Doyathinkysaurus? The Hunter: Primal

You Brad Raptor?

Didja see that Jurassic World trailer? Cor! All those dinosaurs, running around and causing trouble like that. I don’t know what they expected to happen, not after last time.

With dinomania on the rise, The Hunter developers Expansive Worlds have announced a reptilian spin-off of their hunting sim. It looks like it’ll end the same way as every other attempt to use dinosaurs for jollies. Folk will track and hunt dinosaurs across an alien world, which somehow is a dinopremise we don’t see much; dinogames tend to do cartoony things like battles or dinoriding.

Expansive Worlds don’t have much to say about exactly what The Hunter: Primal is, but presumably that’s because it doesn’t seem necessary to them – because it’s The Hunter with Dinosaurs. They say in the announcement:

We hope that theHunter: Primal will complement the regular hunting experience of some of our players, as the game is a little more fast paced and has more focus on survival and exploration. Not to mention hunting (or in fact being hunted by) dinosaurs.

While plain old The Hunter is all subscriptions and microtransactions, Primal will be a one-off purchase. I haven’t played The Hunter myself, but it’s appeared several times in The Flare Path and if it’s good enough for Tim Stone, who am I to doubt? I mean, other than feeling weirdest out by hunting and killing for sport, even in video games, where I’ll gladly blow men’s faces off simply because they were there.

Oh, it's Dinosaur Planet.


  1. Turkey says:

    Well, that sounds a lot better than the usual dinosaur+team fortress combo, but I’m still holding out for the caveman survival sim with dinosaurs.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Having seen the Jurassic World trailer I now reject all dinosaurs based on the fossil record and put all my emotional worth in the genetic invention of hubristic Hollywood executives.

  3. Henke says:

    The Hunter is good. Really good. A proper hardcore hunting simulation. Getting close enough to a wild animal and killing it requires more patience, carefullness, and precision than any stealth game. And it looks great, thanks to the Avalanche engine(same one used by Just Cause 2).

    Shame about the payment model though. Subsciption services are icky to start with, but it goes further than that. You can get the Wayfarer pack for 15 euros, which’ll give you 3 months licence to all the reservations and hunting licences, as well as some equipment, a revolver, and a shotty. Of course once you start playing you realize that you can’t actually use the revolver without a holster for it, which isn’t included in the pack. You can buy a holster from the hunter store, where it costs 600 hunterbucks, which you need to pay money for. But they only sell the hunterbucks in packs of 500 or 1000. So all in all you need to spend another 7 euros if you wanna actually use that revolver and not just look at it in your inventory.

    Good to hear this spin-off will be a one-off payment rather than subscription.

    • Chaz says:

      Yeah I agree totally, the Hunter is good but yes the payment model really sucks. I’d love to play it but not at those prices. It’s a shame they don’t release the Hunter as a one off purchase. Glad this new one isn’t going down the same payment route as the Hunter.

  4. TomA says:

    Clever Girl…

    • Blackcompany says:

      I gaze in raptor at the sheer cleverness of this aside…

  5. moocow says:

    I’m still waiting for Theme Jurassic Park

  6. melnificent says:

    Jurassic Parks failure came down due to a Terry Child type admin in charge of the IT equipment. The fact that he was the only IT guy for a multi-million dollar project was a huge oversight by the management team.

    The real question is has the management team of Jurassic World learnt from their mistakes?

    • buzzmong says:

      They’ve bred Raptors again, so I don’t hold much hope they have.

    • cthulhie says:

      I’d like to see them put locks on the car doors. Seems an odd way to save money, avoiding that.

      And, hell, any door, really. Which would then lead to a scene in which the door is bolted and the handle wiggles and everyone watches tensely until a credit card slides in and begins wiggling the lock free. Which could then be spun into product placement for, like, American Express: the card for the cleverest girls.

  7. Mud says:

    So the greedy bunch finally become greedier.
    It’s more a wardrobe simulator last time I checked.

    • DarkLiberator says:

      To be fair at least this is a one time payment now.

      • Mud says:

        I doubt it, my bet it’s coming with paid DLC

        • DarkLiberator says:

          At least not monthly payment. I can ignore dlc. And if the game is good, I’ll buy the dlc to support the game.

          • Mud says:

            Paid my fair share of em$ to support thehunter, and wish I could ignore the horrific ai and animations of animals but I can not.
            Over the years they bring more shit to dress like Barbie but bug fixing and to really improve the game is not on their list.
            I wish them good luck with their dino shooter, at least those have very small brains so they can act stupid and run into rocks, trees, underwater or whatever.

  8. Veav says:

    Any co-op to be had in The Hunter?

    • P.Funk says:

      Last I heard yes?

    • Paxeh says:

      There’s been multiplayer for some time now. I’ve seen games with 7 people hunting.

      Nothing better then hunting with a bow because you want to be silent, only to have the deer you’ve been stalking for 15 minutes bolt away because your friend 300 meters away starts shooting with his Big Ass Magnum.

      • Veav says:

        Sweet. That means I can hope for co-op dino hunting. Hell yes!

  9. fish99 says:

    I’ve subbed to The Hunter a few times, then I play it a lot for about a week, do most of the stuff you can do, and then never play it again, and most of my sub time goes to waste. IMO the game doesn’t quite have the amount of content to justify a monthly sub for players like me.

    If I could buy hours or hunts, instead of paying monthly, or if it was free-to-play (I know it kinda is), they’d get more money from me, but with the current model, I choose not to play the game instead.

    Pretty much the same reason I’m not with iRacing anymore. It’s only really worth it for the hardcore players who use it all the time.