Be Someone’s Entree: Human Flesh Added To DayZ Stable

Which is good, because the last thing anyone wants is an unstable cannibal.

My complete personal experience of DayZ can be summed up with “ran around in the dark, got attacked by some zombies, panicked and ran away, managed to lose them before bleeding to death in a churchyard”. I never did well enough to become intimate with the game’s gory innards, and as such its patch and changelog notes are largely a mystery to me. Fortunately they’re still almost as entertaining as, er, bleeding out whilst cowering behind a gravestone.

Look at this stuff: “combining and splitting worms”. I can only begin to imagine what that has anything to do with. From “Watering plants” I get the impression that either farming is possible in the game, or its tone has shifted substantially and it’s now commonplace for players to build themselves cosy little homes decked out with houseplants. Then there’s my personal favourite, “abuse of vomiting to gain energy”. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the morning after the night before “gaining energy” is the last thing I am doing.

Confoundment and amusement aside, one new item and one new mechanic have been added that, I suspect, are going to prove wildly popular among DayZ’s wildly intimidating playerbase. Human flesh is now present as an item (I’m 30% items!) and “Prion Disease” can now be contracted.

Wot is Prion disease, you might ask? It’s a particularly delightful group of diseases involving proteins which fell on the wrong side of the tracks, and is largely brought about either by cannibalism (as with BSE) or contact with prions (as with CJD).

Prion diseases are currently incurable and really rather unpleasant. Assuming they’re equally nasty in the game, I suppose no one can accuse Bohemia Interactive of seeking to encourage the consumption of human beings.

Still, if you have a taste for guilt-free long pig, this is the perfect time to log back into DayZ. You should know that you scare me.


  1. Josh W says:

    Do they really need zombies now?

    • DrGonzo says:

      It may be just me, but I prefer the world minus zombies, will be a bit sad when they finally arrive.

  2. JimmyG says:

    I will finally buy it when they get around to adding the ability to have a pet dog, stockpile apple juice, watch Shrek, and research a game-ending cure as Will Smith.

  3. melnificent says:

    I don’t need to eat human flesh, I found a stash of Soylent Green it’s the miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world. Nothing wrong with Plankton.

  4. SlimShanks says:

    I like DayZ because it lured most of the idiots away from the Arma public servers, while simultaneously hugely increasing the overall player base. Sure was annoying when Arma 2 got flooded with DayZ servers though… praise to Allah for the standalone.

    • P.Funk says:

      Really, because my experience was that DayZ taught the internet troll population that Arma is a multiplayer game with really weak netcode that is easily exploited and thus the endless parade of hackers came that were far fewer in number before DayZ.

      To this day there are things you can’t do in Arma 3 that could be done in Arma 2 because they closed off some code options for the sake of security.

      • SlimShanks says:

        I will give you that, but overall I love that Arma 3 has 5 times more players than Arma 2. It means that I can jump into a public server anytime and play, whereas in Arma 2 one had to find an organized group, because the public servers were either empty or unmoderated.
        Hackers are crashing servers now and then, but it was pretty optimistic of Bohemia not to write any sort of security into the game, especially considering that they were intentionally marketing Arma 3 to a more mainstream audience. I hope the issue can be remedied soon…

        • P.Funk says:

          You clearly never found my clan’s public insurgency server. There were times we had the numbers swell to 50 or 60 with most of them coming onto our TS to be haphazardly organized into squads and thrown off into some vaguely tactical mess of fun.

          There was this one time when the hacker actually added fun for us. He dropped a nuke on the server and we just kept playing, admiring the fact that we now had this hazy greyness making for a lovely Sum of all Fears atmosphere as well as providing assurances that our server was indeed beefy enough to handle 50+ players and a nuke detonation.

  5. Contrafibularity says:

    Can anyone playing the game currently tell me if it’s half-playable already? Do the zombies still glitch and teleport and stuff? Has the severe and unplayable server-side lag subsided somewhat? Does the inventory system actually make some sense now? Please tell me some of these things and more, I have an itch to play this game for a night or two but last time was met with an enormous disappointment at how unstable it was (basically unplayable and nothing like the relative stability of the mod when I played it).

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      It’s still a buggy mess, and very little of technical substance has been added to or modified in the game. Zombies still teleport and walk through walls (although they seem to be almost nonexistent in the game world since the latest update) — until they fix that little fun-puncher, the game just isn’t worth playing.

  6. jonahcutter says:

    Kuru. The laughing sickness. I think it’s a prion disease and related to cannibalism.

    Also, there’s a pretty good novel by Charlie Huston called “Sleepless”, about a prion disease that infects a portion of humans and keeps them from sleeping. It gives an interesting take on a near-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Things teetering right on the brink, sort of. Systems starting to break down under the stress of the disease. There’s a big gaming element to the plot as well.

    • Bassem says:

      Always looking for interesting stuff to read, I’ll check out Sleepless.

  7. Helice says:

    Have you got problems surviving more 10 minutes? You feel like never played DayZ deeper way? I would like recommend you any private full server.

    In this servers seems there are enough loot to have food and melee weapon easily. (people dont jump here just to loot). By this, you have the minimum to explore and get nice situations. You can be KOS off course by others survivors, but not 9 of every 10 encounters. In fact is easy have 3 goods contacts in just 1 hour, trade, etc

    I think you will go bit far than just run from zombies and die bleeding.

    • Shaun Green says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Helice! I would like to give DayZ a proper go one day, and if I do I may try as you suggest.