InkQuest: Explore Lionhead’s Abandoned Adventure

Probably not a good idea to bring a match into a papercraft universe, Sophie

Today I am sad. Sad that InkQuest never got taken into full production from its embryonic state in the Lionhead Incubation idea-o-pod. This sadness has been prompted by playing the prototype of the game [scroll to the bottom of the page] which Lionhead has now released.

We wrote about InkQuest a while back when the company announced the details of the cancelled project. They described it as “part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game”. Having played the game, it’s a point and click adventure set in a papercraft world.

Flush the clock for nighttime. Obviously

You play as Sophie, a girl who’s trying to climb a tower guarded by a little dog. You wander about with WASD, spending your time collecting words. These words can then be inserted in descriptive sentences to change the world around you or used as the objects they name.

The prototype is teeny tiny, but a very enjoyable way to spend a few minutes.

Oh! And if you like the look of InkQuest you might also like the work of Justin Rowe. He’s an artist who specialises in book sculptures, some of which are currently on display at the Cambridge University Press bookshop. Here’s one of his pieces:

Seven Swans A-Swimming


  1. davethejuggler says:

    I love book sculpture. Also check out Sue Blackmore and Guy Laramee. Laramee’s landscapes are astonishing.