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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Weekend of Evil

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So many exciting things happened this week and I wish I could share some of it. Alas, I am instead shepherding 13 drunk people around today as the designated sober person, which may or may not entail me worrying about them falling off buildings. Wish me luck. In celebration of this annual event (and because this is my responsibility), have a bucket of bargains and a happy weekend. (Send me plushie photos, darnit all!)

The Big Stuff
Origin: In case you missed mention of this before, Origin has made Simcity 2000 Special Edition 100% eff-oh-cee. If this appeals, you should pick it up before the people in charge change their minds. It looks like there is a small armament of stuff on sale, including Titanfall and Mirror’s Edge. Make sure to browse.

Green Man Gaming: On the first day of Christmas, my true love game to me, a Goat Simulator to lick trees. Green Man is holding a “twelve days of festive deals” extravaganza, so be sure to check in on and off to see what is the latest bargain. Can you guess what today’s goodie is? Hint: It eats cans and is 50% off.

Humble Store: There are new deals every day. Great deals. Also, frustratingly ‘flashy’ deals, the kind that disappear in the time it takes for me to write an article and you to read it. Curse you, flash sales. You are the bane of my writerly, discount-discovering existence.

Night Dive Studios Sales: Who knew that the same people who published System Shock 2 were the ones who published the Freddi Fish games? And Inherit The Earth (which I loved). And 7th Guest – wait, that makes an extraordinary amount of sense. Scamper forward, ye bargain hunters of mine.

The usual stuff

The Paradoxical Bundle:
Indiegala seldom intrigues, but I’m actually keen on today’s bundle. A Game of Dwarves I recalled enjoying to some degree, although I also remember balking at its original price tag. Similarly, Sword of the Stars was a game that didn’t match up to its cost but was deeply enjoyable, regardless. The good news is, of course, that you can now partake in these lovelies without expending large amounts of money. As an added bonus, there’s a stack of other stuff to try out too.

The Killer Bundle
Despite its title, The Killer Bundle isn’t all blood and gore. There’s Alone in the Dark, of course, which has its share of goeey bits. But also cuter morsels like Pixel Piracy and Loren the Amazon Princess (which arguably DOES has a lot of turn-based violence). Though the quality of the games is hardly uniform, there’s more good than bad in here. Year Walk alone should be indication enough. Bundlestars seems to be growing more impressive by the week.

Red Faction Armageddon
A disclaimer before anything else: Yes, I am aware that this is going cheaper in the Humble Store – about a dollar or so cheaper, to be exact. No, I’m not officially adding it to the list because it looks to be a flash sale. For the sake of my sanity, I’ve decided to only properly write about games that won’t vanish like a puff of smoke. Okay? Okay. Great. Red Faction Armageddon looks like pulpy, stereotypical fun. It is populated by marines with stubbles, and grotesque aliens. It has giant exo-skeletons. What else do you need to know?

Lord of the Rings: War in the North
A less gruesome experience compared to Shadows of Mordor, War in the North is reportedly riddled with bugs. Nonetheless, the Internet seemed fond enough of it. If you’ve been looking for more Lord of the Rings to go with your Lord of the Rings, here’s some for rather cheap.

Also of note:

Video Game 1.0 Remix – $12/£7.64/€9.63
You don’t have to be an academic to enjoy Storybundle’s collection of books, The Video Game Bundle 1.0 Rewind. Curated by the fantastic Simon Carless, it includes all the volumes that made the first iteration of the bundle such a smash hit. Filled with classics like The Making of Karateka and Confessions of the Game Doctor, it’s a step into history, an examination of the transformative forces behind the video game industry. Marvel at the legacy. Whoah.

Bundle of Holding – $12.95/£8.24/€10.39
We haven’t featured a tabletop bundle in a while, so here’s one for the road. This Bundle of Holding is all about Green Ronin Publishing’s excellent Mutants and Masterminds 2E. If you’re keen on putting together a tabletop session that involves a ton of superheroes, this is most likely your pen-and-paper jam. (Just don’t eat the files for fibre.)

P.S: Humble Bundle is giving away a free first issue from their Dynamite package. This changes daily, so make sure to check in regularly to pick up your shiny.

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