I’m After Before: First Video Of Prehistoric Strategy Game

I’ve been following Before since creator Bill Lowe first started sharing screenshots of the caveman god game on Twitter. I responded by favouriting some of the tweets with screenshots in them; Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios responded by hiring Lowe and a team of others to make the game happen. The first trailer showing their work is below.

The singing starts as the camera pans over some sort of deer or moose, and so I imagine it’s him singing for the rest of the trailer.

This video is a direct feed from its broadcast at The Game Awards, since it hasn’t yet been uploaded to Before’s own YouTube channel. This raises many questions, chief of which is what kind of person whoops and hollers at the end of a trailer showing three minutes of somber landscapes? Perhaps it was, “WOOOOOOOOOh-at lovely art direction, it depicts the integrity of the natural world.”

While the trailer suggests it’s early days, the team have been blogging about the project for a little while. On the subject of what you do in it:

The game controls much like a real-time strategy or “god” game, though I think of the player as more collective conciousness than deity. You command members of your fledgling tribe to perform various actions and pursue goals; moving around the landscape, hunting animals and gathering resources.

The core of the experience is survival; guiding your tribe through their life in an often dangerous world. Ensuring that they find food, keep an eye out for dangerous predators and find a safe place to sleep each night.

That post goes on to describe it as a sandbox, where you can build boats to cross oceans, explore underground caves, meet other tribes, and hopefully end up with a tribe that feels “unique; the culture they developer and the mark they leave on their surroundings serving a visual history of the time spent playing.”

Which sounds intriguing. It obviously is early days, but Before is worth following.


  1. padger says:

    Astonishing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  2. nailertn says:

    This piece of nothing looked particularly charming.

  3. peterako1989 says:

    dat thumbnail


  4. moocow says:

    When analysing what kind of person WOOOOOOOHHs at this trailer, it is important to note that the same (presumably) people also whooped at the Far Cry 4 Season Pass and Sunset Overdrive actual TV adverts during breaks in the award show.

  5. EkoAzarak says:

    !!!! i want.

    to the dullards who keep crying “there are no new settings or innovation in games! whaaaa” ,,|,, stfu

    PC gaming <3
    and <3 RPS for covering the best and most interesting games.

  6. Cinek says:

    Hope the game is as good as the trailer, and we won’t have a godus-wanna-be.

    • Fiatil says:

      You would think Godus being super un-fun and lame to everyone would be enough to ward against Godus posers. Hopefully this can fill the void of what-godus-should-have-been.

  7. BockoPower says:

    Somewhere out there Gary was drinking his whiskey with Bill Lowe and said to him: “Bill, come with me to make as much as possible Early Access games and never officially release them. We will be filthy rich with little to no effort! I promise you! That’s the fucking epic gold mine currently!”


    • Craig Pearson says:

      None of that happened. Quit being wrong on the internet.

    • Bardoctorus says:

      As many as possible… Do you mean 1? As far as I know there has been no announcement as to whether this is early release situation or not. I imagine that’s going to be down to the game’s creator (i.e not Gary).

      Also, hiring new people to make an entirely new game means no less people working on Rust, which is what I assume you are referring to.

  8. TineV says:

    I really like the atmosphere of the game.

  9. Hex says:

    They got hipster in my cavemans.

    • Bardoctorus says:

      I think hipsters may be a little too busy opening Cereal bars and buying scarfs to… you know… spend hours indoors painstakingly creating a game world.

  10. Kempston Wiggler says:

    Well, it’s a ruddy good-looking whatever-it-is, and that moose can really sing, but a series of pretty vignettes do not a game make. More info needed.

    • Bardoctorus says:

      Yes, and more info will surely come, some time after the initial *announcement* trailer. I bet you hated the trailer for the most recent Godzilla film…

  11. MrFinnishDude says:

    I still wish the game will employ some real historical hunting tactics. Like digging a hole, filling it with spikes, chasing a mammoth in the pit with torches, and then finish it off with rocks while the beast is trapped in the spikes.

    It would also be cool if endurance running will also be a valid strategy. (running after the animal until it dies of exhaustion) The simple thing why we humans can run so far is that out of all animals only we sweat. Its one of our special powers.

    • Random Integer says:

      What are you talking about lots of animals sweat, theres nothing special about it.

  12. vivlo says:

    a very long time ago, back when people didn’t have any mouth yet

  13. Valkyr says:

    Oh God the title made me hope for a RTS à la Age of Empires. The first one. With epic prehistorical battles with clubs, little huts with fires and people wearing animal skins. I never had that fantastic atmosphere of “mankind’s beginnings” again.