Ghosts, Jelly, And Wilderness: Devs With Ferguson Bundle


I can hear the Bargain Bucket just over the horizon, rolling this way filled with howling plushies, but I wanted to point out one sale specifically. It ends tonight, you see, contains a fine spread of interesting games not usually seen in bundles, and helps a good cause. The Devs With Ferguson Bundle includes games like remarkable exploration platformer FJORDS, survive ’em up Eidolon, bouncy bouncy The Floor is Jelly, spooky wanderer Marginalia, two-player space/breakup shooter SPACE/OFF, and more. Proceeds will go to the Ferguson Public Library in Ferguson, Missouri.

The full bundle lineup is A Very Very VERY Scary House, Eidolon, SPACE/OFF, Boson X, Game Test Life, FJORDS, Marginalia, The Floor is Jelly, and Intimate, Infinite. It covers a wide spread of genres, from Choose Your Own Adventure book to survival sim. We’ve written about many of them.

John enjoyed trying the survive the pretty wilderness of Eidolon a lot. I liked Intimate, Infinite, an odd little thing inspired by the writing of Jorges Luis Borges, and despite a few reservations had a spooky time in Marginalia. Nathan didn’t understand why we weren’t all bouncing around in The Floor Is Jelly. Alec recommended plumbing the mysteries of Fjords. I’ve heard good things about a few of the others too.

Many are types of games I know readers are sometimes hesitant to buy, knowing they’re short or weird or experimental, so having several in one bundle is quite special.

The Devs With Ferguson Bundle has a minimum price of $9. Do note the warning that the organisers will pull the bundle at midnight Eastern time tonight (that’s 5am on Sunday morning for us) so be sure to download the games before then.


  1. Melody says:

    Thank you for posting about this, Alice!

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    The Floor is Jelly is an odd one – it’s great but some of the mechanics I really couldn’t get the hang of. I hit a brick wall when trying to get through….brick walls. These would become passable when you did……something?

    It’s well worth a play though.

    • SuddenSight says:

      I’m definitely a fan of floor is jelly.

      I assume you are referring to the dotted-line regions. Those walls become solid when you are in the air and become permeable when you are touching the floor or a wall. If you touch one from the side or from above it switches which walls are “permanent” and which are “temporary.”

      Also, Alice was nice enough to provide links to RPS’s opinion of many of the games, but no words have been written about Boson-X! What an outrage! Here is the opinion of contributor to RPS and writer of Electron Dance Joel Goodwin instead.


    All of these games that I’ve heard of are pretty good, or at least come from devs with excellent pedigrees. I should know because I used to be a dev breeder.

    Notice that Eidolon is Steam exclusive and gives you a key; the rest are all DRM-free exes.

  4. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    I’d definitely recommend Boson X. It’s similar to Super Hexagon in a lot of ways (clean, mean, and rage inducing), but it definitely feels like its own entity.

  5. Crimsoneer says:

    Disagree with the wording of “protesters resisting antiblack state violence”, but it’s a damn good bundle.