Season’s Meetings: RPS Social Club

It’s that time of year again. Time to retreat indoors with a mug of mulled wine and scoff a Christmas pud. You could even make the witticisms rain by pulling a cracker or two. While you can chug the wine and eat the pudding on your lonesome, you’ll need companions to pull those crackers, and who better than the readers of RPS? They’re gathering in London this Saturday evening at The Blue Posts on Rupert Street (map in that link). I can’t promise crackers but there will be good times, drinks and boardgames. Discuss attendance and arrival times in this forum thread.

People of Not London and the North, you may find something of interest below.

I’m planning a Mancunian meeting as well but that’ll be in December. I’m currently leaning toward December 6th, to coincide with the Ludum Dare Gamejam. We did something similar last year and ended up with a big ol’ corner of the bar next door full of games talk and my occasional attempts to jive. This year, there might even be a bonus RPS writer in attendance, depending on the magic of logistics.

Venue will probably be different this year, hopefully a little less crowded, and I’m open to suggestions. Most likely somewhere in the vicinity of the jam though, which means the Northern Quarter looks likely. Pack your best hipster disguise!

If you’re feeling festive and want to plan December gatherings in your neck of the woods, let me know either in comments, by email, by twitter or in the forum thread and I’ll make sure the word gets out.


  1. james.hancox says:

    If you could do the Mancunian meetup on, say, the 20th, I would totally be there.

  2. lowprices says:

    December 6th has potential, assuming my car is still working and can get me across from Doncaster to Manchester.

  3. christmas duck says:

    Also for Not London, there is another Brighton meet this Friday at the Fountain Head from 7.

  4. DuckOfDeath says:

    Nards – if it was the weekend after I’d be totally up for this. As it is, I’m beer questing in Derby. C’est la vie!

  5. Orix says:

    Is the mancunian meet still going ahead? I should be able to make anything held this weekend. I’m due a night on the town :D

  6. Bury The Hammer says:

    I’m kind of surprised you guys don’t do this at Scenario/Loading Bar, considering it’s a place that has a plentiful supply of both board games and consoles to dick around with, as well as a cocktail called Assassin’s Mead.

    It is a bit awkward to get there, though. And I don’t work there, though I am a fan.