Freeware Garden: Teddy Terror

Awwww, just look at the teddy...

Teddy Terror, easily one of the most polished games of the Indies VS PewDiePie Jam, tells the story of a little boy and his teddy-bear stuck in an endless nightmare only a child would be able to imagine.

Nightmares in games are, of course, only there to be escaped and Teddy Terror’s star duo has to do exactly this, by avoiding or destroying the hellish demons that seem bent on killing them. You do this from a top-down perspective by navigating a dark, maze-like environment filled with traps.

Though obviously dangerous, said traps can also be used to kill Teddy Terror’s many baddies. You also shoot them when you eventually find a surprisingly effective toy-gun, but it’s ultimately what devs Rage Monster Games describe as a survival adventure with “passive-aggressive gameplay” – one where using the environment to your benefit is crucial.

Teddy Terror is simple and fun, but its underpowered protagonist and limited resources mean that it still requires a bit of tactical thinking. Along with a taste for tongues protruding from eyeballs and clown spiders.


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