Amplitude’s Endless Sale Ends In Six Hours

One of the year’s Bestest Best Games is currently discounted by 50% on Steam. The game is Endless Legend, Amplitude’s superb 4X fantasy game, and it’s currently £13.49, but only until 6pm GMT. The discounts extend to all three of the studio’s releases, so you can also grab debut title Endless Space and this year’s brilliantly inventive roguelike door defense thing Dungeon of the Endless for £4.99 each. There’s also a bundle with all three plus DLC for £30.49. If you need to know more, our reviews of Dungeon and Legend are here to help, and Jim and I wrote about Endless Legend as part of our December festivities.

Even Endless Space is worth a look, despite being surpassed in many ways by Legend. If space is your thing and you can’t tolerate even a suggestion of sorcery, it’s a solid game and still receives updates two years after release.

Endless Legend is where the cool kids are hanging out these days though. As well as being beautiful and mechanically innovative, its various races and factions are a lovely antidote to the usual dorfs and Orlando Blooms. It’s weird fantasy the likes of which we rarely see in strategy land.

Here are those links again:

Dungeon of the Endless store page and review.

Endless Legend store page, review and Bestest Best article.

Endless Space store page, impressions and interview.

Bundle store page.

Have at ’em.


  1. Halk says:

    PSA: DotE seems to be Steam-exclusive.

  2. Llewyn says:

    I do hope the headline of this article will be kept updated throughout the day.

    Edit: Oooh, it did update.

  3. King_Rocket says:

    Ahh bugger, I just brought The Endless Legend Emperor Pack over at green man gaming for $35, now it’s $22 on Steam.

    • Jalan says:

      Something to remember: there’s usually a better deal anywhere other than GMG, unless of course you happen to be sitting on a mountain of Playfire reward credit… in which case, there’s still better deals elsewhere but they require real currency to be procured.

      • Shadow says:

        It depends. They usually have the best deals as far as new games are concerned. Older ones which have already received hefty discounts elsewhere… not so much.

  4. RaveTurned says:

    I am interested in Endless Legend, but unsure whether to get the Classic or Emperor pack. Is the Emperor pack worth it if you don’t also own Dungeon of the Endless?

    • B.rake says:

      Have the cheapo editions of both, certainly not lacking for content as is (always an option to buy the upgrade later with a better idea of what it’s adding). The price difference is nearly enough to get Dungeon of the Endless itself, which is great.

  5. Wowbagger says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been waiting to snaffle this up on sale and now it’s mine, all mine.

  6. Dawngreeter says:

    I was waiting for the first significant discount to get Endless Legend. Won’t be sleepin’ much tonight.

    Oh. Wait. I was already not going to sleep because I have Scrolls on my Android tablet. Gods damnit.

  7. anandus says:

    I do hope they’ll also be on sale during the Steam holiday sales.

  8. Philopoemen says:

    I love Endless Legend, I truly do; but why do I feel like I’m being penalised for supporting the game (any game) these days? I really want to know what the breakdown of payment actually is. I mean, I pre-ordered Endless Legend on Steam to support it’s development and Amplitude’s efforts; but, as with most games these days, shortly after release the game is on sale.

    Is Amplitude still getting the same share for the sales as they are the regular release? Does Valve’s cut differ for sales versus not sales?

    Its not a whinge, my finances are such that I can afford to give a bit extra to support these burgeoning studios, but it does feel at times that those like myself who are paying close to full price are simply subsidising the rest when sales seem to happen every other week, and I have to wonder why I don’t do exactly the same thing?

    • grom.5 says:

      It is not from Amplitude, nor from Valve, but you can read this article about the sales of Dustforce made by the studio

      link to

      Long story short, every discount give a new pulse for the sales of a game. With Christmas incoming, seems like a good shot.

    • Gothnak says:

      I never buy any game before release as I have so many games to play i can just wait for the price to come down. Every company has an initial burst of sales and then slows down, so they need to put it on sale. All you need to weigh up is do you want the game on day 1 (or earlier) or can you wait for everyone to play it first, that is primarily what you are paying for.

    • Damien Stark says:

      It “feels like you’re being penalized” because you seem to have an implicit value that “paying more” is being penalized, while at the same time you’re trying to pursue a goal of “support the developer financially” and those are conflicting values.

      It’s up to you to decide the trade-off between those two things which suits you, and up to others to do the same. If your preference is to support the devs financially, by all means do so! Pay as much as you’re willing to them, knowing that you’re helping them. If you prefer to pay the minimum possible, then simply wait a bit and do that once a sale hits.

      But if your real goal is to support the devs, you shouldn’t begrudge them sales which help them to make even more money. If your real goal is to get the game as soon as possible, you’re succeeded at a little extra cost. If your real goal is to pay the minimum you can, then you need to wait for a sale. Everyone gets to decide for themselves, and nobody is being “penalized”.

    • Rymdkejsaren says:

      I suggest that you simply assume the game you want will go on sale sooner or later, and then decide if you want it now or later.

      I think the way things work now is great. People who care about having the game early or who want to support the studio can buy it at full price, people with patience or who haven’t decided if it’s worth it can wait. It gives you a choice as a consumer, and it makes the developers and distributors more money. That’s win-win the way I see it.

  9. Soulstrider says:

    I wanted to get Dungeons of Endless (and Endless Space too I guess, but I heard it’s not has good as the other two) but all my budget is saved for the Christmas sale so I can buy the GoT game, though I dunno how I will react to it without having watched the show but read the books, and the Dynasty Warriors 8, since I have been watching the fantastic ROTK tv show and in mood for a game in that setting, plus never played any Warriors game.

  10. Glow says:

    Thanks for the heads up RPS!! ….with the 50% of ES:EE and 50% of ES:D coupons I was given for buying EL I managed to pick up both for just over £3.00 and (bonus!) was able to get rid of two non-items from my steam inventory….now if only Steam credits could be used to buy time

  11. Gothnak says:

    Right, ok, you and everyone in the Comments have gone on about it enough over the year so i have caved in and bought it. It better be awesome! :)

  12. Jams O'Donnell says:

    A question for the esteemed community:

    Mrs Jams and I like to play Civ cooperatively (I do the mans and the moving, and she joins in on all of the decisions). Mrs Jams hates fighting in games though, and we always try to go for a peaceful route. How feasible is it to play Endless Legend without terribly much fighting? Are there peaceful routes to victory? Peaceful factions?

    • Soulstrider says:

      Let’s put it in this way, there are factions where you can’t even declare war.

      • Dawngreeter says:

        If I wasn’t already sold on the game (and had already purchased it a couple hours back), this would make me buy it instantly.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      The game is probably an even better fit than Civ then, there’s a lot of great ways to play without fighting. All factions have a main storyline to follow, plus dozens of smaller quests to pacify small tribes (most of them peaceful) or to get treasure from ruins. That’s on top of all the other expansion/science victories typically available.

      And yes, as has been said, there are factions which can’t even declare war. Just make sure to set the AI factions manually so that you can get what you want, otherwise you could stumble on the Necrophages, who are always at war. The factional asymmetry and creativity is easily one of the best things about the game for me.

  13. Lagran says:

    There’s also a bundle with all three plus DLC for £30.49.

    Caution! The way the bundle is set up (base game + add-ons) it’s more expensive to buy the bundle than the premium versions of the game separately. For US and EU customers it comes out to less than 50 cents difference, but for UK purchasers it’s over £2 difference. This is copied from my email receipt:

    Thank you for your recent purchase on Steam.

    Endless Space + Disharmony – 5.79 GBP
    Endless Legend – Emperor Pack – 14.99 GBP
    Dungeon of the Endless – Crystal Pack – 7.49 GBP

    Total: 28.27 GBP

  14. Frank says:

    Thanks for the reminder, got Endless Space Gold for 3.50 USD with a coupon!

  15. Jeremy says:

    Of course, I bought this game a day before it went on sale for 50% off… still, it’s worth $35.00 USD so I’m not too sad about it. I had just about given up on the genre, and then this game brought in a ton of fresh new ideas that just completely revived it for me. If anyone is in a similar boat after feeling like everything is the same (Civ V, Beyond Earth, Warlock, etc), I would say give this game a shot.

    Edit: By “this game” I mean Endless Legend

  16. Icky says:

    Heck yeah! Been waiting for something like this and glad I picked up the entire “Pack” last night.. As stated earlier, not much sleep last night, lol :)