Rebuild Your Robogirlfriend: Love You To Bits

SAPPY. Not just because of the trees. Because love etc.

Love. Ugh. I don’t even. I won’t even. I shouldn’t even. I can’t even. I wouldn’t even. But love, oh love is everywhere nowadays. They’re all doing it. Sorry, I do apologise for hosing my dear beta testers with bile through their Humr (my revolutionary new peripheral which sprays readers with a fine synthesised mist of whichever fluids an author is pumping). Where was I? Right! Love! Ugh.

That’s not to speak ill of Love You to Bits, a newly-announced textless adventure game about a person travelling the universe to recover the scattered parts of their robotic girlfriend. Just. Love.

So, yes, your ladyfriend lies in pieces, scattered across wacky and colourful outer space, and you must roam around picking up her bits. Presumably you have to collect them all, and she won’t be happy as simply an exquisite sentient titanium ribcage. But oh no, adversity presents itself! Puzzles must be solved in order to get her bits. I’m sure you’ll figure them out, even if the game is textless and relies on visual hints. You’re more clever than other people sometimes twig, I know.

Love You to Bits is due in 2015, first on pocket telephones then Windows and Mac. You can follow development on its TIGSource Forums thread. It’s made by folks who worked on Tiny Thief and have now gone indie. (Ta for spotting this, Destructoid.)


  1. RARARA says:

    Rumor has it that you have to purchase the special edition of Dead Island Riptide to get a (substantial) bit of her.

  2. padger says:


  3. LionsPhil says:

    If this isn’t secretly the game of the film Cherry 2000, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’d hoped it was about Joker and Edi, from Mass Effect.

  4. Jamesworkshop says:

    link to

    you don’t need an entire robot