Freeware Garden: Paint The Town Red

Following last year’s Probably Archery, Matthew and Shane Carr of South East Games have returned to the latest 7DFPS Jam with Paint The Town Red. A first person brawler in which the blood goes fsssssh.

Paint The Town Red, you see, recreates the most outrageously over the top bar fights imaginable and uses everything from clubs, chairs, stools, broken bottles and pool cues to achieve its bloody goal. Anything you find can be used to mash heads with and fill a lovely 3D bar with the bodies of rectangular patrons and blood.

And we are talking about persistent, splattery blood here. Lots of blood. Blood that will flow and will either be yours or from the members of the apparently vicious gang you infiltrated. Well, had infiltrated really, as your cover has most emphatically been blown and you must now beat your way to survival.

Alternatively and provided you manage to win a few fights without getting hurt yourself, you can also use your awesome special attack, enter bullet time and shoot people’s heads off with your finger. That may be all the shooting you’ll get to do in Paint The Town Red, but it’s immensely fun. Oh, and you can shoot some pool too.


  1. Wisq says:

    I’ll admit, it took me a couple of seconds to remember that 7DFPS meant “seven day” and not “seven dimension” (a la “3D FPS”).

    Which would be very cool, if a bit unfathomable.

  2. Chaz says:

    Isn’t that Dave Gorman?

  3. padger says:

    Oh my GOD, there needs to be a genre of bar room brawl games. Each one a honky-tonk sandbox with its own particularly head-crackin’ bottle shattering.

    • Oozo says:

      It might be no coincidence that basically the first room you’ll find yourself dealing out fisticuffs in both God Hand and Zeno Clash 2 is a bar room. Is there any better place to crack skulls, and have your skull cracked in return?

      I second your pledge wholeheartedly.

  4. Spacewalk says:

    I got iced on the third wave of guys which is how well I imagine I would fare in a real bikie brawl.