Over To You! Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Plans

Things, effects.

You probably could fill a notebook with all the ideas you’ve had for improving video games over the years, and I rather wish you had. I’m curious, is all. But if you’ve had an idea for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Edmund McMillen wants to hear it. He and the Nicalis gang are starting to stretch, think about having a wee, fetching a glass of water, and vaguely preparing to return to work on an expansion for the splendid roguelikelike shmup. And they want to include items designed by fans.

The expansion will also bring a mysterious new mode that McMillen says “will almost double the amount of things you can do”. Oh, what a tease!

McMillen explains a little about the expansion in a blog post:

Aside from this new game mode the expansion will feature a ton more enemies, bosses, new areas, endings and a new playable character as well as a slew of new unique items to play with… but here is where you come in.

He’s looking for folks to post basic item ideas, without any of the visual and thematic design, in a Reddit thread. Or, if you’re creatively bankrupt, you can still vote on other folks’ ideas. He’ll then cherry-pick the top ten-ish most popular items to flesh out and bosh into the expansion.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    My idea is to fix the horrendous performance issues on the PSVita… K Thx Bai!

    • mattfatnurse says:

      I’ve been playing it daily for the last 3 weeks on Vita, no performance issues here…

      • solidsquid says:

        Now *that’s* customer service, using a time machine to go back 3 weeks so people never have to have experienced the bugs, genius!

        • mattfatnurse says:

          Um.. I was just saying I haven’t experienced any bugs/performance issues on the Vita version that I’ve been playing the last few weeks. No timemachine needed.

          • Shadowcat says:

            Not by you.

            Disclaimer: I do not have a Vita. Unless someone goes back in time and gives one to me.

      • Wowbagger says:

        That’s interesting, as when I go into any room with say two bosses or more than four enemies – the game slows down to a crawl like the original flash version was want to do.

  2. Zanchito says:

    I just want them to complete mewgenics!

    • Monggerel says:

      They won’t though!

    • Tacroy says:

      I kinda do too, but I can also see how work on a project like Mewgenics can stall out.

      It’s really easy to get to the point where that sort of management game just isn’t fun to play.

    • X_kot says:

      I came here to post the exact same comment. Sadly, both Rebirth and the new Meat Boy have taken precedence; I doubt we’ll see Mewgenics until late next year. Dammit, Edmund, I really want to play a dark, dysfunctional Tamagotchi!

  3. n. says:

    “will almost double the amount of things you can do”
    Add jump and crouch.

    • SquidgyB says:

      Jumping is in there as an item already. Not sure how useful crouching would be. Maybe to avoid flying enemies and shots, but I’m not convinced.

    • Janichsan says:

      There’s an item that lets you jump. (EDIT: Damn, too late…)

    • Coming Second says:

      It’s time you learned.

  4. onesandzeroes says:

    McMillen with an ‘e’, ennit? It’s wrong a couple of times in the article, and switches back to the right spelling at some point.

  5. Matfink says:

    Howsabout they fix it first so I can actually run it FFS?

  6. Shazbut says:

    More content feels like taking the piss somehow. They’ve just rebuilt the thing from the ground up.

  7. Captain Joyless says:


    I have that notebook. What should I do with it?

  8. Dofolius says:

    Ok, the worst enemy is the little spider, so please, dont make them that op… they have so much live. You cant kill them with one shot when you have crickets head and thats not good. The next is, these little pimples that come out of the ground and shoot 3 tears, if you know what I mean, they glich with the graph. Once they shot and disappear and then shoot again you can see them IF they shoot and that is annoying, so I’m already died several times and it annoys me again and again. So please, fix times these two things ^^

    • Coming Second says:

      Can’t say I’ve ever had or heard anyone else say they had specific problems with the wee spiders. I think everyone hates those red lumps, though. Them and every kind of ghost enemy.

      • Wowbagger says:

        Little ghost, little ghost
        One I’m scared of the most
        Can you scare me up a little bit of love?
        I’m the only one that sees you,
        And I can’t do much to please you
        And it’s not yet time to meet the lord above

  9. GoombaManiac says:

    There is little you to make the game better, but I do like how you made the secret character have no health, Makes the game a lot more challenging. Anyways back to the subject of how to improve it in the new DLC. Well….Add new enemies, bosses, challenges, characters, new items and combos, for example Mom’s Knife and Ipedec to create an exploding knife when it hits an enemy. Thats just one of many unique item combos you can add. Perhaps make there a mode where everything is XL or the whole game in one basement…? Harder challenges, with some of the impossible combos like the brimstone with Anti-gravity tears. Some unique characters that have more unique and personal abilities.

  10. Gimmy Jibbs says:

    I’d like bombs that can attract enemies in a vortex, a “gravity bomb” per se.
    As much fun the anti-gravity tears can be, making an optional item to use have gravitational abilities would be a loads better item.

    The bomb would pull all enemies in from a fairly small radius, making it do damage on explosion or after a small time once their in the vortex is debatable.

    The use would be simple crowd control, getting all those lumps in one place in the womb would be a life saver.
    (I absolutely hate lumps ok)

    If you’re wondering, yes. I did take the idea off of Spiral Knights.
    However, it seems like the idea of a bomb revolved around crowd control would do more justice in a game revolved around a game that exaggerates how important life is. The ability to prevent damage over an overwhelming room with 1 or 2 bombs just seems like a necessity to me.

    As for the item’s looks, how about just replace the tear with a bomb with the “anti-gravity tears” symbol. I’m not very creative when it comes to the actual appearance, so I guess I’ll leave that to you.

    The same could also apply to the bomb itself, it would be nice if it had a very notable change after the pickup.

  11. augustosj says:

    Key bindings options would be great. i always used Shift for bombs on vanilla, but now i can only use E :S

  12. macman1134 says:

    It bothers me a little bit that if you have flying (Spirit of the Night, Holy Grail etc.), you still take damage upon leaving Curse Rooms, but not entering them. In the original BoI, I thought that it was just a bug that went unfixed, and I was sure that it would be fixed in Rebirth, but I guess I was wrong. It’s just something I notice from time to time, and it’s really a minor annoyance, but I’m making the suggestion to change it in a later update just in case I’m not crazy and other people have noticed it as well.

  13. mcgamer252 says:

    maybe a new spacebar item like a turret that works like demon baby but says in one place. it would have a two room charge

  14. EBOX says:

    Maybe the fortunes from the arcade machine could give you a hint about the floors boss

  15. icecyrus says:

    maybe add an easy game mode that makes champions do half a heart of damage and same in the womb cathedral and shole (dark room and chest enemies still do a full heart of damage)

  16. itay24044 says:

    My Idea Is To Add Online Co- Op Becouse Why Should I Buy A Controller To Play Co-Op On PC Please Accept This Idea It Will Make The Game Better And Becouse Its Online More Poeple Will Buy It

  17. Nikolaj11 says:

    Here is a few ideas (not sure if they’ve already been mentioned)

    Obviously more forms would be neat (such as Guppy etc.)

    – Mushroomboy (Obtain 3 mushroom related items)
    – Mushroom cap (works like goat head, but without the guaranteed devil/angel rooms)
    – Chance of firing a small mushroom (poison fart)
    – (Possibly) any number of orbiting mushrooms

    – Cricket (obviously)
    – Effects related to splitting of tears

    – Bob (collect 3 bob items)
    – Poison tears/contact
    – green creep


    And an orbiting tear (pet tear
    – Adopts any tear effect you have
    – Size adjusted by the size of your tears
    – Not affected by bff (because it would already grow larger and stronger depending on the other items you have)

    That is all for now :-)

  18. Nikolaj11 says:

    A tear effect that has a chance to leave a trail of slowing creep (+ maybe a small range up)

    And a tear effect that has a chance to root enemies (with some silk worm goob effect)
    – Ranged enemies can still shoot