We Are Saleing: Humble Store ‘Winter’ Sale Now On


Look, Humble. I’m concerned. You’re a decent, polite store and I dig what you do, yet I notice you’re following that ruffian GOG into seasonal anarchy. I know, I know, they seemed so pleasant but look where you both are now: ignoring the supreme power of the Sun and launching ‘Winter Sales’ even though the winter solstice isn’t for another ten days. Did you even think about how that makes the Sun feel? I don’t care how great your discounts are – and wow okay some are great – this is just plain rude.

Over 500 games are on sale until Monday, December 22nd in the Humble Store – so hey, at least it’ll overlap with Actual Winter a little. Winter will arrive, be so happy to discover a party celebrating it is underway, then be heartbroken as it realises you’ve been boozing for almost two weeks without it. Imagine winter’s face falling as it discovers you rolling around in a vomity light-up Rudolf jumper. Shame on you.

As well as regular ongoing discounts, the Humble Winter Sale has loads of flash sales splashed across its front page. Right now, those include Kentucky Route Zero for £7.99, Deadly Premonition for £1.30-ish, Nu-Shadow Warrior for £2.99, Europa Universalis IV for £8.74, The Novelist for £1.49, Nu-Thief for £4.99, Mount & Blade: Warband for £3.74, Prison Architect for £6.66, Dustforce for £0.69, both Alan Wakes for £3.09, Roundabout for £4.99, Natural Selection 2 for £2.49, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for £23.99. That’s only a few of ’em too.

Most of those end tomorrow but a few end this evening, so have a look sooner rather than later.


  1. BooleanBob says:

    Deadly Premonition is going for about £1.30. Which is pretty – dare I say it – B ┏(-_-)┓ E ┏(-_-)┛ A ┗(-_- )┓ N ┗(-_-)┛ S ┏(-_-)┓ A ┏(-_-)┛ U ┗(-_- )┓ C ┗(-_-)┛ E

  2. Rich says:

    Do we look like planets? OK, so maybe some of us could lose a bit of weight, but celestial bodies we are not. With that in mind, you can stop your nonsense about astronomical seasons; it’s bloody well winter in every way that matters!

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      Not over here, it isn’t. No snow to be seen and it keeps raining. It feels like autumn despite being december. (But this time of the year should be winter this far north, so I do agree with you about the solstice not marking the start of it.)

  3. Henke says:

    Brrr, I get shivers just looking at that headerimage.

  4. DrollRemark says:

    Since when does the winter solstice mark the start of winter? You crazy Alice. Crazy.

    • plugmonkey says:

      My sentimonies exactly. We can’t define the beginning of winter as being the date customarily known as ‘midwinter’.

      Do we have to hold off having summer until midsummer also?

      Stop this madness.

    • malkav11 says:

      I personally view winter as having arrived the moment that we first get snow or the temperature drops below freezing. Which happened over a month ago.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Look, I’ve yet to launch my own personal RPS Campaign, so I thought I’d try this winter nonsense out and see how it feels. It’s okay but not quite what I’m looking for.

    • airmikee says:

      link to weatherdudes.com

      I’m 4200 feet above sea level, 800 miles from a coast, and it’s been hovering around 50 degrees F for the past week, with no real change in the next week. Winter hasn’t even come close to starting yet.

    • PeopleLikeFrank says:

      Sure is a lot of not-winter around here.

    • Kempston Wiggler says:

      40 years of living on Earth and this is actually the very first time I’ve ever heard of “Astronomical Winter”. Someone with mischief in their heart has made this shit up to mess with people. Winter starts December 1st, snow on the ground or not, because it’s dark, cold and the weather is usually crappy! You can’t con us, O’Connor!

    • ProApocalyptic says:

      RPS’s extremist late-start-winter agenda seriously runs the risk of alienating the silent majority of the game-playing population. You had best watch yourself.

      Winter starts on December 1st. We are the 99%.

    • welverin says:

      Does no one think of the Southern hemisphere? They’re on the cusp of summer. Why is no one arguing about whether it’s still spring and not summer yet?

  5. Chris Cunningham says:

    So Shadowrun Returns is two quid, but the “full-length campaign” Dragonfall is a separate purchase and says it’s got all sorts of core interface and combat changes. Is this a Cyanide-style do-over (Blood Bowl getting three separate standalone releases) or something that can be added onto the core game later? I hate to whine over paying less than the price of a pint for a game, but I’d rather not waste money on buying something I’ll never play because the “expansion” runs fine by itself.

    • airmikee says:

      Shadowrun Returns was worth spending $20 for me, and I dropped another $15 on Dragonfall. Totally worth it, in my opinion, but only if you’re going to be able to access the Steam Workshop. There are dozens of user created missions that can extend the life of the game well past a measly two quid. Dragonfall used to be an expansion for the core game, but DF changed so much of the base mechanics that it greatly improved the game so they redid DF as a standalone game. The original campaign, Deadman Switch, isn’t as good as DF, but it’s still pretty damn fun. I’d recommend picking up both at those low, low prices.

    • soco says:

      If you are going to only pick up one I would highly suggest Dragonfall Director’s Cut. It is better in every way over the original campaign of Dead Man’s Switch from Shadowrun Returns. This is not to say the campaign from Shadowrun Returns isn’t good, and definitely worth it at that price, but the quality of Dragonfall Director’s Cut more than outweighs the slight price difference.

      Or just get them both, that would be the best way to go.

    • Ace Rimmer says:

      Dragonfall used to be a DLC campaign for Shadowrun Returns, generally thought to be an improvement over the first campaign released with the core game in most respects (Dead Man’s Switch), but has since been released as a standalone (the Director’s Cut) with significant improvements to the mechanics and a number of additions to the campaign, most of which are pretty good. I’d try out the Dragonfall Director’s Cut first as the best the game currently has to offer, then if you want more, you can always pick up the old core game with Dead Man’s Switch for cheap later.

      Edit: Completely missed that this had been answered already. Shamefaced. SHAMEFACE

  6. drewski says:


    I think I’m *over sales*.


  7. Perkelnik says:

    A slightly unrelated post: Im thinking about getting Gabriel Knight (trilogy) on GoG. How did the games age? I like to play quality adventure from time to time, but Im kinda worried about the game mechanics. Old graphics I dont mind at all.
    Thanks for oppinions

    • plugmonkey says:

      We tried playing the first one a few years ago and found it tough going. Take lots of notes. I had a demo of the third one back in the day and it was awesome though. I should probably just skip to that.

  8. mwoody says:

    I was interested in that “Final Fantasy XIII-2” one based on the logo on the front page, but then I realized that the saucy placement of the price button made it somewhat misleading…

  9. DantronLesotho says:

    I think it’s hilarious that both GOG and the Humble store use the Steam colors of black/green to indicate sales. Is this like how Blizzard standardized the colors of item rarities?

    • Chris Cunningham says:

      The real question is, will there be an unholy backlash when someone uses different colours, like when Walkers in their arrogance used green instead of blue for salt and vinegar crisps?