Brothers Creator Now Riding The Rails At Hazelight

Please be a train-riding simulator.

Single-player co-op tearjerker Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was an unexpectedly touching game from Starbreeze, the Swedish lot best known for fine games about shooting men in the face. Might it be the first of many sappy games from Starbreeze? Well, probably not.

Brothers creator Josef Fares has formed a new studio, Hazelight, with several members of the Brothers team. Their first game is a bit of a mystery for now, but a teaser trailer shows two chaps riding in a rail car and if this is a train hopping game simply about watching scenery going by I will scream with delight until I spit blood with delight. It probably won’t be, but I can dream.

Josef Fares, who was a filmmaker before getting into games with Brothers, has corralled the game’s art director, technical animator, one of its gameplay programmers, and its lead level designer to join him, along with others, at Hazelight Studios. Electronic Arts are publishing Hazelight’s mysterious first game.

“I would love to show something from the new game, but we are so early in production,” Fares said in the announcement trailer. “However, we have put together a very short teaser to give you some kind of idea of what we’re working on.” Skip to 1:20 in the video for that:

A game about riding the rails, watching the world go by, would please me so very much. Rocky mountains, wild forests, bright nights… aah! I will enjoy this dream until it becomes clear Hazelight are working on something quite different.


  1. GameCat says:

    I want it to have different endings, so we could say that this game on rails is more non-linear than CoD.

  2. Shazbut says:

    The Last Express 2!


  3. Hex says:

    Meh. The last EA-published game I picked up (WARP) requires Origin so….


    • Melody says:

      Then again, the Secret World was published by EA (developed by Funcom) and it didn’t/doesn’t require Origin.
      I think it depends on the specific contract, and how much freedom the devs have.

      There’s still hope.
      (Although I have no idea why you’d pair up with EA, it really doesn’t make me want to buy your game)

  4. jonahcutter says:

    “A game about riding the rails, watching the world go by… Rocky mountains, wild forests, bright nights…”

    …getting viciously clubbed into unconciousness by the bulls.

  5. sicanshu says:

    A couple hundred hobos used to do a kind of yearly ‘gathering’ on the outskirts of town where I lived (mostly they’d just hang out, drink rotgut, and eat things cooked over garbage fires, plus maybe sell drugs or some handmade whatevers to the locals), but I think the cops eventually squashed it, or forced it further underground. Which is too bad. They’re interesting folks. Like homeless people in the same way that circus folk are like carnies (which is to say, not very much, and they get really pissed off if you imply otherwise).

    Also, did you know hobos have their own ‘mafia’ (at least in the States)? Check it out:

    link to

    • JJFlash says:

      Thanks for the interesting link!
      That would be a great subject for a game, freighthopper mafia.

  6. Freud says:

    A RPG set on a train where you kill hobos and take their loot.

  7. Simon_Scott says:

    I got a distinct Kentucky Route Zero vibe from the teaser. No bad thing.

    Glad when what I thought was a grenade on the bottom of the box car resolved itself to be a pair of ear defenders.