Mojang’s Scrolls Is Now Elder Enough For A Full Release

It’s probably, let’s be honest here, not a major part of why Microsoft put down All The Money to acquire Mojang earlier this year, but Minecraft follow-up Scrolls remains a going concern. Next week, the digital CCG/boardgame shall finally be shorn of its long-held ‘beta’ title and become a fully-released videogame.

December 11th is the release date, and anyone who picked up the alpha or beta will be upgraded for free, report the Eurogamers. Otherwise, it’ll cost you $5. There are microtransactions whereby you can purchase new units, aka the titular scrolls, with real cash, but these can be purchased with in-game currency earned by playing too. You can also trade with other players.

Apparently there’ll be a cap on spending in order to prevent game balance going all over the place as whales splash their cash, and Mojang claim that “you really don’t have to spend more than the cost of Scrolls to progress.” That sort of claim often proves spurious, but Mojang haven’t exactly struggled to earn a crust based on entry price alone in the past.

I’ve never looked closely at Scrolls to be honest, but in my head it’s always been a game that wasn’t really out yet. To realise it’s actually been doing the rounds for a good couple of years now is a weird one. I guess Hearthstone (although very different) was bad news for it, but it’ll be fascinating to see if Scrolls blows up now it’s all grown up.

Here’s the ‘launch’ trailer for the beta version, from last year, in case you want to catch up with what it’s all aboot:


  1. frightlever says:

    Unless there’s something explicitly written into the contract, it’s hard to see Microsoft keeping this running for long. It’ll be the next Age of Empires Online.

    • SquareWheel says:

      You realize Mojang is still run as a separate company? It’s not like just Microsoft swallowed up their properties and employees. From the sounds of things they have full autonomy.

  2. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    As someone who bought the game when it opened Open Beta, I can say that a lot has improved yet a lot still remains to be done.

    The lower cost is excellent as it helps people get into the game. It’s also much easier to get gold (the in-game currency) now -and- instead of having to pick one starting deck, players start with one and after a couple of games unlock another deck (and so on until you unlock all four). There are much more trials (puzzles with a one-time reward) as well as daily trials, one for each difficulty of AI (easy, medium, hard). Scrolls can now easily be purchased and sold from/to other players by using the black market. Also, depending on when you last played the game (if at all), quite a few scrolls have been added. A couple of tutorials have recently been added, although they need some improvement. And then there’s the recently released demo version for people who want to try the game out in a more limited fashion.

    On the other hand, there’s no single player campaign yet. The player pool is not that large (the game really needs an influx of new players). And several features, mechanics and specific scrolls need to be tweaked and bugs need fixing.

    The devs are quite busy and involve (and are involved with) the community. They also recently appointed two community managers.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Also, especially with the changes made, I don’t feel as if I need shards (the pay-for currency) at all. There are also no things you can only purchase with only shards. But your mileage may vary, of course.

  3. djbriandamage says:

    I have no interest in CCGs but the concept of a “boargame” sounds like nothing to snort at. I’ll hoof to check it out.

  4. airmikee says:

    That is the game that is supposed to fill a missing genre and took more than three years to create? It’s a good thing that one-hit wonders rarely realize their own status, and keep trying to plug away with garbage following their only hit, otherwise life wouldn’t be as full of laughs as it is right now.

    • AngoraFish says:

      That’s a lot of pent up aggression/raging hormones for just one post.

      • Ross Angus says:

        Probably just needs a hug. Come on in, big guy. It’s OK.

    • MisterFurious says:

      Wow, what an asshole. I bet you never even played the game.

  5. Grey_Ghost says:

    I had some fun with Scrolls quite a while back, but haven’t played it for a long time. Not sure why I stopped.

  6. Igneous says:

    I bought Scrolls perhaps a year back, when TotalBiscuit covered it, and I like it a lot. Beautiful design, artwork, music, and a really fun gameplay mechanic. The whole board control aspect adds a great tactical dimension.

    I wanted to add that there’s absolutely no need to purchase shards. The rate of gold gain is such that you can assemble a competitive ranked deck in a matter of days, in my experience. There’s unrestricted P2P trading, as well as a centralised auction house-style black market. That, and the fact that new players are automatically granted four full decks respective to the game’s factions over the course of play.

    I’d definitely recommend it for anyone interested in a new CCG, especially at the new asking price.

    • jrodman says:

      What does it mean that there’s an auction house black market? Is it on a third party site?

      • Igneous says:

        No, it’s in-game. It’s a player-driven market where you can easily buy from and sell cards to others players.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        Yeah that name is a bit poorly chosen, perhaps.