All Aboard! The Mysterious Dark Train

All aboard! I think.

For my sins, I’ve ridden the last train more times than I care to remember, finding spots between drunks about to kick off and drunks about to spew up and pretending to sleep. I’ve ridden the ghost train, petulantly ignoring the prancing employee in the glowing skeleton suit because I thought it made me cool and not just rude. I’ve certainly rocked out to Nite Train. I know trains, I’m saying. But what even is Dark Train? An unknown oddity you might fancy puzzling over in this here trailer:

Interesting, isn’t it? Baffling, isn’t it? Here, this description from developers Paperash might help clear things up:

Dark train is at the core an story-driven skillbased game that offers a unique way of sensing the environment in which it takes place. The player is the main driver of the train, which gives it complete control over the machine. This is, however, by far, no ordinary train. Trainset outweigh within individual wagons detailed models of heterogeneous environments with atmospheric events. Everything works correctly only if the machine has enough energy and attention. Then, begins inside the model, life of its own, which hides a variety of tasks and secrets. The most difficult task is to run the train successfully to the finish.


Supposedly the train’s a model of the human world, and its inventor died on the day it was finished. We’re getting a little allegorical, aren’t we? Here, this blog post explains a little of what we’re seeing in the trailer, and this video shows the world changing as we fiddle with the forest carriage. I like unfamiliar games which work in unfamiliar ways.

Paperash plan to release Dark Train some time in 2015.


  1. padger says:


    Wtf is this.

  2. RedViv says:

    I have no idea how this works, but I know that I NEED it.

  3. amateurviking says:

    This is the best trailer.

  4. GameCat says:

    This train is smiling.

  5. El Mariachi says:

    Intriguing, but the description and the blog serve only to heighten the bafflement. They’re not what I’d call illuminating.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Yes, we’re still in the Dark (Train) about how this game will be like.


    Fun fact: This weekend, for some reason, I entered my recommended Steam tags page. All of them were absolutely generic stuff, like “Indie” and “Action”, except for the very last one, which was “Trains”.

    I like trains.

  7. sub-program 32 says:

    This sounds like the kind of thing Ice-Pick Lodge would think of. That is a good thing.