction, the part that makes them really scary and threatening, presumably because it would be too “frustrating” for the player: that all it takes is a bad run-in with a single one who gets its teeth in you, and you are as good as dead even if you fight it off.

      Essentially, it’s the only zombie game I’ve found (although Wii U exclusive ZombiU seems similarly fantastic from the little I’ve gotten to play it) that doesn’t make the zombies near-literally toothless, and it deserves far more exposure than it’s gotten. Especially considering it’s a completely free labour of love.

    • HyenaGrin says:

      Project Zomboid is basically like that. It is possible to fight the zombies, but you can rapidly get overwhelmed and guns are both scarce in ammunition and have a tendency to cause more problems than they solve, so blasting away is pretty much for emergencies only.

      It is a super lonely zombie survival game where most of the time you are trying not to fight zombies as much as possible. Even a single zombie can ruin your day if you’re not careful, because one bite and you’re done for, it’s over. It is the sort of game where you hole up in a house, afraid to turn the lights on while you peer out from a second storey window and hope that the zombies milling around don’t get it in their undead heads to start banging on your door.

      In short: the name is a bit dumb, the game is very gritty. (And apparently someone already suggested PZ, but a second recommendation can’t hurt)

  7. someloser says:

    “bendy pixel zombies” are the best three-words-right-next-to-each-other I’ve seen this week