Cross-Platform Punching In Street Fighter V

Hadoooooh! Ken! Ken, come look at how fancy this is.

When the announcement of Street Fighter V leaked on Friday, Capcom scrambled around trying to scour the Internet of all the grainy copies of a video which didn’t say much beyond: Street Fighter V exists, and is coming to PC and PS4. They’ve gotten around to announcing SF5 now though, a process which involves a new gameplay trailer and word that- ooh! It’ll have cross-platformer multiplayer across PC and PS4. That’s unexpected, that.

I don’t know much more about the game than that, though. That’s partially because Capcom are being secretive, and partially because I don’t know SF nearly well enough to spot things in the trailer. What I get out of it is mostly “Crumbs, that’s a gorgeous level!” You might find the musings of fightfans Shoryuken more enlightening. They’re speculating about things like stage transitions, guard breaks, powering up, juggles, air combos and something called a “Denjin Hadoken“.

Here’s the new gameplay trailer so you can have a gander yourself:

Capcom’s blog also has a handful few screenshots. The company aren’t yet saying when they plan to release Street Fighter V, but they’ll give the game its first public demonstration at the Capcom Cup grand finals next Saturday, which will be livestreamed.

And here’s that announcement trailer about passion and all that jazz again:


  1. XhomeB says:

    Well… that’s actually awesome.
    Microsoft should have made that idea a reality a long time ago, but we all know how great GFWL turned out…

    • mattevansc3 says:

      It may be awesome for a fighter game but otherwise Microsoft did have justification in not allowing cross platform play.

      I’ll try to find the article later but years ago Uber detailed to Penny Arcade the difficulties in porting Monday Night Combat from PC to Xbox and issues of cross platform play. Due to the difference in inputs (KB+M vs controller) Uber had to put more compensatory mechanics into the Xbox build such as aim assist because the analogue stick was slower and less accurate than a mouse.

      The fear is that in the majority of games there will be a significant imbalance because without any compensatory mechanics console gamers are at a disadvantage. If you put the compensatory mechanics in then you maker it easier for console gamers at the entry level than for PC gamers at the entry level.

      Now with a game like SFV everyone is going to be using a controller or arcade stick so you remove that aspect but the game is all about timing, be it for counters or cancellations. At a competitive level there’s nothing from stopping a PC player from dialing down the graphics settings to try and get even half a second’s advantage.

      Cross play is good in theory but a nightmare in action.

      • Chairman_Meow says:

        You do understand that the PS4 allows you to plug a Mouse and Keyboard right on in to the old USB port, right? I play War Thunder on my PS4 and it’s cross platform to PC as well. I don’t see the problem, if you want to use whatever interface you desire, go right ahead. And the PS4 is essentially a PC in its guts, the hardware compares to what a lot of PCs are doing these days (yes, I know some people have rigs that might as well be on steroids compared to the PS4, but those blow most PCs out of the water as well.)
        Cross Platform: There’s no good reason why not.

        • welverin says:

          The PS3 did as well, even had native support for them. Problem is the developer still needs to add support for them as input in the game, and NO ONE does that. The number of people who would actually use them undoubtedly wouldn’t justify the cost.

          Portal 2 for the PS3 had cross-platform play, and Valve had been working on it for CS:GO, but they dropped it for what may be a more significant reason: updates. Patches. Both versions of the game would have to be the same build and the long turn around on patches for console games, would have restricted the rate at which the PC patches would have come out, something Valve did not want to do, so they scrapped the idea.

          p.s. Don’t tell hardcore console FPS players that a gamepad is inferior to mouse unless you want to get into an argument.

  2. Naug says:

    It’s always been my one gripe of playing fighter games online on consoles. Not enough player liquidity. Always thought it was really stupid that you couldn’t play each other cross-console as that would solve the problem. I guess it was Microsoft’s doing all along. If this makes Sony and Microsoft more willing to enable cross platform play, than this is really good.

  3. Monggerel says:

    Fuck trailers,

    • sansenoy says:

      fuck them commas as well,

    • Shakes999 says:

      Just a fantastic comment filled with facts, interesting anecdotes, hard hitting data and first rate punctuation.

      I think you took a wrong turn when you were looking for the Neogaf site good sir, its about a 2 miles back west, take the tollway through Kotaku and its the third exit down.

  4. shaydeeadi says:

    I was wondering why they chose to ditch Xbox for this version and cross-platform explains it. It’s a smart move by Capcom as I don’t think it’ll harm sales too much and the benefits for the community long-term are huge.

    • dr4gz0r says:

      I’m not sure we should chalk this up entirely to Microsoft not wanting to do cross-platform: it is well known that Capcom is in a tough spot financially, and word on the street is that without Sony funding it, SF5 doesn’t happen. If Sony’s behind the game, it is only natural that it won’t ship to its competitor, akin to what happened with Killer Instinct (Rare is owned by Microsoft, which publishes the game too).

      As to why Sony and not Microsoft, both Sony and Capcom are japanese companies, and Street Fighter has a huge arcade following in the land of the rising sun. This has easily played a big part in their decision considering how much the Japanese tend to favor their home products.

      As far as cross-platform goes, it allows Capcom not to alienate part of their player base, as those who don’t own a PS4 have the option to play on PC (and use Xbox One peripherals too), while at the same time bringing the whole SF community (currently split between 360, PS3 and Steam) together, something people are really ecstatic about.

      With all of this in mind, and considering how heavily PS4 is outselling Xbox One, the PS4 exclusivity + cross-platform play choice really seems to make sense in Capcom’s position.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Capcom may have dwindling income but they still make a profit (they did in the last financial year.) Microsoft have famously denied the chance for cross platform play before, it’s why CCP didn’t put Dust514 on 360 and it would of made sense for lots of smaller multiplayer titles that faded due to low numbers.

        Looking forward to getting destroyed online, maybe I should refurb my stick….

  5. Kitsunin says:

    This is great. As someone who lives in a part of the world where it can be difficult to find good matches in online games, anything to alleviate that problem gets a “fuck yeah” out of me.

  6. Themadcow says:

    I’ve always wanted a version of Street Fighter where Chun-Li has enormous forearms and hands. This looks like delivering big style.

    • Coops07 says:

      Don’t forget enormous…….

      …ears, ‘everyone’ loves big ears.

  7. Psychomorph says:

    So much light and shit, can’t even see what is going on.

    Hado “nuke-explodes/stares-in-sun” ken. I think I hit, or so.

  8. Arglebargle says:

    Man, I used to love these things. Then I played Bushido Blade, and the joy of hitting a stoopidly complex list of button/moves fell through the floor. Nice to see them continuing on for others though.

    • Psychomorph says:

      Indeed. Innovative stuff that really pushes things further and ahead barely get any notice and disappear as fast as they came, but generic crap gets rehashed all the time and folks just clap their hands. I hate people.

  9. Kitsunin says:

    Now if they just took out arbitrary twentieth-of-a-second timing windows for combos, I would be excited…

    • saucex4 says:

      Actually combos in SF4 that contain “Links” are about 1-2 frames in between each hit. 1 Frame = 1/60 sec. So if you tried to do a combo in a 1/20 of a second, you’d be too slow most of the time :p