Steal Christmas: Payday 2 Event Adds Heist, Masks, More

There aren’t nearly enough Christmas-themed videogames in the world. Where are the modern equivalents to Christmas Lemmings, or the videogame kin to seasonal movies like It’s A Wonderful Life? I’m not satisfied by Christmas updates to non-Christmas games, though I suppose they’re a start.

Payday 2 is doing its bit by running a series of jolly updates to the first-person, multiplayer heist-’em-up. There’s a new mission to steal some snow-like white powder, and the first few days of updates have thus far also introduced Christmas-themed masks similar to but legally distinct from other beloved Christmas characters.

Also this Payday-themed Christmas carol, which I challenge you to get all the way through.

I lasted until the third day of Christmas before I gave up. I started having flashbacks to a holiday which featured a boat trip where I and a large group of strangers were trapped and forced into singing this song. The look of fear on the faces of the non-English speaking tourists. The rising temptation to throw the organisers overboard.

Today is also the third day of the Payday update, and following day 1’s new mission and day 2’s “Strinch” mask, it introduces the game’s pre-planning feature to a few of the previously available missions. Pre-planning was a feature added earlier this year, and it let’s you plan your drops, items and escape routes before embarking on any given heist.

There’s more info through at the Payday White Christmas” micro-site.


  1. WarderDragon says:

    Payday 2 (and Payday the Heist!) was my surprise hit of the year, even though none of them were released this year. They’re both amazing games, and the amount of free content that Overkill keeps pushing out to Payday 2 is amazing. There’s a fair emount of paid DLC, but the vast majority is free or can be accessed for free (paid heists can be joined by anyone, you just need to own it to host it).

    If more devs were like Overkill I would be very happy.

    • jezcentral says:

      Yes, they have a great attitude to paid DLC. Liked our game? Here’s some more, in affordable helpings.

      I tried the first game, but never really got into it. I was at a LAN party (LeachLAN 11) during the Steam Summer Sale, and four of us got Payday 2, and played 9 hours straight. Wonderful stuff.

      • Reapy says:

        I just came back to payday 2 a bit, it’s not 100% my game but I can’t help but mirror your thoughts, really great value of a game that they keep adding things. On top of that all the DLC that I’m missing doesn’t stop me from participating in the community at all. Even if you don’t have a certain heist you can still play it by joining other people’s games. Couldn’t say enough good things about the game.

  2. Wisq says:

    Made it to the end. What do I win?

    Also, cool that they’re finally introducing a woman to the team of thieves.

  3. IonTichy says:

    I just wish they would do a serious overhaul and fix of their engine as it is still very wonky and weird at places…I mean, the moonwalk got better but still…
    But nah, make more masks and sell more DLC…

    • Jetsetlemming says:

      I haven’t experienced any engine problems or “wonk” with Payday 2. Its method of hosting/joining games is bad (desperately needs host migration, jesus), but once you’re ingame it’s fine.

  4. Hensler says:

    My favorite Christmas game is definitely last year’s Saints Row IV expansion, How the Saints Saved Christmas.

  5. Yargh says:

    You missed out not lasting until the end of the song, Chains really hates that drill.

  6. Chaz says:

    Is that Robot Santa Claus from Futurama or one that just looks like him?

    • LionsPhil says:

      According to the update page it’s not.

      To be fair, most of the bits that are the same are also the bits that make it Santa. And a robot. It lacks Futurama Santa’s cheeks, full-rim eyes/brows, sawteeth, mouthglow, and pointy beard.

  7. Stinkfinger75 says:

    As much as I love Payday 2 (I think it’s easily one of the best games released in the past five years) the writing is just abominable. The actors do a great job with the voice acting, but that writing!

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Ah, Christmas Lemmings. Good times.

    The ’94* Jazz Jackrabbit “Holiday Hare” was great, too. “White Hare” from the JJ2 soundtrack makes good background festiveness, with its naturally looping tracker nature.