Chaos Reborn Conjured Onto Early Access Next Week

In a bit of a pickle there, aren't you?

X-COM creator Julian Gollop making a reimagine-o-sequel to another of his olde turn-based tactical games sounds like something we’d post about all the time, but how much is there to say between the end of a Kickstarter and the inevitable early access launch? For the seven months since our last post, Snapshot Games have worked on Chaos Reborn, and now they’re almost ready for that next step. Chaos Reborn will launch onto Steam Early Access on December 9th, announces a colourful new trailer filled with monsters, wizards, and wizards attacking monsters.

It’s certainly looking a whole lot prettier than it did during the Kickstarter days, see:

Chaos Reborn is a big old wizardfest, beards and robes and magical sticks and sandals with socks all over the place. Ever a rowdy crowd, they’re fighting. Wizards will sling spells around hex-based battlefields, summoning creatures, altering the landscape, and generally causing attractive particle effects. They’re exploring procedural lands in the campaign too, levelling up and acquiring magical wizard clobber. As well as singleplayer and competitive multiplayer – with support for asynchronous multiplayer – it’s got co-op.

Chaos Reborn will be on Windows, Mac, and Linux when it launches on Steam Early Access. Gollop has said it’ll be on GOG later, at least, if you like your games DRM-free.


  1. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Hmm. Although it was maybe too bland and minimalist I think I preferred the old art style, things are a but too cluttered here. I’m struggling to work out at a glance what creatures belong to what wizards.

    Also, why did they record the video while someone was sending them Steam messages?

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      Harlander says:

      They’re standing in a circle the colour of their summoner’s names, aren’t they?

      I’ve actually been in the kickstarter for this, but haven’t played it much. It hasn’t had any decent match browser, just the rubbish “click on this button and wait for ages to join a match” method, so most of my experience was “try to join a match, wait for ages, give up and forget about the game for ages”, but when I actually got to play, it was fun, and the new tweaks to the old formula are pretty interesting.

      • Caiman says:

        The last prototype version 0.21 introduced a much improved match finder, plus an asynchronous mode which is proving extremely popular. The Early Access version will improve that further, we’re still waiting to see what that will be (async needs a notification setting of some kind).

    • Emeraude says:

      Agreed about the art style, but I’m not complaining. It’s still nice-looking and functional. Eagerly waiting for that one to reach full release status.

      I’m not too keen on some of the online multiplayer things it’s trying to do, but as long as I can ignore them – and so far all points to it being the case – I think I’m going to have a grand time with that one.

    • coppernaut says:

      Looks like that Steam message sound effect is coming from in game when the player mouse clicks the button at the bottom-middle of the screen.

  2. Kefren says:

    I was never a fan of Chaos, but to this day I still play Laser Squad and Lords of Chaos. Amazing games.

    • Themadcow says:

      Burn him, burn him at the stake!!!

      Seriously, thats the first time I’ve ever heard of someone that didn’t like Chaos. It’s like hating children’s smiles or puppies.

      Before Laser Squad was Rebelstar Raiders. RR2 in particular was a fantastic game (and the first good ‘Alien’ franchise game… without having the franchise rights).

      • Kefren says:

        I think it’s because I’ve never liked battle arenas, things like Chaos or Archon. Whereas Laser Squad was interesting scenarios (including the classic of rocket-launchering Sterner Regnix’s house to bits). And Lords of Chaos was so full of customisation for your wizard’s abilities and spells that I kept playing in order to create the ultimate wizard. And the joy of summoning a dragon in a multiplayer game!

  3. udat says:

    Is that the old UFO “select” bleep I hear there?

    • Bracknellexile says:

      Yup. They put it into the early builds as a bit of fun at a time when they hadn’t done any new sound effects and it seems it’s survived through to the later builds as a bit of a nod to history.

    • Niko says:

      Isn’t the same bleep, except at a different speed, used in Starcraft?

  4. cpt_freakout says:

    “As well as singleplayer and competitive multiplayer – with support for asynchronous multiplayer – it’s got Goll-op.”

  5. Rikard Peterson says:

    I should get back to this. I liked the prototype a lot at the time of the Kickstarter (and backed it), but it’s been a while since I last played it. I wonder how different it feels now, and I hope the people playing it are still as friendly as they were back in the beginning. That was the most fun I’ve ever had while playing with complete strangers.

    • Caiman says:

      We are. :)

      The game plays and feels much improved over the early prototypes, although Snapshot removed a number of spells to give it a consistent look; spells that are coming back over time, but they need to be animated and balanced properly first. So the current version has a somewhat reduced spell set, but hopefully we’ll see this expanded by 0.22. Honestly still enormous fun, play it often.

  6. Emeraude says:

    It’s kinda depressing when you think about it…. here’s a Big Name* Kickstarter that seems to be keeping all of tis promises, to go along at the right pace and look fairly interesting design-wise, all that despite a shoe-string budget, and no one seems to care.

    *: If Mr Gollop is not a big name to you, I’ll kick kittens with military boots, I swear !

  7. Kempston Wiggler says:

    “There can be only one….!”

    I’m sorry. Martin Brownlow’s Atari St version has positively RUINED me for sound effects in a Chaos game. So much so that I felt a large chunk of me break off and die when instead of exploding in all directions and Christopher Lambert’s groundbreaking Scots accent filling the void, the wizard that died in the video just kind of fell over and got sucked into the ground, utterly Lambert-less.

    Yes, it would be a licensing nightmare to do that officially now. I can only pray that some crafty modder out there has the same mad nostalgia-burn I do!