Stanley Watched The Trailer: Job Lozenge


He does have a pleasant voice doesn’t he, that Kevan Brighting? You know, him from The Stanley Parable. But I do worry the poor dear might be getting typecast. After giving a voice to that chap who talks at you as you wander around an office, now he’s lending his dulcet tones to another weird workplace. Come, come watch the trailer for Job Lozenge with more pleasantness from The Voice of Weird Video Game Businesses. And then wonder what Job Lozenge even is.

Lovely trailer, that, isn’t it? Mystifying, that, isn’t it? So we’re receiving the exciting job of crate displacer, which one broadly imagines involves moving crates. A little digging uncovers this animated gif revealing that yes, we shall move crates:

Iunno, maybe.

“Strange work environment,” goes the short official description. “Strange exploration.” Wouldn’t want to ruin all that mystery just yet, then. For now, I’m perfectly happy watching a funny trailer with a pleasant voice. It’s funny, this weird pang of “I must justify in detail why I’m posting this trailer!” I’m feeling. Perhaps part of me is pre-empting comments of “Yes but what is it?” I don’t know what it is, and that’s fine. I enjoyed seeing this and would like to discover more.

Made by From Smiling, the chap behind me-pleasing 7DFPS game Frail Shells, Job Lozenge is due for release next Monday, December 8th. It’s on Steam Greenlight too. I am quite keen to find out what it even is.


  1. FuriKuri says:

    After the magnificent eloquence of the “so many guts” preview trailer, have you ever considered applying your dulcet tones to such an endeavour, Alice?

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Competition to be The Voice of Guts Games is surely too fierce.

      • unit 3000-21 says:

        Don’t say that Alice – your voice is peerless. I’m still waiting for you to make some audiobooks (and I’m a paperback loyalist).

  2. Jonfon says:

    He also voiced the Bank Announcer on a recent episode of Dr Who, although he was criminally underused.

  3. Synesthesia says:

    That looks fantastic. Reminds me of that one cavanagh made, with all the dithering. Fucking beautiful.

  4. Hex says:


  5. ckpk says:

    The combination of the voice and the sentence “enquire within your nearest job lozenge” gives me a hearty reminder of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy