Elite Dangerous Is Out, Here Are Our Review Plans

Elite: Dangerous is out! Perhaps it’s just me, but isn’t it weird to live in a world where that’s not a bigger deal? Oh, I’m looking forward to getting in there and having a proper play, certainly. But the alpha and the beta and the gamma have been around for months, and somehow it feels like an anti-climax given the long, chilly decades of longing for a new Elite game that preceded it.

This’ll be Half-Life 3 one day. In the meantime, let me tell you about our review plans.

Here’s the launch trailer, in case you missed it last week. No, you can’t walk around with fabulous pectoral muscles like that.


The RPS Hivemind and friends have played a lot of Elite over the past year. We’ve gawped at it in virtual reality, ventured through a five-part diary series, recorded audio interviews with its creators and players, paired it with joysticks and nostalgia, and produced many hands-on impressions.

We’ve also, of course, covered the ongoing consternation over the game’s lack of offline mode and troubles with refunds. Frontier asked that people forego reviews based on early code, but the need for a functioning online mode means that we wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. We want to Wot I Think it not only after we’ve reach further into the corners of the universe, but when we’ve had a chance to test how it holds up in launch conditions, how it plays with a general population of players, and so on.

You shouldn’t have to wait long before you hear something in the vacuum of space, at least. Our Alec will return from a voyage later this week with some early impressions, before a full review follows in the new year.

In the meantime, are you in? Are you playing? Share your thoughts below, that we all might learn and be warned should anything be immediately amiss.


  1. welverin says:

    Gee, you guys must take this one seriously if you felt the need to report on your review plans.

    • StevieW says:

      It’s Elite – it warrants it!

    • PopeRatzo says:

      It’s like a trailer for a review, except in words.

      • Hedgeclipper says:

        Surely a trailer for a review should be in words!

        • P7uen says:

          Yes but since the trailer for the game was pre-rendered, the review trailer should be a PDF.

        • TheManintheHat says:

          I guess you haven’t been in IGN for a while (good for you), EVERYTHING is a video there!

          • SquidgyB says:

            As a side note – I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I *much* prefer any article/information to be presented in print and screenshots. I’m very often put off investigating something when it becomes apparent that it’s a video rather than a page of information.

            I guess it’s a case of wanting to be in control of the pacing, and being able to go back over a sentence or pore over a screenshot if there’s something that interests me. I’d rather that than having to skip through a video, trying to find the right snippet of conversation/image to explain something to me…

          • Duke Flipside says:

            I’m with SquidgyB on this one, I really wish news sites would stop posting videos. I like to control the pacing, I like to be able to see and skim over the whole article at a glance, and dammit sometimes I just like to absorb information in peace and quiet! If I click on an article and it’s a video that tab is closed and dead to me.

          • Universal Quitter says:

            @squidgyB – I have missed out on several real-world events, simply because I refuse to watch news videos. Articles always have more detail and context. Gaming isn’t any different, outside of a let’s play.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Honestly, such a stance would be welcome for any review actually.

    • Humanji says:

      They do the same when review code is withheld by publishers. It’s letting the readers know why they don’t have a review now and when to expect one. It’s nice to know.

  2. jarowdowsky says:

    ‘No-one on its bridge said a word. But in the bright light of the ageing sun, tears glistened on faces.’

    Welcome back Elite!

  3. sendmark says:

    Yeah I’ve been playing since Beta, but not so much in the last couple of weeks. There’s really nothing interesting or worthwhile for me to do at the moment, other than boring trade runs to earn more credits. Hopefully their story missions with the Empire kicks off something interesting.

    Right now I’d say it’s a 7/10 game, the flight model is fun and there moments of beauty in it, but it’s just a skeleton in terms of content, even compared to previous Elites. Big question is whether they can get the sales money to keep working on it. I do have to credit their bug fixing abilities and dedication, that’s been first class, just needs similar work on the amount of fun.

    • derbefrier says:

      I agree with everything except the flight model. I hated it. Its not 1990 any more they should have done more than airplanes in space. After games like Evochron Mercenary and now star citizen pushing the envelope when it comes to space physics(hell even kerbal space program deserves a mention) I find elites type of flight model far to limiting and frankly boring for a space sim made in this day and age. I new about this going in but convinced myself it wouldn’t bother me enough that I would be able to enjoy the rest of the game in spite of it. I was wrong, it effectively killed the game for me. It sucks because there’s a lot to like in the game but if I can’t enjoy the fundamental expirience I can’t enjoy the other stuff either.

      • Llewyn says:

        Of course the irony there is that not so very much more recently than 1990 we had two Elite games that had a flight model that was far from aeroplanes in space.

        All this release makes me wish for is a higher res update of Frontier.

        • tofusheep says:

          back a few month i was basically ready to throw my money at them, but in the last minute, while checking their forums i saw the way they handled flight physics… and passed. after frontier, evochron mercenary and KSP my minimum requirements for a space-game are at least believable newtonian physics.


        • El_MUERkO says:

          People whining about the flight model need to play the likes of Frontier which has the full Newtonian Physics thing going on.

          It’s not fun, the game ends up as ‘Space Jousting’ and the people with the biggest guns win. I’ll take E:D’s flight model over that mess, thanks.

          I’m having great fun.

          • Synesthesia says:

            Yup, the current flight model was a good balancing decision. I’m having loads of fun fighting in my eagle.

          • emptyhead says:

            I think people “whining” about the flight model possibly have played the likes of frontier (or iwar, or iwar2, or terminus) and know that the flight model does work, as it’s how it works in real life.
            I only experienced the jousting you speak of in my early forays into the game as a child. After that I had real senses of achievement from getting my relative speed just right to swoop in past an enemy, flip round as I slid by, raking the bottom of their hull with fire, before applying thrusters to try and keep in tight behind them.
            Nothing in a non-newtonian game can compare to that feeling.
            When I read about people complaining about the jousting I think, you’ve missed the best part of the game.
            Non-newtonian models are simplistic games, I think fans of frontier wanted more of a simulation.

        • Casimir's Blake says:

          A near equivalent “higher res update of Frontier” can be found here:

          And it’s free. The modded Scout version in the forums is recommended, in particular.

          • Llewyn says:

            Last time I looked at Pioneer it had the flight model and the galaxy but nothing by way of game attached to it. Has that changed? Was it even intended to change? It’s been quite a while…

          • Matfink says:

            …and doesn’t run on my pc :(

      • Amatyr says:

        The flight model works for me, thankfully, so that’s not a problem I have with the game.

      • chiablo says:

        The flight controls you are describing are with flight assist enabled. Flight assist allows you to fly your space craft as if it were a plane in atmosphere. When you disable flight assist, it’s now a true space flight sim (like Kerbal) with all of the Neutonian physics you could possibly want.

        • aleander says:

          And by “Newtonian physics” you mean rotation speed affected by airspeed. It is, totally, airspeed, as it will actually stop you if you shut down your engines (instead of just throttling down).

          The game is fun, but the flight model is complete nonsense. Entertaining nonsense, but does not scratch the itch at all.

          • jangove says:


            It is constantly taking me out of the game, the way that the “space craft” behave nothing like real objects in a vacuum and free fall ought to behave, regardless of flight assist. All turning off the flight assist does is let you drift backwards (briefly) while, inanely, turning off the fly-by-wire system. What is truly galling is that Independence War & I-War 2 handled both of these issues so much better more than a decade ago; the first was straight up Newtonian, and the second was newton with a genuine assisted/non-assisted option. I would give a great deal for those games to come back.

            And beyond that… they don’t really behave like airplanes either; its just a series of kludge to make combat play in a certain specific way, and every single time someone found a way to do something innovative or different, instead of letting that emerge the locked it down. That is why the ships behave like they have air-resistance, because someone found a way to smuggle that was different than the way they envisioned it. It is maddening.

            To say nothing of the relentless grind that they have been using in place of actual content; perhaps there is something more in release version; I’ve only played for a couple hours. But I don’t have a great deal of optimism based on what I have seen.

          • Llewyn says:

            Never mind Independence War, Frontier – David Braben’s Frontier – used a Newtonian flight model back in, what, 1993?

          • Ovidiu GOA says:

            i was waiting for the game to be more developed to give it a try after playing both I-War Freespace and others in the past but i did not know about the lack of a realistic flight model. In a game that prides itself with a huge galaxy and a sense of space, not having real Newtonian rules is kinda lame in 2014. i think they did it to appeal to more people but in the end it will turn people off

        • Zenicetus says:

          No, it’s very, very far from Newtonian when Flight Assist is off. It’s Newtonian until you hit the programmed limits, basically, like Star Citizen.

          The most glaring difference is that every ship has a speed cap. Thrust as long as you want, and you won’t go any faster once you hit the cap. The flight model in FA/Off has also been nerfed so that speed when thrusting in reverse or in translation is different than speed straight ahead (it was the same in all directions in early Beta). They didn’t want players fighting while thrusting in reverse or in translation, so they made it slower to encourage only flying forward in air-combat like tail chases.

          With Flight Assist on or off, you still have the ridiculous simulation of turning rates in atmosphere (keeping your throttle in the middle position makes you turn faster). There is still some use of 6DoF maneuver when mining or entering/exiting stations, but it feels and fights very much like an air combat game. That’s what they wanted.

          I’m disappointed in the decision, but I’ll live with it. I wasn’t looking for Kerbal Space Program with guns — that’s a game that probably wouldn’t sell many copies due to the difficulty. But they could at least have done something more like Inidependence War 2, which had a flight model that felt more like flying a spaceship than a WW2 fighter.

          • Sarracenae says:

            What’s realistic about being able to thrust backwards or sideways just as fast as you can go forwards? Surely even with FA off, you would only be using maneuvering thrusters and as such would never be able to achieve the speeds produced by the main engines???

            As an older gamer, who played elite for many hours back in 1984, ED is everything i was looking for at this time. It’s a great solo game, you can play to relax and just do stuff. If you are looking for a PvP space combat game, then i would say you’re looking in the wrong place, Elite will never be that, and never intended to be either. The multi player part does need work, but even when that work is done this will never be an EvE alike. It’ll always remain a mostly PvE experience, with a bit of real person interaction now and again.

            Personally i’m fine with that, i have a bazzilion options for PvP games, what i don’t have is expansive single player sandbox games.

          • aleander says:

            The acceleration should differ, but turning speed should *not* depend on your velocity in any way unless you’re in an atmosphere. And if you are, then getting your AoA over a certain level should totally end up with putting you in a stall.

            EDIT: oh, and ED is totally PvP in space, with some features added for ambiance.

        • Stellar Duck says:

          I… wat?

          No, it’s not. Go play I-War to see Newtonian stuff. Elite is decidedly not. It was in earlier beta for for whatever dumb reason they removed that.

      • Asurmen says:

        Not anything like aeroplanes in space.

      • Reefpirate says:

        The less this game flies like Evochron Mercenary the happier I will be. I loved that game a whole lot until I started doing combat. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

        • Xzi says:

          These purists want more sim in this game-sim. Personally I think it could use a little more game injected into it, but it walks the line between “game” and “sim” pretty well. The game works much better with a decent flightstick than it does with KB/M.

          • aleander says:

            It’s not that “purists” all hate gamey games. It’s just that there’s an itch that doesn’t get scratched.

            And, also, that some arguments against newtonian are silly. For example, presence of SC in ED means that the main issue of old Frontier model (ridiculously high relative speeds) would be gone. But I’m not really bothered by the fact that WWII-style space games exist, nor even that the games with space-as-smoke-filled-bar exist. It’s just that it’s too rare to get anything else.

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        The Frontier games were fully Newtonian and that led to horrible combat, charging toward the other guy from insane distances with time dilation enabled, firing at each other head on for a second, then slowing down to turn around and repeat. You delusional people need to come out of your bubble. Star-wars style, WWII fighters in space is and will always be the most fun.

        • Kentauroi says:

          Gotta agree with that Star Wars style combat being better. The space sims I loved back in the 90s weren’t trying to be Newtonian simulations of space combat, and in my opinion it made the games much more fun.

          I can appreciate people wanting sim-like games if that’s their preference, but I REALLY get annoyed when people use terms like ‘airplanes in space’ to try and imply that more realism automatically leads to superior gameplay.

          • Xzi says:

            Agreed. There’s a balance to be found there. Frontier wants people to feel immersed, but they also want the game to be fun. And that’s pretty important to selling more copies.

          • RARARA says:

            So basically you want an arcade flight sim but can’t handle the stalling.

          • Reapy says:

            More like he is saying if you keep adding ‘realism’ the whole concept of the small fighter should be thrown out the window anyway and ship to ship combat like that would be pointless as they’d all be flinging sub light year missiles at one another. In fact you could probably do a better space combat sim by showing a grid full of contacts, no need for graphics when you are only looking at empty space the whole time!

        • Barberetti says:

          Yep. Gimme airplanes in space over pissed Daleks on an ice rink trying to joust each other with catttle prods on a sunny day, which is what the garbage combat in those laughable blue-space sequels (in name only) was like.

        • Neutrino says:

          That was because you sucked.

          Flying one of the more maneuverable ships like an Asp or Cobra it was quite easy to match your relative speed to target, get on his tail and then nail him without him being able to get away.

        • fredc says:

          Complete agree with mellowkrogoth – the reason it’s not fully Newtonian is that (i) it was done in Frontier and no fun, as Frontier basically explained during development, and (ii) wouldn’t necessarily be more realistic.

          On the latter point, Frontier posited this Newtonian universe with hugely technically advanced interstellar spacecraft, but space combat involved pilots manually training energy weapons at each other from tiny distances. In any “realistic” iteration of that universe, combat wouldn’t be conducted that way.

        • SuicideKing says:

          Yeah, it’s especially funny to harp on realism in a game that’s about something that isn’t even real yet.

      • Perjoss says:

        “Its not 1990 any more they should have done more than airplanes in space”

        I see you’re playing with flight assist on then, or simply not using using the thrusters which allow you to slide in any direction including reverse.

        • derbefrier says:

          Of course I did don’t be rediculous . I was more specifically talking about the extremely nerfed yaw among other things other posters have mentioned. That’s what makes it airplanes in space. I know people will disagree with me its just a matter of taste in the end but let’s not pretend my different taste in flight mechanics some how translates to I don’t know what I am doing.

          Heh I guess I opened a can of worms there. The only reason I posted this is because I would have wished some one else would have been as blunt about the flight model as I was. Would have saved me 75 bucks. Its an extremely simplified model and its fair to point that out to potential buyers who think they are getting something different.

          There’s a lot of game there to enjoy regardless but this will be a deal breakeer for some so I thought I would point it out.

          • K_Sezegedin says:

            While I respect a space sim fan’s preference for more newtonian flight, anyone who insists on it to the point of non-newtonian models being unacceptable, is going to be missing out on a lot of great space sims.

            I love Iwar 2 and all but my favorites are Xwing, Tie Fighter, Freespace 1-2 and X3, as such I rather like Elite’s interpretation of space flight.

      • brad drac says:

        The thing is, flight model was more fun earlier in beta, when speeds weren’t capped. I don’t have a big problem with limiting the yaw, as inertia is a thing, but I completely stopped using flight assist off when they limited top speeds, because it was no longer fun or particularly useful in most situations. This had the knock on effect of making the entire experience substantially less fun.

        I’d rather have a good game than a 100% realistic sim, and I can’t talk about how the game might have been if it had been made in a different way, but I can say the game, to me at least, was just plain better with a slightly more realistic flight model.

        • cederic says:

          It’s ok, just install a mod that removes speed caps, allows swifter yaw and … oh, sorry, forgot: it’s online only. Oh well, wait for a game that the designers want you to enjoy your way.

    • K_Sezegedin says:

      How is it just a skeleton compared to previous Elites? I haven’t played any of the other games so I’m genuinely curious.

      But in reading about them I haven’t come across anything startling that’s not in Dangerous, – I mean there was planetary flight in previous entries but it looks like it amounted to just another place to dock.

      And the newtonian vs non-newtonian stuff is more in the realm of mechanics than content.

  4. Godwhacker says:

    I’d love to play it and see, but I’m getting ‘Unexpected error from server: bad request’- which suggests it’s managed to join the ranks of Diablo 3 and Sim City in fucking up launch day despite always-online being totally the right thing to do, honest

    • killmachine says:

      you probably already figured it out but this error is due to an outdated launcher. with each new patch in the beta, you had to download a new launcher app. same with the transition from beta (or gamma on that matter) to final.

  5. Crimsoneer says:

    I am offended by that trailer.

    • melnificent says:

      It is unusual that such a trailer has been posted despite RPS taking a stance against such Bullshot style trailers. There isn’t even half a second of gameplay in it.

  6. Hideous says:

    Commander Hideous is ready to space truck.

    Had to wait by a station for 10 minutes earlier because there were too many players, and that particular outpost only had two docking spots!

    • Kefren says:

      The joys of multiplayer queuing simulators. Back in Elite 1 (Amiga) there was only one docking port, but I was always given priority.

      (Being an offline single-player game helped with that).

    • Kefren says:

      Actually, this makes me wonder “What if all games were like this?”

      – “Died permanently and The Many feasted on my gibbets because there were too many players, and that particular UNN ship only had two Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machines!” [System Shock 2]

    • Malcolm says:

      This is definitely the most irritating feature for me. It’s not the limited docking capacity that annoys, but the need to keep spamming the “Request docking” button for minutes at a time. Would much prefer some form of queuing mechanism (would obviously need some form of acknowledgement when your time came to prevent people queuing up and going AFK).

      Apart from that I’m really enjoying it. It definitely feels like Elite should.

    • cederic says:

      Thank you for validating my decision not to buy.

      • Emeraude says:

        Come on now, don’t you know multi-player online is what this game needs !

  7. Sp4rkR4t says:

    The launch has gone stunningly well really, servers are rock solid now unlike every single stage of Alpha onwards, they must of just had them configured to use the absolute minimum resources during dev but crank the system right up for launch so that’s a great step forward.

    There are still lot’s and lots of little issues and fuckloads of unimplemented features but what is there is wondrous and I’ve had an absolute blast today.

  8. Yachmenev says:

    “In the meantime, are you in? Are you playing?”

    Nope. Their handling of the promised offline mode with David Braben admitting that they only promised it to make the kickstarter succeed has put me in a “wait and see” mode instead of being there day one.

    Not boycotting or anything, since the game does look impressive, but since I no longer wanted to support them before release, I’m going to wait for impressions on the game and how the servers handles the release, and I’m gonna wait for a good deal on it instead of paying full price.

    • Llewyn says:

      David Braben admitting that they only promised it to make the kickstarter succeed

      Is there a source for this? My personal opinion has been that that’s what they did, but I am truly amazed if they’ve actually come out and said it.

      • Yachmenev says:

        It’s how I interpret his answers here. I can only read it as in that they promised it because of requests, but never wanted to do it.

        link to kotaku.com

        “Offline was initially not a planned feature when we went to Kickstarter,” Braben confessed. “We said we were making an online game. But then there were some people on forums and on the Kickstarter saying it’d be really great to have offline. So then we looked at it and thought, ‘Actually, why can’t we just run [what we have offline]?’ We looked at the design and saw that it’d be quite empty. And I did say that. But I did say we’d be able to do a purely offline mode.


        During development, we looked at that and saw issues with it,” Braben explained. “We were moving more and more onto the servers. We were also looking at how people could cheat and those sorts of things. It’s a problem for a lot of games—for instance with exploration—the cheating spoils it for everybody. If someone does a blanket discovery of everything, that spoils things.”1

        “So we were looking into different ways of handling that and, to be honest, we pushed back development of the offline mode. We needed to replicate some of the work locally that was being done on the server. It was one of those things where we could do it, but the amount of work involved increased over time. “

        • Asurmen says:

          That’s not how that reads at all.

          • Premium User Badge

            syllopsium says:

            Yes it is – it’s a completely bollocks response. How many other games have been spoilt because everyone has found all the secrets on day one? Seriously, even decidedly offline games without complex data obfuscation have taken years for all the secrets to be found.

          • Asurmen says:

            Nope. Sorry. It doesn’t say what Yachmenev thinks it does.

          • TehBeege says:

            Responding to syllopsium…

            You definitely have no online game development experience.

            To create a secure online game, the vast majority of the logic needs to be done by the server. To recreate the logic on the client is no easy task. His argument stands.

            If an offline game mode is what the community wants, the community will vocalize that. If Frontier is observant, which I believe them to be, and the demand is high enough, they will get to an offline mode. Patience :D

          • P.Funk says:

            I read it as they failed to adequately predict their indesire to follow through with the offline mode despite seeing so much of it become server side dependent.

            I can see how that goes. One day they look at the offline mode after putting it on the backburner with a note on it reading “figure out how to make this work later” and then staring at the now blackened pot with curled up note shrugging and saying to one another “this is crazy, how did we ever think we’d make that work?”.

            Or you can believe he’s a swindler. Either way those words don’t read that way unless someone is doggedly insistent on suggesting they’re suck ridiculous words they’re just implausible and therefore proof of what you really want to believe.

          • Danorz says:

            well syllopsium just off the top of my head here there was the whole unlock method for and existence of the character “the lost” which was supposed to be found out through a really interesting puzzle but instead just got datamined

        • Yachmenev says:

          @P.Funk: Swindler is a strong word, but I do believe that Frontier promised the offline mode for the sake of the kickstarter succeeding, and that David Braben then never was prepared to put any real effort into following up on it. I don’t think he’s 100% honest in the interviews he has made regarding this game.

          I base that on him saying that the offline mode wasn’t part of their plans, that they promised it because of requests, that the kickstarter struggled quite badly initially and made it with a relative small margin, and that nothing he says in any interview says that an actual effort was made to make it work.

          Just to be clear also – they seem to have handled most other aspects and the game seems great. It’s just this behaviour and their request refunds I think they have failed with, and for me that makes me go from being a fan and a support to being just a regular potential customer.

  9. Boosh says:

    the ‘launch’ has been so uneventful and smooth as to be almost anti-climatic, really all that has happened is a change in version numbers, it’s business as usual for anyone who has been playing the gamma. I’ve been in and playing regularly since Alpha, followed the ups and downs and quietly observed the shifts in the community. I’ve enjoyed it, and I enjoy watching a game grow, I did the same for Eve, and that story is still evolving, so I wanted in at the start for this as I feel it will have a similar story over the years to come.

    It’s very very lite, it’s Elite 1984 really in terms of game mechanics and functionality, but there is huge potential here for growth, and anyone who has been paying attention will know that was always the plan.
    That said, I remain concerned at what appears to be some deliberate design decisions which substitute challenging game play with pure inconvenience, and there have been noises from FD that this is the way they want it. Eve Online this isn’t, the mechanics are very basic, simple to pick-up and really for the most part it boils down to repetition of simple tasks to acquire wealth for ships and upgrades.

    I really would like to have seen better implementation of cooperative game play mechanics right at the start, for me that’s essential for establishing a solid core audience and lasting community, something that is critical for the ongoing development of the game. There are many ‘quick wins’ the development team could have implemented I think, which does seem to indicate the release is a little early. The focus has been on stability and bug fixing, rather than new features lately.

    Over all though, the game is stunning and a solid baseline, the next 6 months are crucial. It’s a joy to play as it stands today, and hats off to FD it has been such an impressively well run project.

    • aleander says:

      I have a nagging feeling that they realized they can’t sustain the long-term plan as a single-player game, nor get the initial Kickstarter as an MMO, so they kinda tried doing both, leading to a frustrating lack of focus. For example, as far as I can tell there are no plans for player-owned structures – and that’s no wonder, as that would be really awkward for the solo players. The solo mode makes it impossible to fully blockade a system – solos have impact on trade. But also, your own solo trading is impacted by other players. Heavy sharding is probably justified – the game demands far lower latency than EVE, and can’t really deal with time dilation the way EVE does. There’s no player-to-player trading, and it’s described as problematic. Despite the “no-offline mmo galaxy”, the devs and Braben make noises about preferring players to be independent.

      I think they’ll have to focus, eventually. That’s going to be entertaining to watch from the distance.

      • Yetas says:

        They haven’t ruled out player owned structures somewhere down the line, but it’s not a focus for development for the foreseeable future. On of the reasons is that player owned structures like in EvE and the X games are part of the economic simulation, both in their use and in their construction, and Elite isn’t an economic sim set in space.

        Rather it’s a political sim set in space, hence the many thousands of factions managed through the background simulation and all the consequences of supporting or working against their interests. This is going to take some time for players to get their heads around after decades of X and EvE. The Elite universe doesn’t have a free market economy as part of the background. Instead the markets are jealously controlled and guarded by the monopolist NPC factions that control and own known space.

        • aleander says:

          Well, either you do that, or you make claims about player impact. You still can’t have it both ways.

    • sendmark says:

      Yes I think you may a very good point here, that there’s inconvenience rather than challenge in quite a few areas.

    • Asurmen says:

      Actually there’s a number of server problems. Some people are losing connection to the transaction server, including me meaning no Elite Dangerous for the time being.

  10. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I think I may have made myself a bit sick and dizzy from all the spinning around I did in training. Definatley haven’t got the controls sorted properly on the 360 pad.

    Anyone got any good control setups to share?

    • Lieut CMDR Dain G. Ross says:

      I am using a cheap Logitech Extreme 3d pro that i got from amazon for less than 30 USD. It works well enough, after i set the deadzones. It seems like whenever they update from beta to gamma to final release, they muck up the key bindings, and i have to reset them everytime. As for the gameplay, the only real difference i noticed with the final release is that now money is much easier to get, and there are moar ships!!!!

    • Premium User Badge

      Neurotic says:

      I use keyboard-only – WASD for speed and ‘sliding’, Arrow Keys for rolling and pitching up and down, and manouvering thrusters (for docking) on the NumPad. Space bar for firing – works a treat, especially with H and Mouse for head unlock.

    • brad drac says:

      The advanced controller setup works very well for me, the only change I made is A + left thumb button to toggle FFA. The only time I have to touch my keyboard is to type in the galaxy map.

  11. Morcane says:

    To all of you grumpy old farts: grump some more. It’s an old school space game, with no hand holding. I love it.

    The learning curve is flattened by a considerable amount by the tutorial videos now linked by the E:D client.

    The launch has been pretty smooth, in fact, I think their peer-to-peer technology is picking up speed and reliability now that there are lots more players (and hence, ‘peers’ or nodes) than in alpha or beta.

  12. HiFiHair says:

    Docking request denied.

    • Buuurr says:

      Dude… what gives with that? I’ve heard it like 30 times tonight.

      • knowles2 says:

        I had the same thing at a outpost. The reason was that there was another dozen or so players all trying to dock at the same out post an there only 3 pads. Ships don’t just magically disappear when you are dock at stations like other games. I like this because it realistics. Through not shooting down all the noobs took take effort on my part.

        • SquidgyB says:

          I’d like some way of seeing the queue (other than guessing by the amount of local ships of course…), and possibly of advising me whether the reason for the “denied” message is to do with a queue, or standings with that faction.

          • HiFiHair says:

            Yeah, some kind of explanatory string would help a lot. It’s super frustrating if it happens when you’re out of fuel.

      • Synesthesia says:

        What star system are you in? I want to see the new players docking!

      • Geebs says:

        “I’ve heard it like 30 times tonight.”

        …… and in the game

    • DarkFarmer says:

      Yea, they really need to add a queue feature. I feel a little silly when im just spamming docking requests for hours. I hate to say it though but its kind of amusing when the 1000th request goes through. Dat pause.

  13. J-Force says:

    I startetd playing this today so here are my first impressions:

    It is really really complicated. the tutorial demos tell you practically nothing other than how to shoot at a moving target (which I must admit came in very handy) and it took me 15 minutes to dock with a station because there was a que and then I couldn’t find my landing pad. Some simple manouvering tutorials were needed. I tried to do that 180 spin shown in the trailer. It took me a while but I got something I was fiarly happy with. It is possible, just tricky. It takes an Elite pilot to do consistantly (pun obviously intended).

    The UI is well designed on the whole but at times is extremely fustrating because of one design flaw. When you look at the sensors and lists in detail the ship still moves but the controls change. So I’ll press one button for what I thought was to straighten up the ship but ended up cancelling my docking. That is frequesnt and annoying. But it is my only complaint of what is otherwise a useful and detailed UI.

    The combat is great. I had a real blast when my puny ship was pulled out of FTL by a lone pirate. We duelled above a planet occasionally grazing an asteroid with us sort of dancing around it at one point. It was superb and taught me a key aspect of the game: although much of it is mundane trading, it can be a real Han Solo simulator if you want it to be. When I get a larger ship with more weapons, I will definitly take the dangerous contracts to liven things up, becuase things do get really hectic. My only problem is that the bugger ran away before I could immobilise them.

    So far that’s all I’ve really got. I’ve only looked at 4 systems and they were alright, fairly detailed. The jump system takes a little getting used to but I’ve only been playing a couple of hours so… I’ll see what the future holds. But it is promising.

    • Premium User Badge

      CdrJameson says:

      The stealth tutorial seems to tell you nothing at all (turn on stealth! Oh dear, you’re still dead.)

      Also I hilariously found the ‘cargo jettison’ key when looking for docking permission. That could have been embarrassing had I not been in solo. As it was I got fined for littering.

  14. MrThingy says:

    NO ONE strides like a boss in lycra towards a Lakon 6…. :\

    • Blue_Lemming says:

      “this is my ‘about to make 120,000 credits on a trade run’ walk”

  15. Zenicetus says:

    I’m playing it a little, off and on. I’ve been playing since Beta 1, so I’m not feeling any rush to make progress.

    I’m also taking it slow for now, because there are still some bugs in the faction rep system, and I don’t want to get deep into negative rep with certain factions. When that’s cleared up, or when Frontier gets around to explaining how their inscrutable faction rep system is supposed to work, I’ll get more serious about spending time in the game.

  16. DrManhatten says:

    Considering there has just been a major update for KSP I’ll give this one a pass for the moment. Also I want to see how well the single player online-mode really works before considering as I would have preferred a true single player offline game mode.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I’ve been playing mostly Solo Online (due to network stability), and it works fine. It requires a constant connection, but the bandwidth is very low compared to being in a private Group Online or All Online mode where there’s a lot of heavy P2P traffic between players’ computers.

      You just have to work a little harder at setting your own goals in Solo Online, because the game doesn’t do much of that for you, and you won’t have friends to help provide reasons to play.

  17. ScottTFrazer says:

    So here’s what I’m most curious about, and I’m already in on the beta, so it doesn’t really affect my purchase.

    Will the story elements always be there?

    If they have some plot around the space emporer choking on a shrimp, and I don’t play for 6 months, will that plot still be available to me?

    If not, it’s an MMO without the monthly fee andI’m sure I like that in my space operas.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The injected story elements aren’t static or focused on individual players. They’re events that will constantly come and go in the core systems, revolving around missions you can take on the bulletin boards, or notice of hot zones that pop up. It’s intended to be a “living” galaxy. so if you go away for 6 months, it should be at least a little different when you come back. You’ll miss some things, but new things will be injected. A big one will be the arrival of the Thargoid alien species to mess things up, and nobody knows when that will happen.

      Of course you can ignore all that too if you want, and just go out exploring, mining, pirating or whatever. That’s basically what I’m doing.

  18. Premium User Badge

    syllopsium says:

    Elite what? You mean one of those online only games I don’t play, because I like to pause them at any time, return to play in precisely the same state they were beforehand and take months and sometimes years between playing in some games? (Currently almost half way through an RPG I’ve been playing on and off, including a couple of restarts, for 12 years).

    Currently sorting a retro system to play Tie Fighter with the iMuse music and a decent joystick though, and thinking of Freespace 2 with the SCP and enhancement patches as I’ve not played that either.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Do play Freespace 2 with the Open Freespace stuff. It’s great!

      I also recommend Independence War 2, which has the best game-oriented spaceflight model I’ve ever played. Very scripted and linear (like Freespace 2) but fun while it lasts, and I think it still works on current gen PC’s (but check first).

      • Premium User Badge

        syllopsium says:

        Yeah.. I tend to play games on and off, so I’m a bit behind the curve. Freespace 2 with the graphical mods looks So Pretty and I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I’ve the X series lying around somewhere, plus Privateer 2 and may get around to replaying Privateer again as I loved it the first time around.

        • Kentauroi says:

          If you’re looking to play Freespace 2 I’d definitely recommend checking out some of the mods campaigns as well. Blue Planet, Wing Commander Saga, Wings of Dawn, Vassago’s Dirge and Just Another Day are all great fun.

          Blue Planet is especially impressive: link to youtube.com

    • Sarracenae says:

      If you play in solo mode, you can quite happily just stop in space, and quit and nothing will change. Come back in 3 months you’ll still be there with your ship and cargo in the same place. Yeah any mission you accepted will have timed out but that’s the only thing.

      You can go AFK for hours and nothing will happen in space, AFK in supercruise you might get attacked by NPC pirates but not if you just float in space.

      This Online/Offline stuff really is non story, unless you want to play on a plane or on the moon you’ll be fine. I played solo fine on a train with a tethered mobile data connection.

      • Czrly says:

        If you walk away and come back, months later, your missions will have timed out, the whole economy of the universe may very well have changed and the grand story will have moved on in your absence. This is exactly what one expects from an MMO and is not “the only thing”, it is the very essence of the problem. It is why Elite: Dangerous is not a single-player game in any way.

        In any given single-player game you can save your game, walk away and come back in a month or a year to continue the experience. Before the advent of automatic patch distribution systems like Steam, even content updates would have been optional.

        The developers are chasing two rabbits and doomed to fail unless they prioritize. For Elite to succeed, they will have to scupper the solo mode and focus on the addictive, viral and presumably lucrative multi-player facets of the game. They may leave “solo”-mode on the menu in an effort to tick the “single-player” box but it will never be great.

        • Sarracenae says:

          I still don’t get your problem. Yes the market might have changed so you may lose some money. The universe story will have changed, but there will be a new story. They always said the offline mode would not contain any of this story anyway so you’re not missing out on something you would have otherwise had. That’s exactly the reason they pulled it, it would not be dynamic, and it would just be the shell without the overarching story to bring you into the universe.

          If you wanted that empty game experience then it’s a shame for you, save your money and move on.

      • Synesthesia says:

        I think there’s even a pause button in solo mode?

      • Zenicetus says:

        There are a few differences that matter though, and mostly in day-to-day gaming. Leaving the game for six months and coming back probably won’t be too tough to deal with. But mission timers enforce an MMO-style need to continue what you’re doing. Or else take a mission with a long enough timer to log off, have dinner, and come back.

        If you’re in the middle of combat with an NPC ship, there is a timer for logging off (to keep it consistent with the All Online mode). You might have your ship destroyed if you just leave the game to answer the phone or the doorbell. There isn’t a Pause key for situations like that. I don’t intentionally get into combat unless I know I’m in a safe gaming session where I’m not likely to be interrupted. That gives the game a very different feel than a true singleplayer game, or what we would have had with a full Offline mode with Pause key.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Have you tried Pioneer Space Sim?

      Yes I am going to keep posting this, because no-one seems to know about it. It’s a hi-res update of Frontier, effectively. And you can save anywhere.

      • Premium User Badge

        syllopsium says:

        I’ve looked at the site, but not tried it yet, so I was aware of it. I’ll be giving it a go in the near future :)

        I’ve already played a little Oolite – it’s so much better than the original Elite, and a lot of the arcade shooters, when you have a decent joystick that allows rotation speed to be carefully controlled!

  19. meepmeep says:

    For those of us who don’t touch games before they are officially released, please tell us what you think of the game as it exists as an official release.

    • Holysheep says:

      Well you can see my answer below.

      I’m quite disgruntled with EarlyAccessIndieGames(c), they’re mostly all the same, YetAnother2DPlatformerBasedOnPhysicsWithANameWeThinkIsFunny.

      I’m especially annoyed at the immense tsunami of games that try to reach for the moon and get people paying for that, and only end up digging beneath rock bottom, and clones of minecraft/dayz/whatever.
      Early access became a way to yell at the customer’s face “YOU CANT COMPLAIN ITS AN ALPHA” and you then realize you lost your anal virginity because it’s been released without keeping its promises/cancelled.

      I did find a few early accesses worth it, though, among them for instance, Divinity original sin, Insurgency, and … Elite.

      Elite can be distinguished from the other early accesses games in the sense that it’s actually some pretty nice AAA quality. Unlike games that are unplayable, broken and everything, everything you get to touch in Elite is well working and balanced as much as enjoyable.

      The downside of the early access for Elite is the lack of gameplay content, especially all the big sandbox stuff. But in itself it’s already a good game. They’ve also displayed some future stuff that I can’t wait, as they usually keep their promises, unlike some others.

      Speaking of which, updates are VERY frequent – with one little downside, their servers sorta suck as of now, and sometimes updating can be long, especially when, like I said they update quite a lot.

  20. Holysheep says:

    Been playing since the Beta. People on the forums whined for a week about the offline mode, not a word anymore. You just hear it on other news sites where everybody is still locked on that one since they don’t actually know what it’s about ~

    Anyway, been having fun. Although I actually got to know what was the downside of having 400 billion solar systems… I decided to head to empire to get some good rep there so that I could be on their side later. And where I currently play, it’s kinda empty :c I met a player, once. I chased him as he was wanted, and he vanished in another system.

    I need PVP in my life. Trading is boring, and dogfighting in this game is great but the AI struggles to offer a challenge now that I have an upgraded viper. I want to fight other commanders, some actually killed me for the bounty, I killed some for the loot/whatever, but everytime it felt cool just having a guy, in a sandbox, who’s willing to face you like a man and give you some serious challenge. That does happen in some places if you’re really looking for it.

    I fear that, instead offering me neat exploration, the 400 billion solar systems might end up getting me lonely and frustrated. I sure hope that the event system and the scenario will fix that, concentrating battle zones in some sectors according to how the plot evolves.

    Also, Elite is young and there aren’t many sandbox elements as of now. We’re getting more and more of it (With the current example of a lot of players who decided to make the lugh system independent from a major faction, with acts of piracy, trading, fighting, smuggling, whatever) and I find that cool, but I’d like to see more: huge player controlled factions, possibly taking over the empire/federation/alliance, building stations in systems far away, and so on.

    But what’s already in it actually rocks. The flight model is perfect and actually far more realistic than in SC (I can’t help but laugh at their attempts of trolling, calling it WWII in space, while it’s actually what CR promised – the default mode of flight is with assists and you can definitely see the ship adjusting it all with thrusters by itself, but in assist off mode, it’s pretty much perfect newtonian physics, which aren’t in SC, with ships somehow stopping, bullshitting around, etc – probably as a part of the mouse assists thing)

    The game is beautiful (although the lack of anti aliasing – it’s there, but MSAA doesn’t work yet, and the other AA techs provided are meh – makes me wanna puke sometimes, and I’m wondering if the anisotropic filter works, too, but they add graphic options every time now and then, so we’ll see).

    There are often heavy bugs on updates, but they’re hotfixed pretty fast with minor patches after the update, a bit like CCP used to do on EVE. Usually they’ll release a big patch, there are new features but there are crashes and game breaking bugs, but really these get fixed in the following hours. However, the servers seem to have a hard time with the game, and recently have been done/suffered from too much traffic than they could handle, also resulting in lag/disconnections when you get in another island (when getting in/out of supercruise mostly)

    The sounds are ear porn. Binaural audio stuff is used (IDK much how it works, but it does), and it’s EXTREMELY immersive. The engine sounds are very well made. For a game that’s in space, I’d really feel bleh if I were to turn down the sound (I think there’s actually an explanation like, the computers simulate it, yada, yada, since when you turn down some features, you don’t hear anything, sounds in the cockpit get muffled, and you hear your own breath in the suit you’re wearing)

    Explosions, drives, etc are all very cool. Depending on the material, orientation, distance, etc, sounds will get different, and not just lose volume. Hearing a ship crashing in the hangars while you’re docked safe under your docking pad is quite something. In that sense, Elite kinda reminds me of Red Orchestra 2, which kinda impressed me with its ambience, except here it’s not just war stuff and people dying and bleeding everywhere.

    Along with the sandbox aspect, the social aspect is also impaired as of now, and Elite kinda feels like a single player multiplayer game, kinda like dark souls – they do interact with you, but you’ll hardly communicate with anyone. The reason is simple: the coms suck as of now, there are no corporations, no shared jumps, no escort missions, no multiplayer missions, etc – of course, you could complete a mission by killing players, but there are NPCs doing the same things as players everywhere. But I sure hope that gets fixed: the few times I’ve played with friends, I really enjoyed it. Elite is a damn lot of fun with friends, if you intend to fight and such. Being a pirate with some guys I know was very cool, I suppose that having a hauling ship along with some fighters to take down people would be great… But then again there’s a problem, there’s no trade between players.

    Giving a player the opportuniy to give money to another would be great already. Who knows what people could do with that? Maybe pay others for escort missions and whatnot? I think this is coming and I’d really be looking for that, but I’m not sure.

    When it comes to dogfighting… Don’t fool yourself. You’re gonna need a Joystick, or HOTAS. You are not gonna enjoy this game if you want to fight, and play it with an Xbox 360 controller or MKB (although, in this game, the xbox gamepad offers slightly better performances than MKB.) Sure, you can still trade, mine and whatnot, but all that IMO isn’t as enjoyable as the rest – and even so, you could use better piloting as you want to smuggle, evade someone, whatever. You can still buy a giant ship, buy turrets and play it tactical, but still. IMO one obvious hint from the developers is that they actually modelized the Saitek X52 in your cockpit, as the X52 is kinda the standard HOTAS since 2004… so that most people could actually see the joystick they own in game for immersion purposes. Which must rock with the oculus, IMO, although it’s all a detail – but details in this game are legion and they make it all very sweet.

    Speaking of the oculus, I don’t own one but I drooled over head tracking devices since looong ago as I play spacesims/flight sims, and games like Arma and suchlike. I turned a wiimote into a head tracking device a while ago for rise of flight, and always wanted a trackIR – but oh god, I can’t wait for the oculus, not just for Elite, really.
    In piloting related games especially, where your body stays in the same position, on your commander seat, and your head is the only other thing (with the ship) that you need to control: it’s a huge advantage and it’s VERY immersive, much more than in non vehicle based games.

    In Elite, it’s natively implemented, and you can use it for head targeting, just as a real life pilot would with their helmets. Although it’s not as badass as it would be in a DCS simulator for instance (Where you can do a lot more things with the helmet) you can still have some very nice stuff: looking in the direction of something, it’ll be highlighted, and pressing a button at the same time will allow you to select it. It could be in a battle, it could be a star you want to check while you’re moving at FTL speeds in a sector, whatever.

    Also, the UI is a bunch of holograms on the sides of the ship. Turn your head in its direction and the hologram will pop, and you can do all your stuff from there. It’s really cool and immersive.

    Music is meh ATM. They hinted some nice stuff in the capital ship battle trailer, but nothing is fantastic. It’s just, not shit. There isn’t much to speak of really: other than combat musics and the main title, most stuff is just short ambient musics for a dozen of seconds. It’s kinda nice… but heh. And these tend to get repetitive.

    Overall though, the good points are so great and well done that I’m actually quite addicted. I sometimes play a bit of Insurgency, a bit of red orchesta, kerbal space program maybe, and some other stuff… But really most of what I do nowadays is Elite, Elite, and more Elite. It’s one of the few games I played so much, along with Guild Wars 1, X3: Terran conflict, and Morrowind.

    • sicemma says:


      Uhh… people “whined” about non-delivery of offline for a lot more than a week about offline on the forums. They moved the thread around about 6 times. They hit something like 11,000 posts about it over two topics before closing them and then shuttering all discussion about it permanently. They then decided to limit the “offline issue” to people’s refund experiences only, and then started infracting (effectively banning people for months) for posting things like advice from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau – eg –

      Your next steps:
      A civil court would expect any claimant to be able to justify and mitigate (make less severe) their claim and also demonstrate taking civil court action was the last course of action available to them in order to settle their civil dispute once and for all.

      Therefore at this stage you could consider sending a final letter. This time include a copy of your first letter and with an accompanying letter state along the lines of: I have already tried to resolve this once by sending a formal letter of complaint. You have failed to resolve this satisfactorily. I am now giving you a final seven days to resolve my dispute. If you fail to do so then I will have no other option, but to consider taking further legal action against you. Send the letter by recorded delivery (as outlined in the previous email) and keep a copy for your own records.

      We appreciate that taking such action will not resolve a dispute quickly and can mean an outlay of further funds; however it is up to each individual to decide how much time, money and effort they wish to spend on pursuing any civil claim, and enforcing their statutory rights.

      Criminal Offence:
      As indicated previously because the trader’s actions could be considered a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, the additional information you have provided will be added to your case details and passed to West Yorkshire Trading Standards for further consideration. The case details will also be placed on a central data base that can be accessed by all the other Trading Standards throughout the UK.

      So, you know, when you mention it being somewhat invisible on their forums, there are Reasons.

      Fortunately for me, PayPal don’t actually play this weird internet gamer stuff about how software isn’t refundable, software you’ve used can’t possibly be refunded, companies can promise anything they like and then deliver whatever they feel like, etc. It may surprise you to learn that pretty much none of that stuff is recognised under consumer law in any way – in fact you could pretty reliably gauge what is legal by simply assuming the opposite of what Frontier and the Frontier Defence Force have been telling people. PayPal gave me a full refund for my entire beta access with no issues and no need for any further documentation other than Frontier’s own statements.

      If you are still stuck waiting for a refund – you can join the mailing list by emailing

      pibbles at eliterefund dot org

      there is also a subreddit at

      link to reddit.com

      Apparently Visa, Amex and PayPal have a set up workflow for dealing with Frontier Developments now, and if you’re running into problems (eg the 45 day PayPal window), don’t listen to their robot reply telling you it’s too late, email them back and tell them you are one of the Frontier Developments customers.

      • Holysheep says:

        The only real thing the people who whined about this had on their side is that they promised it.

        They have been through the explanations a billion times, reasons why it can’t be done, and it’s reasons I confirm as a dev. But most people went into stupid “HURRR ITS A DRM” whinings, that are nowhere close to reality.

        As for the refund experiences, we have people who played online for hours wanting a refund … when they have like 50 hours ingame, which is far more than what you’d get on most other games of that price nowadays. I’m pretty sure they’re playing right now, just as the ones who supposedly were gonna boycott modern warfare 2 or any similar game really – there’s a lot of internet talk, but the numbers never follow.

        In the end we have angry people who are angry over some developers who realized they couldn’t possibly do something while the game is pretty much nothing like an enjoyable game in single player and was always, from the start, said to be done mostly for the online experience.

        Sure, they shouldn’t have promised something they couldn’t do, but in the end, you guys just fall in the same category for believing it, especially when they said it was an online game before anything else.

        • sicemma says:

          For reasons I can confirm as someone who got my entire 50 pounds back, I can reliably inform everyone that whatever various reckons people have about refunds for video games, you should probably leave it to your payment provider or local consumer authority to work out who’s entitled to a refund for what.

        • Emeraude says:

          The only real thing the people who whined about this had on their side is that they promised it.

          So the only thing they had on their side is the only thing that really matters ?

          Go figure.

          • Holysheep says:

            What matters is that the huge majority wants a multiplayer game, and that Elite can’t be done in single player. We went through this a million times.

          • Emeraude says:

            We did, and I still remain as unconvinced by your arguments.

            What I do know is that they took an engagement and reneged on it. Which is what matters in the end when arguing that they did not deliver on their promises, isn’t it ?

          • Holysheep says:

            I don’t care about arguing at this point. What I said are things I know and experienced. Don’t wanna believe me? Good for you. I’m off playing the game ~

          • sicemma says:

            I should probably share my experience then. Here’s what Frontier had to say about the payment dispute, and the paypal claim, in front of Paypal:

            Geez that’s weird, I was sure there were so many compelling legal arguments about why I shouldn’t get my money. People insisted over and over again that this was definitely the case.


            I mean.

            You don’t think…

            Not one single one of those arguments would pass the laugh test in front of Paypal, who’ve seen enough people try and wriggle out of delivering things to paying customers?

            It couldn’t be.

        • ludde says:

          LoL “as a dev”. Good one, bro.

  21. Vinraith says:

    Without an offline mode, what’s the point of this? I mean, if I was willing to put up with all the frustrations an MMO, wouldn’t I be playing EVE already?

    • Holysheep says:

      Because it’s not the same game at all.

      EVE is a MMORPG. It’s not about how well you fly, it’s about theory crafting, tactics, intel, fitting, fitting for groups, social stuff, and so on.

      Elite is a space sim, based on newtonian flight physics, dogfighting, etc.

      In Elite, you can have PVP right out of the station. In EVE, you’ll have to plan your 20 jumps and it won’t be about piloting.
      I like EVE, but it’s not the same genre at all.

      On top of that, you have a single player mode, connected to the internet is all – It’s however stupid. That game YELLS multiplayer and it’s quite obvious it was made for it.

      As of now, the state of the sandbox in Elite is nowhere close to EVE, but let’s not forget that it’s updating very fast and EVE has been around since early 2000s, with tons of big expansions.

      For instance, if you’re gonna mine in EVE, you have plans to trade it maybe, you plan big fits to be efficient at it, find the good places, consider the pirate threat, etc.

      In Elite, it’ll be a lot less planning and a lot more actually flying between the asteroids yourself, mining the asteroid by using your lasers, carefully catch the fragments with your cargo scoop, refine it, escape enemies yourself using skill rather than tactics.

      (then again nobody won’t tell you not to use mining lasers as weapons link to youtube.com )

      Elite is about flying in space and doing that stuff yourself, as a pilot, and not as a ship. EVE is an excellent MMO with a gameplay that is abstract enough to be applied to anything else (Could be robots, insects, or post apocalyptic stuff for all I care, with minor gameplay changes, and it would still work)

      I’m not quite good with this editing tool. Sorry for editing this many times

    • Zenicetus says:

      I don’t like the way they handled the Offline fiasco (some players are still waiting for refunds), but there *is* a completely viable Singleplayer mode in this game. You do need a constant connection, but that keeps the shared Galaxy in sync between all players. You won’t individually affect the economy, or be affected by it (NPC’s drive the economy). But you can buy exploration data from other players without ever seeing them, or sell it on that same market.

      It’s an interesting — possibly unique — design, where you can be completely alone in singleplayer mode, but kinda-sorta be in a living Galaxy with other players that you don’t ever see. And you can see them if you want to, completely optional. There is also a large Private Group of PvE players anyone can join, if you want occasional meetings with other players who don’t want to shoot you on sight.

      And you won’t see many of them either, given the sheer size of the sandbox. It’s very easy to be completely alone in this game (with a bunch of NPC’s) even if you play in the completely open All Online mode. The Galaxy is a big place in this game.

      • Boosh says:

        solo mode is entirely online, you’re just put in a private instance so you won’t ‘see’ anyone, (and nobody else can see you). You participate in the same single economy, so will affect it and be affected by the actions of other players. Both players and npcs affect the economy.

    • iainl says:

      I understand you’re upset about the lack of offline. So am I. But Eve is not a piloting game; you have no direct flight control, but issue orders through a point and click interface. It’s as different as playing FIFA and Football Manager.

  22. Lobotomist says:

    The game is oozing with immersion and atmosphere. You really feel there.

    But its also not online game at all. There is probably less than 0.01% chance that you will see anyone ever in the game. And removal of chat does not help either.

    • Grim_22 says:

      Haha, are you kidding me? I was having trouble finding wanted NPCs to kill yesterday because I had to scroll through so many new players in their Sidewinders, and that was in a fringe independent system. I’d say there’s a 90% chance you’ll meet at least one player (probably around 10) in most sufficiently populated systems right now.

      I actually even traveled to unexplored, unpopulated systems and was usually met with three players as soon as I arrived at the Nav Beacon from hyperspace.

  23. Joote says:

    I have been playing since early beta, and my verdict is; Nice fight model, pants game. Back to Eve online and Starpoint Gemini 2 for me. Both far better games than this Elite poo.

  24. Srekel says:

    What I would like to know from a review is how well coop works.

    • Boosh says:

      It’s virtually non-existent. There are mechanics to enable you to join the same instance, beyond that you’re two separate ships sharing the same space. There is in game one to one voice and text chat.

      What there isn’t is actual co-operative specific elements such as support modules/ships, sharing of rewards, wings/groups or formations, no group specific missions or content of any kind.
      There’s great potential for it. Having some basic co-operative elements would have been simple to include a this early stage, but I think the design is a bit vague in that regard.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Wing mechanics are planned to be implemented early next year.

  25. Shadowcat says:

    Elite Dangerous will be Half-Life 3?

    • Bone says:

      As soon ™ as you will be able to get outside the cockpit and walk around and equip a crowbar, Gordon!

  26. Balanuir says:

    Mac later – WTF? We’re not living in 1995 anymore. I wanted to buy it, despite the quite considerable price, but I can’t guarantee I’ll still remember once they actually manage to make good on that promise. Also, “later” is usually a codeword for “we’re not actually making a native port, we’re giving it to Aspyr or someone to wrap WINE around it”. Bleh. :-(

    So excited. Now so frustrated.

  27. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Finally spent a wonderful hour or so on it yesterday after waiting decades and then months of watching people beta with my pre-order in hand it’s incredibly exciting. Unfortunately now won’t get much chance to play til the weekend, but what I saw was everything I was hoping. Took some poorly paid trade jobs, before realising I didn’t have the cash to buy the necessary goods. Incurred a 400cr fine for crash landing into the wrong docking bay on a station. And found a random NPC who encouraged me to cancel those trade jobs, I think he paid me for abandoning them, but can’t be sure. So far, so sandboxy. Pleasing to see how many jobs there are on bulletin boards, even if some are closed off until you grind some status with the station. But yeah, boy does it take a while to fly from one side of a system to the other.

  28. Doctor Pandafaust says:

    I’m honestly surprised nobody has tried to kickstarter Half-Life 3 yet. It’s been a long enough wait it almost feels like abandoned IP…

  29. guygodbois00 says:

    Elite Dangerous is dangerous and wrong.

  30. ramirezfm says:

    So, how does it compare to EVE actually? From what I read it’s basically light-content EVE that can be played solo and without monthly charge. I’m asking because I love EVE, but would prefer a no-monthly-fee equivalent.

    • Joote says:

      I would say ED is about 5% of Eve with a cockpit. Best use the money on a few months subscription. :)

      • ramirezfm says:

        Yes, the more I read the more I am convinced that this will be my conclusion.

  31. Synesthesia says:

    I’ve been having a blast. I think it’s a shame they left the wing mechanics to be implemented early next year, since that will colour the WIT quite a bit, I suspect. I’ve been rolling with a friend, in mumble, chasing bounties, exploring, drinking beer behind our mics. It’s unbelievably good. When we can properly dock between each other and share goods and profits, I think I won’t leave it for quite a while.

    Oof, and i fantasize pretty badly about the consumer version of the occulus with this. I suspect i’ll nail it to my skull and never eat again.

    Also, shame on the flamebaiters in the thread. Boo! Go hate somewhere else, I’m in space.

  32. tk421242 says:

    Ok this is a legitimate question and not trolling at all. What is there to do long term in the game? What I mean by that is in EVE I am constantly learning new skill levels and saving currency up to buy new ships and upgrades to my ships. I hear ED only has 15 ships and I have not seen any real information about crafting/production skills. I like what I have seen so far and I understand it is “EVE lite” but does it have anything like the production mechanics of EVE that can provide long term enjoyment for a economy nerd like myself.

  33. hjd_uk says:

    Ive been playign the Gamma for the last couple of weeks.
    It is much the same as the previous game I played : Frontier : Elite2.
    It is a world, you do what you want to achieve what goals you set yourself.
    You start off in your starting-ship with a handful of credits and it is up to you to trade, courier, mine, pirate, bounty-hunt and explore to your heart and wallet’s content.
    Any narritive or story is mostly down to you – an actual proper ‘RPG’ if you like.

    I will admit it is not for everyone, Sim City is not for everyone CODBLOPS is not for everyone.

    And long term? The small ships cost maybe 45k credits, the largest ships – ones capable of significantly affecting the galaxy’s economy and war are in the tens of millions – that’s the end game, having a capital ship that will let you help mould the galaxy.

    • tk421242 says:

      Ok Capital Ships… that is something I have not seen much about. I have seen several different courier/fighter style ships and seen the cost of some of them, but nothing about these large expensive ships. I watched some videos yesterday where a guy was making like 20,000 credits to courier back and forth between two stations in no time at all. Ships that cost only like 50k could be bought in no time but those large ships are nice goals to work towards.

      Is there any type of item production though in which you can make weapons or components then sell on the market or is that all handled by the devs only? From what I have seen and read it appears the economy is somewhat fluid and altered by players but I have not seen anyone demonstrate a use for mined materials other than to courier between stations for credits. I guess that is what I was getting at… would I mine for anything other than to sell to a station or would I be able to produce items that sell to a station or other players.

      • hjd_uk says:

        Its not like Eve, where you craft your own items, mining for precious metals will get you credits that you can use to upgrade your ship. Selling your gold and performing missions affects the galactic economy and balance of the various aliances ( Federation, Empire and Allicance ) and factions, over time it shoudl be possible to expand the territory of different factions. Already someone has managed to tip the balance and trigger a civial war inside a System between its factions.

        I used the term ‘Capital’ ships a bit loosely, although there are plans to have bigger ships like that, the biggest ships that players can own are still millions and millions of credits but are not space-station sized.

        • tk421242 says:

          Cool. I got your meaning by the term capital ships.. I did not think they were anything like those in EVE but they still are a bit larger than the small fighters. One video I saw the player had a ship with something like 110 cargo capacity compared to the 8 units in a small ship.. that is considerable enough of a difference.

  34. wodin says:

    How is the single player online mode? Does it feel just like a single player game?

  35. cylentstorm says:

    Seems like a really cool tech demo.

    • cylentstorm says:

      Do the devs plan on pulling their heads out of their asses anytime soon, or is it Blizzard all the way? I do like the potential for exploration, but not the online requirement. No Man’s Sky, where are you? Please show these morons the light. Lol.