Car-To-Ball: Rocket League

Take that, technosphere!

If we were to draw up a list of Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s collective interests, rocketcars and pretending we don’t understand football would both rank highly. So:

Nyooooooooom! ScreeeeeeCH! Crunkash! Those are the sounds of Rocket League, a game where teams of rocketcars chase each other around a field inside a stadium, trying to shunt a technosphere into a repository. What a horrible creation this technosphere must be, that drivers smash it with such force and fury. What terrors might be unleashed should it… hatch? Cool your jets and form an orderly line to follow me for a trailer, if you will. Krrrruntpow!

You might notice a lot of PlayStation talk in that trailer. Well. That’s because Rocket League only comes to my attention through the announcement of a PS4 version. Sorry. However, it’s been beta tested on PC for a while now, and developers Psyonix (them behind Nosgoth and A.R.C. Squadron) confirm down in their Facebook comments that it is still coming to PC.

Rocket League, as you see, is a futuristic sport with rocketcars. It’s some combination of football, demolition derby, and stunt course, which is a pleasant list of ingredients. This isn’t Psyonix’s first jetrodeo either. Rocket League’s their follow-up to 2008 PS3 game Battle Cars, so they should know a thing or two about rocketcars. Here, you can read a bit more about Rocket League on the PlayStation Blog (oh, shush). The PS4 version, at least, is due in spring 2015.


  1. Melody says:

    Battle Cars was fun, but the skill ceiling for it was ridiculously high. A good player would never let you touch the ball, and the Single Player challenges were tuned for that difficulty. I could only play Single Player with and vs AI. It was fun, but it got old quick.

    I wouldn’t have minded streamlining the controls a little bit.

    • HaikuWin says:

      I have been part of the closed Alpha for Rocket League and can confirm that it looks and feels great. I was a fan of the original and for me at least, it has rendered that game unplayable, the new one is just plain better.

      I would say the new physics make the ball slightly weightier and game altogether more controllable, I think the skill ceiling will be a little lower for beginners with this one but there’ll still be plenty for the die-hards to go at!

      My recommendation is the same as the first game: play some single player and get some friends together for some games online or play locally and build your way up to online with the community. Once you’re at a good level to play online in teams or mixed matches, the game really comes into it’s own! Nothing quite like it.

  2. ersetzen says:

    The PC alpha was closed for quite a while but was supposed to open back up once matchmaking and stuff was implemented, towards the end of the year. Gotta look at my steam library…

    Anyway, the PS3 version was really hard and great fun. The new one is similar but pretty on top. With some more stuff to ease newer players in like matchmaking it could be amazing. Looking forward to it!

    Oh, and use a controller. Seriously.

  3. RARARA says:

    Why isn’t this a real thing? Get on it Top Gear! You’re already halfway there!

  4. GuruMeditation says:

    Huzzah! A modern version of Wild Wheels! Was about time this was made.