Tell You No Lie – Telltale Making Minecraft: Story Mode


So, that Minecraft‘s pretty popular, isn’t it? Apparently worth a fair chunk of change too. I see sprogs wandering the streets brandishing foam pixelated swords all the time, Minecraft t-shirts on their chests. Playing it has turned folks on YouTube into Internet celebrities and heck, it even has its own convention. In a way, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to make a baffling spin-off.

Telltale Games – yes, them lot behind The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us – are making an episodic Minecraft story-o-game named Minecraft: Story Mode.

All we know comes from Mojang’s announcement and Telltale’s own. Telltale say, “Set in the world of Minecraft, the series will feature an original story, driven by player choice” while Mojang chip in with word that “Mojang is collaborating with Telltale and members of the community to make Minecraft: Story Mode as Minecrafty as possible.” Then we hop back over to Telltale to hear that the series “will mix new characters with familiar themes, in an entirely original Minecraft experience, inspired by the Minecraft community and the game that continues to inspire a generation.”

This browser game Mojang made to announce it won’t tell you much about anything.

What a weird thing this is. Telltale do have experience with things that aren’t all blood, guts, murder jokes, and moral quandaries, mind. Back in the day, they made a Wallace & Gromit episodic series. Still, I can’t even imagine what this game will be like. We’ll see next year, when the first episode is due.


  1. Amatyr says:

    Creeper will remember that.

  2. Dorga says:

    O my god, QTEs for digging and dodging exploding creepers.

  3. rustybroomhandle says:

    Pfffff, scoff scoff… we did that ages ago. Allow me to present… dun dun dunnnn…


    link to

    EDIT: Spoiler: It’s exactly as dumb as it sounds.

    EDIT 2: Full playthrough:

  4. Xocrates says:

    Not sure whether to be baffled that this is even a thing, or genuinely curious about how this is supposed to work.

    • P.Funk says:

      What baffling? They managed to turn legos into a linear story based game franchise.

  5. kav2k says:

    “The Steve Among Us”

  6. Gap Gen says:

    An early build was leaked. So far it’s a text adventure, where you’re just dumped into a plain console that looks like:
    $ |
    with the cursor flashing. If you type in a number the game just prints MORE and dumps you back to the command line.

  7. Golden Pantaloons says:

    I’m not even sure I really understand what this is supposed to be.
    Minecraft doesn’t have a “world”, each map is (mostly) unique. Minecraft doesn’t have characters, unless you count enemies only differentiated by their appearance and mode of attack. Everything in Minecraft is just a blank slate for you to leave your impression on.
    I don’t understand how they are going to tell a story with no characters, no plot, no dialogue…? Maybe you could get away with leaving out one of those, but all of them?
    I mean, they could add those things, but then how would it be Minecraft in anything but appearance?

    • jezcentral says:

      The Lego Movie was quite good, despite suffering the same problem. :)

      • Xocrates says:

        Not quite the same problem because Lego does have a large number of characters, worlds, and stories. It just opted not to use them.

        But Lego did succeed on that front, largely by being extremely meta, so I suppose that’s a possibility here as well.

        • Golden Pantaloons says:

          I would say Lego has themes. A story implies characters, plot, narrative, as I mentioned. Lego doesn’t come with any of these things, unless you count the assembly instructions.
          If you’re talking about stuff like Batman or Star Wars Lego, yes that does imply a story of sorts. But the story has nothing to do with Lego.

          • Xocrates says:

            Many of their own set themes do have some sort of implicit stories and themes, which is why there’s usually a “good” faction and a “bad” faction in each. And in a few cases they do expand them beyond that. Heck by all accounts bionicle has a fairly developed lore.

    • Lanfranc says:

      You’re playing a Creeper. Every single interaction will be a choice between [Explode] and [Don’t explode].

      • Gap Gen says:

        You could imagine a L4D Versus mod where you can play as the different hostile mobs and have to kill off the survivors. Unless that already exists, of course.

      • Josh W says:

        Or there’s only one option, [don’t explode] and a countdown.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:


  9. Ryuuga says:

    Erm, say what now? Fish, meet bicycle…

  10. dethtoll says:

    I am puzzlement.

  11. LTK says:

    First Borderlands, now this. Next I’ll be expecting Super Hexagon: A Telltale Games Series.

    • Premium User Badge

      Oakreef says:

      Each episode is a different Terry Cavanagh game. Open with VVVVVV, second episode is Super Hexagon, then Naya’s Quest, followed by Maverick Bird and finish off leaving the audience devastated with Oíche Mhaith.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      My money is on TellTale’s next game being based on Pong.

      • Hedgeclipper says:

        “A heartbreaking story of one pixel’s journey from one abusive relationship to another.”

  12. Asdfreak says:

    Someone at Telltale must have looked at the wrong page in their calendar, thinking it was april the 1st. And someone at Mojang must have played along, because it’s funny. Yes. That must be it. Otherwise, there is no logical explanation for this insanity. I seriously expected to read “just kidding, gotcha” somewhere along in the text, but then I was out of character-thingies and it was all not a joke. Unless you count it as an unintentional joke, because then it’s a very funny one.

    This is the dumbest thing I have heard about all year.

    Sometimes I think irony and sarcasm are bad ideas because they just give stupid people terrible ideas.
    Sometimes I think parody is useless because reality mocks itself well enaugh already. Muhammar Al-Gadahfi price of human rights. Thats a real thing. Thats all I’m saying. Now a Minecraft Telltale game.

    (I’ll buy it if it is a horror game where you have to escape herobrine)

    • darkhog says:

      There’s one logical explanation for this. In fact, it’s just one word. Microsoft.

      • socrate says:

        Its probably that yes,i have learn to hate gamer…who buy these crappy horrible linear game with almost 0 interactivity and next to no gameplay?

        FFS people go read a book…you will end up with 1000000000X more content or just watch a freaking movie…am i the only one who see no point in these game?

        Then again when you look at minecraft and how 90% of the gameplay that is relevant came from mod and that the game itself is actually extremely broken i can understand why we are at this point

        i mean having to sleep every freaking day or else it as a major chance to rain….who the hell though this was a good idea….its raining 90% of the time now in minecraft vanilla…not to mention the gazillion other stuff that they added and are just a pain instead of being useful or fun….i really wonder how they do get paid doing such crap work

  13. Rao Dao Zao says:

    To be honest, I can’t cope with sandbox games without a story to play along, so if they actually made an actual story mode for Minecraft, I figure I’d give it a shot. (I’m sure there are mods that already do this.)

  14. KevinLew says:

    This game makes no sense at all. According to Mojang (Microsoft), there’s been a high demand for “lore” to be included in Minecraft, so they decided to make this with a point-and-click adventure game. However, this lore wouldn’t be official story; NONE of it will be canon. No famous characters or personalities from Minecraft will be the focus of the game (e.g., Steve will not be the protagonist), although they might make a cameo.

    In short, this entire game comes down to being video game fan-fiction of a hyper-popular franchise. I seriously want somebody from Mojang or Telltale to explain to me how this is not a complete sellout or a cash-grab.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Shame the title of this post is “Tell You No Lie”

    • Geebs says:

      Lore. Lore never changes (it just shows up and ruins everything you liked).

      • Gap Gen says:

        I dunno, I tend to find that lore often hides in the in-game encyclopedia or on a PR website, where it can happily languish in the knowledge that no-one will read it.


          That’s why TF2 has the best lore. Like a mountain, it’s there. Like a mountain, only a few people are crazy enough to go after it. Like a mountain, it looms above everyone, but after like a month you stop seeing it if you’re not totally into mountains. Like a mountain, it eventually devolves into advertising for other games.

  15. jz says:

    A sneak peek of our upcoming game: link to— Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) December 18, 2014

  16. Veeskers says:

    ^malicious spam above, i assume.

    Anyway, telltale’s entire business model seems to be licensing anything that is popular and slapping together a low-budget choose-your-adventure QTE sequence out of it. Brilliant and effective in its simplicity… apparently.
    This thing is incredibly popular, so of course it fits them like a charm, and will succeed.

    • doggod101 says:

      It’s not. The whole point of telltale’s games is their stories, if you actually looked at any of the games you should at least understand why people play them.

  17. malkav11 says:

    This baffles me. I mean, granted, I had a hard time seeing how they could adapt Borderlands to their formula and Tales from the Borderlands so far is some of their best stuff yet. But…Borderlands has characters, setting, narrative. Minecraft has procedural generation and crafting. I don’t get it.

  18. Frank says:

    Minecraft with point+click instead of FPS punching will give me a headache.

  19. elilupe says:

    So many people are being so critical of this decision, saying it’s dumb or completely illogical, and, yeah, no one expected this, but come on, unexpected things are cool. Telltale have shown they can do interesting things with unexpected IP’s(Borderlands) and I think this could be interesting. Remember how everyone felt when it was announced that they would be mixing Final Fantasy characters with Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts? Completely unexpected, but it ended with something magical

  20. InfamousPotato says:

    This is weird. I like it. I look forward to seeing what comes of this weird idea.

  21. johnnyr says:

    So instead of actually putting meaningful singleplayer gameplay into minecraft, they are going to have another company do that, in another game.

    Classic Notch.

    • Xocrates says:

      “Classic Notch.”

      Classic guy that doesn’t work there anymore and hasn’t been involved in the development for years?

      Seriously, what?