Other Video Game Calendars Are Available

Just ride it out.

The traditional RPS Game-o-Calendar has now become a multimillion dollar spectacle, and I must say I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover who’s revealing the final game live from the crown of the Millenium Dome on Christmas Day. I can’t tell you who they are yet, but let’s just say it’ll be nice to see them, to see them nice and you won’t be bovvered as we all enjoy lorra lorra laughs about a real bobby-dazzler of a game.

But if reading about a lovely game each day is not enough, and you demand a formal advent calendar with numbers to click on and everything, here, some of those independent developers with their headstrong ways have made advent calendars.

The Advent of Indies is a big fancy thing, with each day bringing a new independent gift. It’s kicking off by giving away the Endless Legend soundtrack for free. You can’t eat it, but we can’t have everything. It’s organised by Tri developers Rat King.

Elsewhere, Blueberry Garden and else Heart.Break() creator Erik Sved√§ng has his own advent calendar. Each day will bring “one little thing”, he says. What’s lurking behind the first door is small but quite pleasant to look at, so I shall be returning daily.

(If you have a pocket telephone or phablet, I always enjoy illustrator Binny Talib’s virtual calendars. She isn’t making one this year, but 2013’s is free on iOS and 2012’s is free on Android.)


  1. ephesus64 says:

    Last year’s Advent calendar was a joy to follow, and is the reason I found Kentucky Route Zero, so thanks for that. Carry on, as I’m told they say.

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    Aerothorn says:

    I realize it was probably just a stylistic flourish, but I appreciate you say “if you have a pocket telephone or phablet.” As someone who doesn’t have a smartphone it’s certainly frustrating to live in a society where the middle class assumes everyone has one.

    • Beernut says:

      In case someone doesn’t, there are some ways of running android-applications on PCs as well:
      link to extremetech.com

      I tried the emulator of the android sdk once (ages ago) and it seemed to work well enough.

    • jrodman says:

      As a cellphone holdout, I do grow tired of the presumption.
      In my case I’ve thought about it and decided I don’t want one, but certainly could afford it if I did. So I guess I have only myself to thank for dealing with the thoughtless assumptions.

      They do come on rather thick, though. People don’t go into complete denial if they find out I am gay, or forgo owning a car. I rather suspect that if I told them I was born with a female phenotype that they would find that easier to believe.

      • mickygor says:

        I remember reading somewhere that serious folks were considering considering a mobile phone a body part. So yea, it’s not as expected for you to be gay as it is for you to have 2 hands ;)

  3. thedosbox says:

    I.. don’t think I ever expected to see allusions to Brucie or Cilla Black on RPS.

    Mind. Blown.