Not That Congo: Co-op Survival Shooter In Early Access


Could it be that someone saw Congo twenty years ago and has carried a dream for a game like that ever since? It’s surely a coincidence, it must be. Yes, Congo does have you deep in the jungle, fortifying a camp to fend off strange, grey lumbering beasts that look a bit like gorillas and shy away from lights, but no, it’s not an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel or movie. It’s a top-down co-op survival shooter where up to four players, y’know, kinda recreate that camp scene from Congo. And it’s out now on, of course, Steam Early Access.

There you are, deep in the jungle, beset by demons. Aye, that’ll be a Friday all right. Handily they’re afraid of the light and not keen on bulletholes either, but unhelpfully you’re short on flares, generator fuel, torches, guns, bullets, shells, and other key supplies. So off you go a-scavenging, trying not to end up torn limb-from-limb. That’s Congo. Look, see:

As is customary nowadays, it is launching into Early Access. It’s only £6.99 right now, but be aware that you’re in for a long haul if you do buy it. Developers The Innocent Devils expect it’ll be in Early Access form for up to a year while they add more maps, weapons, equipment, and features, improve the AI, and polish everything up.

As ever, my advice with Early Access games is: only buy if you’d be happy with the game as it is, or if you’re keen to support a developer. I’d like to see more folks release demos as they enter Early Access so would-be purchasers can see about that first point.


  1. Rao Dao Zao says:

    When I was young, I really wanted to see Congo, so I got my parents to tape it for me when it was on during the night. At least three times in a row, the BBC changed the schedule and I got a tape full of junk. :(

    Hopefully this will not form a similar congo-line of failures.

    • slerbal says:

      I had a similar series of misfortunes trying to record Angel Heart which included a schedule move, a power cut,a riot and a flaming VCR. That film did not want to be recorded :)

  2. Kefren says:

    Alan Wake crossed with Zombie Shooter.

  3. Volcanu says:

    Can you drink cartons of Um Bongo?

  4. Wowbagger says:

    I loved that film as a child – rewatched it recently and realised what a huge pile of poo it is.

  5. Wisq says:

    you’re in for a long haul if you do buy it. Developers The Innocent Devils expect it’ll be in Early Access form for up to a year

    Heh. A year would be short compared to most of the Early Access games out there.

  6. Nevard says:

    Played this at EGX, it was pretty fun. The first level was easy, the second was where I learned I’d been safe in the first because there had only been one enemy abomination on screen at a time.
    They’re scared of your torch… but if there’s two one will just sneak up behind you.

    Not completely related but has youtube been absolute crap about loading videos for anyone else lately?

  7. sinister agent says:

    Needs more Tim Curry.

    Crichton really didn’t have a lot of luck with his film adaptations, did he? Aside from the obvious one, they were mostly a bit crap. Shame really.

    • RARARA says:

      The ‘obvious one’ being the ’71 The Andromeda Strain adaptation, surely?

    • Chaz says:

      Kind of a reflection of his books really though. Mostly crap.

  8. Love Albatross says:

    Tried this, it’s crap right now (yeah early access etc etc).

    Controls are weird with m&k, maybe better with a controller. Found the nearly-top-down viewpoint irritating.

    Opening crates for some reason causes the contents to vomit out across the landscape. I can’t figure out why the devs thought this was a good idea.

    Monsters appear seemingly from nowhere and instantly jump on you, and there does not seem to be a way to stop them once they’re making sweet love to your face. Perhaps I’m missing some subtleties here that would enable survival, but the game doesn’t explain them. My attempts at playing this have come to halt within a minute or so since I just get ganked by these beasts and it’s game over.