World Of Warships Gameplay Video Released


Well, Wargaming are releasing another World of Warthing game soon! World of Warships is in beta. *Takes DEEP BREATH* But what about World of Warbicycles? World of Warballoons? World of Wargo-karts? World of Warjetskis? World of WarVespas? How about SEASONAL World of WarSleighs? Anyway click ‘more’ to see the first gameplay trailer, I promise I’ll shut up.

Will I though

World of Warsledges
World of Warsnowplows
World of Warspaceships (oh no I think maybe someone did that)
World of Warstagecoaches
World of Warsubways
World of Warstrollers (WARBABIES are dangerous weapons)
World of Warstretch limos (Drake included)
World of Warschool buses
World of Warfunicular railways
World of Warhearses (well, I mean, it saves time)
World of Warforklifts
World of Warrafts (could be confused with other things)

World of Warships is currently in closed beta, but you can check out news and sign-ups here. There’s also a delightful interview with the CEO of Wargaming Victor Kislyi written up by the lovely Graham here, which I really like because Graham goes out of his way to tell us that Victor has a cold, which endears me to both interviewer and interviewee.


  1. Rich says:

    World of Warface!

  2. Holysheep says:

    World of warbicycles could just be heroes and generals.

  3. Hexedian says:

    World of Warzambonis?

  4. JS says:

    “World of Warstretch limos (Drake included)”

    Do you really know the difference between a Dragon, a Wyvern, and a Drake? If not, watch this video: The video

  5. Jimbo says:

    What a shame.

  6. BadManiac says:

    World of WarTuk-Tuks

  7. BlacKHeaDSg1 says:

    Not a real gameplay …until i see some UI, countdown to the battle, 15v15 ships …. didn’t happened at al

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Yeah, TBH I thought that too. I guess it could be gameplay a la AirLand Battle, when you fly round the map, but they have cut it in such a way as it just looks like some CGI dwaamaaa for the sake of piquing interest. So far it hasn’t really worked. Is this that thing where its in first person mode and you are on the ship, or an RTS? I dunno. Their site is a bit impenetrable too.

      • Behrditz says:

        The UI and general control scheme is exactly like world of tanks. Those are actual in-game graphics, its just a replay that is cut cinematically. If you really wanted to see what you will personally see when playing, im pretty sure there are still leaked alpha videos out there. They are just on video sites that arent youtube.

  8. Grey Ganado says:

    World of Warhammers… hmm.

  9. All is Well says:

    How can you write warsubways and not mention wartrains? Or WARTRAMSl

  10. Anthile says:

    World of Warsnowplows totally exists. It’s called Transarctica, and it’s very French.

  11. Haborym says:

    It’s nice to see more women into serious gaming than there used to be like, 10-20 years ago.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Agreed, there’s too much frivolous gaming, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s frippery in gaming.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:


        Wanton Frippery sounds like a place in the South of England

  12. fish99 says:

    I was going to make an MMO where you’re trapped on a Raft and all you can do is Walk about. Couldn’t come up with a name though.

  13. SuicideKing says:

    (World of) Wargame: Red Dragon.

  14. tofusheep says:

    hold your breath !…




    link to <— WTS?! (what the sheep!)

  15. Arathorn says:

    Since nobody has done it already, World of Warvespa’s would be another option for their next game in the series: link to

  16. Ham Solo says:

    I’m looking forward to this, but also to War Thunder’s naval part, since it will combine it with the plane part.

    • Behrditz says:

      And combine it with the tank part! “Come on, sail closer to the coast. You know you want to” “lol no, im a boat, toot toot”

  17. fish99 says:

    Was going to play this, but after seeing that video … frigate.

  18. radian says:

    World of Warhorses
    World of Warthogs
    World of Wardrobes (dress to kill)
    World of Warm feelings about RPS commenters

  19. Blackshuck13 says:

    Everytime I read this I imagine a Geordie saying it out loud and I smile a little.

  20. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I cannot wait to sail in HMS WARBASTARD

  21. Darth Gangrel says:

    “World of WarSleighs… World of Warsledges” but a sledge and a sleigh is the same thing, at least according to wikipedia so that makes it a fact! Although, if I know game companies, they’ll probably market them as being two different things or perhaps just sell the sledge part as DLC for World of Warsleighs or the other way around.

  22. OlaOst says:

    World of Warwalking! LIke Dear Esther with EXPLOSIONS!

    • cederic says:

      How about no explosions, but a landscape on which a battle has recently completed.

      Walking past the burning tank, trudging through a water filled shellhole, stopping by the crumpled body of a young soldier, vodka still dripping from a punctured water bottle.

      Or another era, cresting the hill and stepping cautiously through the forest of arrows sticking from the muddy field, skirting around the corpse of an armoured man, keeping a safe distance from the lady with her knife, cutting a gold ring from another victim of the slaughter.

      • Janichsan says:

        Now that you describe this, I’m wondering why no one has done something like that already.

  23. Gap Gen says:

    I’m holding out for World of Warmans, where you can pilot the T-87 Oleg or the P-92 Hernandez. You have to grind to unlock the Corporal Beefstache, but it’s pretty sweet when you do, I hear.

  24. Asurmen says:

    While that doesn’t actually show us how it’s played, it’s looking like a very pretty very 3D Navyfield, which I’m perfectly OK with.

    • Behrditz says:

      It plays like world of tanks, but the sniper cam isnt a zoom in, its a zoom up and you have to actually “eyeball” where your shots might land. I saw some alpha leak videos. I was actually not disappointed.

  25. Neutrino says:

    What are those glowing blaster-like projectiles the ships are all firing with flames erupting from the barrels? Naval artillery doesn’t look anything remotely like that.