Stop! Sign Motion Demo Ahead

My favourite road sign is the graffitied 'STOP for me it's the CLAW'

A world where people in traffic signs and other warning notices are alive, and can run, jump, and swing on bits from other signs? That’s a nice setup for a quirky aesthetic, that, and it’s the idea behind Sign Motion. We’re taking a child escaped from a school crossing sign on a merry adventure of puzzle-platforming, doing all the rope-swinging, crate-pushing, obstacle-dodging, poison gas-avoiding one would expect from the genre. What’s going on beneath an interesting look? You can feel for yourself, as a demo has arrived a while after its release on Steam.

I myself did not really dig the demo. You guys are lucky I can’t easily insert a load of images, or this would be full of visual puns. That “dig it” two sentences back? Yeah, that’d be a ‘roadworks ahead’ warning sign. The floaty movement? ‘Low-flying aircraft’, maybe. The way sign outlines didn’t match the collision geometry might be a ‘road narrows on left’ sign. Possibly a nice ’roundabout’ for it doing the usual puzzle-platformer stuff. My natural lack of enthusiasm for puzzle-platformers would be the ‘wild animals ahead’ warning with a totally cool stag looking all wild and indifferent and jazz. Look at this list of road signs and come up with your own jokes; mine were probably worse.

It is an exciting look, and I did smile at seeing how it used some signs, but it wasn’t for me.

If you like puzzle-platformers, don’t listen to what I say: I got bored with Limbo and didn’t even finish it. The Sign Motion demo’s download is small, so pop on over to Steam if you fancy it.


  1. Dozer says:

    The final puzzle in the demo is nonsense. Is there a level set entirely in UK roadsigns? I’d pay for that. Perhaps!

  2. Shadowcat says:

    I can’t believe they opted for “Sign Motion” over “Stop Motion”.


      Would you say that isn’t *snicker* a good sign?

    • Ksempac says:

      My guess is that they figured that, as a small indie game, they would never manage to get to the first page of search engines with queries like “Stop Motion” or even “Stop Motion Video Game”.

      Having a clever name that people would remember is important, but so are search results…