Street Fighter V Exclusive To PC (And PS4, But Whatevs)

screencap from the trailer, so sorry for the TERRIBLE QUALITY

Dead or Alive: Lots Of Clothes And Yet Not A Lot Of Clothes isn’t the only PC fighting game news today. It seems Street Fighter V was accidentally let out of the Capcom bag a little early, replete with a trailer which comes across a little like a men’s fragrance advert.

Console land is screaming its head off about SFV being exclusive to PlayStation 4 – i.e. no Xbone love from a pretty bloody big series, which is a bold move that presumably involved no little money changing hands – but the good news for us lot is that it is hitting PC.

HITTING, LIKE WHAT A FIGHTY-MAN DOES, DO YOU SEE? No? OK, here’s a visual demonstration:

(Apols for the weirdly-sized Daily Motion embed and pre-roll ad – we can’t control it.)

I parted ways with Street Fighter after the Hyper Turbo Megadeath versions of II proved to be beyond my skill level, but the familiar cast and moves will forever incite some delight. It’s a game I’d like to watch, and perhaps I shall do just that once V is out. Those more familiar with the series’ ways than I am claim that the little on show here suggests an iteration of IV rather than a giant leap forwards, but what do they know, eh? (‘Much more than me’).

Is Dhalsim still in it? I like his stretchy legs.

(As it happens I wrote about Dhalsim and falling in and out of love with SFII in my Raised By Screens quasi-memoir, which for now is exclusive to the RPS Supporter program. Will open it up to everyone at some point).


  1. sabrage says:

    That could’ve easily been a trailer for any Street Fighter event in the past five years if not for the logo at the end. All the footage was taken from past Street Fighter games.

  2. SkittleDiddler says:

    So, how many months after release are we going to see a new updated version that immediately renders the first one incompatible?

    Screw Crapcom, what a horrible company they are.

    • welverin says:

      Well judging by how things have gone with SF4, years. The last couple have been upgrades and not full priced stand alones. So, clearly, Capcom has learned. Not that some people have bothered to notice, much less stop complaining.

  3. JeCa says:

    I always thought post-rock would make good trailer music, it’s always nice to see someone prove me right.

  4. Hunchback says:

    They actually used Explosions in the Sky for a trailer of a fighting game?

    That’s… odd. But still, can’t not appreciate it.

  5. Prolar Bear says:

    Looking forward to Tekken 7 being announced for PC with a Godspeed You Black Emperor trailer.

  6. pepperfez says:

    If you want to watch Street Fighter, there are tons of high-level tournament streams (although I’m only familiar with the US ones, I know there are UK fighting game broadcasters). It’s great watching even with no first-hand experience with the current version.

  7. Telkir says:

    “Content rejected. This video has been removed due to a breach of the Terms of Use.”


  8. peterako1989 says:

    street fighter 4.5 more like :/