Freeware Garden: offɭine

Do you know that sensation you get when travelling by train at night, looking out of the window, thinking and imagining things? Scaring yourself or deciding to let the hypnotic sights relax you? Well, offɭine is a game about this exact sensation. Really. I asked dev Pol Clarissou and he said so.

He also mentioned his main inspirations for this game were musical and included tunes by Jon Hopkins and Four Tet, but I firmly believe that the spooky subway tunnels of our world must have also done their bit. Or maybe even books like Metro 2033.

The sights you’ll see while guiding offɭine‘s train through its endless tunnels will be odd, spooky, beautiful even and they will change with each button you push, lever you turn or speed you choose to travel at. Actually, everything you see on the train’s console does something and that something might just tamper with your surreal journey. Or cut it short.

So, please, just don’t keep the thing running at top speed for too long and enjoy a deeply oneiric experience.


  1. Zallgrin says:

    It’s pretty amazing, though I still can’t determine what changed those glowing silhouettes for glowing hands for me. There must be more variations of those, doesn’t it?

    • Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

      Yes, yes, there are. Try clicking on things and trying different speeds.

  2. Alice O'Connor says:

    This is really nice! I enjoyed a lovely few minutes of fiddling with everything and watching spooky stuff.

  3. Monggerel says:

    They rode on.

  4. BenA says:

    *sigh* Still no Unity Web Player for linux.

  5. cannonballsimp says:

    huh, interface simulator
    seriously though, that was great!


    A walking simulator… on a train? This is madness, madness!

  7. Harrington says:

    Gosh that was neat. I was sold at the mention of Four Tet and Jon Hopkins, though the game itself reminded me more of their moodier contemporaries like Burial. Wonderfully put together regardless; it reminded me of similarly atmospheric low-poly games like Glitchhiker and whatever that one was about the monoliths taking over a community.