Have You Played… Proun?

It was long ago and it was far away, and it was so much better than it was today. That’s not true, actually, it’s been an amazing year for games. But Proun still feels like it came from another era, one of surprise and subversion. Just a matter of abundance, I suppose – throw a rock in the air and you’ll hit three-hundred-and-eighty-two indie games trying something interesting today. The PC had long been home to formalist racing games when Proun arrived, and with clarity and panache (and a ball) it threw the doors open to everyone.

Proun is and was enormously pretty too – dialing back everything to abstracted minimalism, then making what it did contain (a ball, a pipe, some shapes) as impressive as possible. What a soundtrack, too. It all combines into feeling good. Unless you turn the difficulty up, in which event it’s as harrowing as it needs to be.

RPS used to have an occasionally-repeated mantra back in 2011: Play Proun. Almost four years later, I have just one thing to say:

Play Proun.


  1. Dwarph says:

    this is made by one of the guys currently working on awesomenauts. its definitely worth a look!

  2. macaddct says:

    Coincidentally it was just released for iOS today

  3. Eleven says:

    Proun is that game that I pull out at parties: Even people who are convinced videogames are childish want to have a go!

  4. teddancin says:

    For those unaware, Proun is a term originated by El Lissitzky AKA The Supreme Suprematist

  5. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I have not played, but soon will I have played. Thanks!

  6. womp says:

    OH dang I’d forgotten all about this! Gonna reinstall tonight

  7. Bassem says:

    I wanted this for a long time, then I bought it but never played it. I must remedy that!

  8. Niche93 says:

    Man, never heard of this game before, just saw it going through the “Have you played”s, and OH GOD YES PLAY THIS GAME. Holy crap that second stage is the best thing my eyes have ever seen. So many things about this game are GOOD. Thank you for this recommendation, I needed a game like this tonight.