Don’t You Know? The Jackbox Party Pack Released


Wherever you are, there’s the party. Go on, smile a little. There’s your party. Now move an appropriate body part in time to an imagined beat or, for advanced partiers, with an imagined rhythm. Things are heating up! You’re fun, you are. You are great. You are wild. You are the party. If you want other people to feel the fun, though, you might want a little extra to ease those grumps into the party. The Jackbox Party Pack might help with that. Released last week, it’s a big bundle of silly party games from the You Don’t Know Jack folks, including the latest YDKJ quiz ’em up, lie ’em up Fibbage, scrawl ’em up Drawful, and others.

So, here’s what the Party brings: You Don’t Know Jack, the silly quiz game with a haughty host; Fibbage XL, a silly quiz game where players provide lies as smokescreen answers; Drawful, a silly draw-o-guessing game; silly fill-in-the-blank ’em up Word Spud; and silly fly-swatting quiz Lie Swatter. It’s a big bundle of ports, basically, but I’ve heard several of these are particularly splendid. I fondly recall playing YDKJ with pals years ago too.

Control is a bit weird, or maybe a bit great. Each person plays on their own phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever Internet-y things they have at hand, as control runs through the game’s website so there’s no awkward shuffling around to share or screencheating. They’re made for local multiplayer parties, but you can turn them global by e.g. using Skype screen-sharing.

The Party Pack will usually cost £18.99, but is down to £17.09 on Steam in the sale.


  1. PedroTheHutt says:

    I wonder if someone’s been watching TieTuesday’s stream a lot last week(end)~

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Hah! Joylancer was totally TieTuesday, but this was just scoping out new releases.

      • PedroTheHutt says:

        Fair enough! I’d recommend checking out the VODs of his Fibbage streams though, Tie has the most infectious laugh.

  2. Frosty840 says:

    The YDKJ posse really do need to port all the old YDKJs to a modern, multiplayer UI…

    • Jalan says:

      They should have done that with the 2011 YDKJ game, not that it would’ve mattered much at this point since they don’t even seem to be selling it through their own website anymore much less anywhere else.

      • HamsterExAstris says:

        Said game was published by THQ, who went bust. I suspect that it’s tied up in the assets that got auctioned off.

  3. udat says:

    Does it still have the question that cares?

  4. Haborym says:

    Left, yellow, he’d misrepresent her position.

  5. SpacemanSpliff says:

    Those scores aren’t great.

  6. donkeyspaceman says:

    I don’t have a long history with these games, but are the quiz show bits typically randomized or predetermined? I played this one on PS4 with a friend, then played again on PC on Saturday and had to rush through the exact same question set once before getting to a fresh set (which was really frustrating for the players that didn’t know all the answers already like we did).

    The concept of using phones/tablets is really cool, but in practice it can be kind of clunky. Our iOS devices seemed to have slower refresh rates than my Android tablet, so I would often answer the most quickly. I wish they had created an app instead of using a website (which would be fine for weird devices, but iOS and Android apps would cover most bases). Also, make sure you jack up your screen timeout so you don’t have to turn your phone back on and reconnect to the game.

    Connectivity complaints aside, we had a lot of fun with all of the games included (with the exception of Word Spud).

    • Drew says:

      Answering this way after you asked it, but hey: In this “2015” version, The Ride, and the 2011 version, the questions are broken up into predetermined “episodes.” So you’d need to skip ahead to a later episode if you want to make sure things are fresh for everybody in the room.

      In pretty much every other version, it’s randomized, and the game remembers which questions you’ve already gotten (though that was acting a little wonky–at release time for the Jack Classic Pack, anyway–if you uninstalled and reinstalled).

      But yes, this package is kind of a blast, even if the controls are *sometimes* a little bit of an issue.

      And no, I’m not totally sure what to make of Word Spud, either.

  7. PonderStibbons says:

    In the screenshot, where’s the option for “insist it’s all about ethics in games journalism?”