Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Gets Competitive Mode


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was a Kickstarter platform game that John liked but didn’t love: the former because of the satisfaction of learning each Sister’s special skills, the latter because of issues like repetitiveness. If you’re of the same mindset and was gunning for an opportunity to do more with the game, developers Black Forest has just the thing for you: a competitive multiplayer mode.

The latest update in a long list, the new patch will now allow up to 4 players to go head-to-head in local PvP. The objective? To race towards the finished line, while shoving other Skittle-colored people off-screen. It looks like you’ll have access to the usual bevy of abilities, stuff seen in other “competitive arena racing” modes: boosters, power-ups, running, dashing, head-bonking, cannonballs, bullets. I can’t decide whether this is a racing game or a competitive speedrunning game, or what the difference between those things is.

I haven’t played the original game, and so I feel strangely suspicious of the characters. So vivid, so colorful. Am I the only person who thinks that they all look like fast-moving gummy people, just an atom’s breadth away from being om-nom-nomed by a smiling face at the end of the level?


  1. LTK says:

    I appreciate your dedication to better tags, Cassandra, but sadly I think I’m alone. Skittles and competitive are both completely orphan tags, while arena only has Daedalus – No Escape to keep it company. We need more writers to use tags! I want to be able to dive into the archives solely by following a chain of strange and/or humourous tags.

    • Baines says:

      Sounds like RPS needs “Have You Played… Darkened Skye?”

  2. AcheronEHJ says:

    Basically an entire game released for free as an add-on to an existing product. That’s kind of … strange.

    Take advantage of this and go play it now!

  3. thereal26inch says:

    Seriously, the devs keep updating the game for 2 years without any season pass or suchlike.

    And that’s a whole new game right there, a mini-Micro Machines meets SpeedRunners.

    Heck, there is also Cosmonaut Comrade guest appearance in it (-;


  4. yatagarasu says:

    wow, this game looks promising. After great but short Rise of the Owlverlord addon believe this will be more fun. Roommates prepare your asses to be kicked off!!!

  5. rustybroomhandle says:

    Still find it amazing that this is a franchise that evolved from being a Super Mario Bros. clone/rip to being a legitimately awesome thing of its own.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Even the original clone/rip did some interesting stuff of its own, although a lot of it was clearly directly Mario derived. Different levels of weaponry, for example, instead of just the Mario fireball, Giana Sisters had multiple stages of power up, including some that made you immune to certain of the obstacles in the game, or would freeze time momentarily, or eventually, a homing shot which would pierce through the landscape.

  6. tokyo-shuffle says:

    Sick. Free, and its available on GOG. insta-grab.