Decoy Dog: Metal Gear Solid V Multiplayer Announced

Hey buddy!

I could not tell you exactly how this toy dog plushie works, how exactly people are distracted by it and end up gazing adoringly into its plastic eyes, but I am keen to find out. Konami have announced that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will have a multiplayer side, bringing back Metal Gear Online. That there dog is one of the class-based sneak-o-shoot’s gadgets, which also include the likes of minimechs, cloaking systems, and sentry turrets firing Fulton balloons. I want to play the wacky teamplay mode this first trailer shows.

The semi-gameplay trailer is a little silly in that it’s clearly carefully staged, with folks seemingly ignore players right next to them, but it’s an exciting performance. How exactly all these gadgets and stealth systems and guns will work in practice, how quickly it descends into shooty-shoots, I don’t know, but I like the look of this dream:

Konami are quiet about exactly what’s in this MGO for now, but its last iteration in MGS4 had a spread of modes including deathmatch, capture the flag, capture and hold, and CS-ish bombing. Some were stealthier than others.

Metal Gear Online will arrive as part of MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Konami haven’t announced a release date but its PC release will surely lag behind anyway, given that its standalone prologue chapter is coming nine months after the console release. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is almost here, though, due on December 18th. You can pore over system requirements and control systems for now if you want.

In very unSolid Metal Gear news, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance last week scooped a trophy for Bestest Best Word in our Bestest Best Games of 2014 awards. It’s pretty great, that.


  1. jasta85 says:

    Sad the the PC release will get pushed back but that just means we get a polished version, probably along with any DLC they have when it finally does come out for us. Will be good times when this and GTA V come out.

    Until then I’ve still got to work my way through the dozens of other games that I haven’t gotten around to playing yet on my steam account.

    • rockman29 says:

      There’s nothing confirmed for the release date yet on any platform, it’s only listed for 2015 so far.

  2. Jamesworkshop says:

    link to

    it’s not such an absurd idea

  3. Ross Angus says:

    Much as I respect your writing, I think Cassandra should have covered this. It is a field she has spent her entire life studying.

  4. TineV says:

    Lol… puppies sell absolutely everything ^^

  5. Synesthesia says:

    Too bad gamer habits will make this another run and gun, probably.

    Maybe somebody here can help me on this, there was a game that let you plan ahead your tactics,via a sort of whiteboard interface, for a breach. Then the game took place very quickly. There was a lot of white, i think it was in alpha.

  6. LionsPhil says:


  7. Hex says:

    An MGS-world MMO pretty much writes itself.

    Let players design their own MGS-style agent with ridiculous appearance and abilities, pick a parent nation to work for, allow them to choose offensive infiltration missions to sabotage/assassinate/infiltrate/whatever enemy-nation installations. As players rank up, give them the option to manage defenses against infiltrations of their own nation’s bases, and be the boss battle.

    Voila. You’re welcome, Konami.

  8. SlimShanks says:

    What did I just experience? It’s so confusing, but… it feels so right.
    I like that they pointedly show you one time where people charge at other people who are in cover, and they get mowed down. Gives you some hope that those gadgets will really be integral.

  9. welverin says:

    “I could not tell you exactly how this toy dog plushie works, how exactly people are distracted by it and end up gazing adoringly into its plastic eyes, but I am keen to find out.”

    I’ll explain it for you: Metal Gear.