Elaborate Safety Measures: Defense Grid 2 Gets a Demo


Alec reviewed Defense Grid 2 in September, a game about building elaborate techno mazes to try to keep waves of enemies away from magical power cores. While the first Defense Grid was a great experience wrapped up in a quiet solitude, Alec was unfortunately pretty put off by the new narration, which came a little too close to zany for his comfort. However, maybe you don’t mind a little over-the-top weird with your tower defense? Maybe you want to see if it’s really that irksome? Maybe you enjoyed the first Defense Grid enough to want to give this new one a try? If that’s the case, this is the news story for you. Defense Grid 2 now has a demo on Steam. Hooray!

So, what do you get with this demo? Well you get the first singleplayer chapter of the game. Beyond that the steam page is not so clear. Lots of ambiguous talk of new game modes in the full game, but probably worth checking out the demo before getting yourself too excited about anything else the game may contain.

Go, get the demo, make some towers, defend cores, do whatever people do in tower defense games. See if it’s your thing or not.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    It’s like they saw me look at it in the sale yesterday and think “nah, I’ll wait for a demo or the inevitably deeper Christmas sale”.

  2. subedii says:

    [nitpick]: I think that’s a screenshot from DG1 [/nitpick]

    As for the game itself, I’ll repeat what I said in the comments for the review, in that yeah the dialogue is a little strained on occasion, but I felt the overall gameplay itself is better and more tactical, and more overall fun. I was hard pressed to find an overall “I win” turret, instead I found myself using almost all of them in different positions depending on circumstances. I almost never used laser towers in DG1, whereas here they’re another staple.

    I feel like between the different alien types, the reworked towers, and simple changes like boost towers they’ve really helped improve the gameplay. I found myself constantly having to rework my understanding of what towers work best in certain scenarios through the campaign and trying for gold rankings. Whereas in DG1 my strategy could basically be defined as “gun / cannon / meteor turrets. FOREVER.”

    • Dreforian says:

      The screenshot was the first thing I noticed, since all the DG2 towers are bigger( and mazing in DG2? suuuuuuuure). The “banter” was a spaghetti of plot points, insane ramblings, and non-insane but irrelevant ramblings from the human. It could have worked out quite well with tighter direction and less human. I would permit the human to stay if they tied the refugees into the gameplay rather than making them plot baggage. Perhaps have a mission where you strike out ahead of the shuttle, smash enemies but then have to defend the shuttle with limited remaining resources?

      Disclaimer: Most of my DG2 experience is with the campaign, I went back for some achievements but the actual challenge modes didn’t appeal.
      I’m mixed about the towers and enemies. No flying units? Feels like a step backward but then the missile launcher got full time use. There still ended up being some towers which were useless against certain enemies so this was more of a shift than an improvement. I liked the tower perks but only unlocked most of them after finishing the campaign. The boost “towers” were keen but clunky to use. Build them early on to plan for later development and you didn’t have the time or cash to build towers to actually kill aliens. Decide to build boosters later, when you needed more damage but didn’t have any more space, and you would have to sell off a tower to get the booster foundation down. Adding this layer of consideration to the gameplay sounds good but then I could never get a feel for when the “right” moments arrived. The result was that my decisions rarely felt satisfying. Also, I almost never had the funds or the time to raise extra platforms. The missions where platforms automatically moved into place were the most engaging.

      The graphics failed for me. The enemies looked less distinct from each other than in DG1, communicated less about themselves. The towers had flashier effects. I like effects. It did make some moments too busy.

      Edit: yay wrong reply button (sorry commenter above!)