Future Perfect Is A Multiplayer Real-Time Game-Maker

Neon megablocks? Poss. my perfect future.

Creation and collaboration are the focus of oodles of games in the wake of Minecraft, but mostly they have us plopping down blocks in our desired configuration. Having spent my formative gaming years cooing over mods, it’s seemed a shame to me that The Future hasn’t brought more games helping us create our own games. Roblox, Second Life, Garry’s Mod, and others dabble in it to varying degrees, but mostly we’re making blockforts. Blocks are nice and all, but I had such high hopes for The Future.

Subnautica and Natural Selection developers Unknown Worlds have announced they’re having a crack at this too with Future Perfect, a game about creating games collaboratively.

It’s a big multiplayer toolkit for making your own games and mods, designing levels, importing assets, and writing scripts even while other players are running around inside your world. Though the example UW show off is an FPS, that’s not all it can do. It uses the Steam Workshop to share creations and snippets, so folks can easily share and download other people’s bits and bobs.

And, of course, it’s also about playing other people’s creations. “You’re gonna load it up, jump into a lobby with three of your buddies, and just start playing a bunch of weird games for like three hours,” says UW’s Brian Cronin in the trailer. I once dreamed of a Quake tool/package/thing that’d switch every player at a LAN party or event between a weird and wonderful variety of mods on a fixed schedule, something new everything 20 minutes, so this sounds grand.

If you’re feeling bold, you can buy a pre-alpha version on its site for $10 (£6.50), getting a Steam key. All the usual caveats for unfinished games apply, possibly moreso given its ambition.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Sturgeon’s Law

  2. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Bought the daughter and me copies of this as soon as it went up on sale, it’s a long way from being in any intuitive but they have ambition and drive and for $10 each it is worth a punt.

  3. soldant says:

    We’ve also had Gunscape, which isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and CraftStudio, which showed promise but is also going nowhere fast.