The RPS Bargain Bucket: End Of The Line

And just like that, the year is over, leaving us a year closer to death, and a year richer in experience. There’s something gorgeously wistful about endings, really. No matter what kind they are. Between you and me, I have a habit of never truly finishing a game. I always leave it just before the last boss, the last fight before the curtains close. It lets me pretend that the adventure isn’t over and I can go back. What about you? Do you have any rituals to deal with endings? (Also, Merry Christmas and have a great New year, everyone.) This week’s bloody adorable plushie is from Melody.

The Big Stuff

Gamestop: Would you believe that Gamestop actually sounds like they’re having some kick-ass sales? I know! Seems crazy to me too. But I am told that America’s often maligned retailer is actualy making itsef a valuable resource for a change, with things like Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition going for as low as $4.99 and there’s even Borderlands 2: Game of the Year going at 92% off. I can’t tell you for sure, o’course. For some reason, Gamestop refuses to function as a website, even with Hola. But. Well. Consider this your PSA.

Playism: We’ve got one of their games locked down in the “hey! This is a superb deal!” category of things, but they have a whole bunch of other games available for you to peruse. Keep in mind that flash deals are probably way better, but who has time to sit and stare keenly at the internet, anyway? Oh. Oh, wait.

Onlive: Fancy some cloud gaming with your holidays? Great! Because Onlive is doing this 90% off for the first month deal, which reduces its subscription cost to ’bout 0.50 pounds. Of course, that isn’t inclusive of the fees of the games themselves, but at least it’s something?

Everything else: Pick an online distributor. They will have a sale. I am almost willing to guarantee it.

The usual suspects

Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition
Vertical progression is probably not for everyone, least of all people who thrive on quantifiable definitions of value. But it is an absolutely gorgeous MMO that is further bolstered by interesting races and the fact it runs like butter on aging systems. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, and would play it more if I still have actual time outside of work. We also have a Guild Wars 2, er, guild, hiding somewhere in the woodworks.

Take No Prisoners Strategy Pack
Good grief, those are a lot of games on sale. Admittedly, most of them are old enough to be crochety old people with cigar pipes. But that shouldn’t deter you from sitting down with the classics. There’s a ton of beautiful classics, including Ghost Master, Uplink, and Jagged Alliance 2. You may find something you love, or you may not. Either way, it’s not much for a lot to muck around with.

Yay, Playism! Not only are the people who work there rather spiffy, they’ve also got a lot of interesting stuff. La-Mulana is an “archaeological ruins exploration game” which will have you dying a fair bit, as is often the case with such side-scrolling titles. Fiendishly difficult as only such games can be, La-Mulana will test your mental fortitude and willingness to be abused again and again and again.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Have I mentioned how much I love Nuuvem recently? Because I love them. A lot. They’ve got an entire roster of discounts laid out over here, which is a miracle onto itself. But, moving on. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has consumed those rare hours I have to spend on casual gaming. It isn’t a particularly philosophical excursion, nor does it attempt to be. The game’s essentially more Borderlands with your Borderlands, a rather satisfying romp through more of the same.

Also of note:
Rocksmith 2014 – $7.80/£4.99/€6.38
Music has always been a great part of my life, but I’ve always been a dancer rather than any sort of musical virtuoso. Instruments are definitely not my forte. But they could be yours! If you’ve been wanting to pick up Rocksmith 2014, it’s going for quite, quite cheap right now. (Alternatively, you could hang around and wait for a sale. That’s not a terrible idea given the season.)

Aviator Bush Pilot – $3.00/£2/€2.45
I won’t lie. This one is here because I was attracted to the zebra stripes on one of the airplanes. But, who knows if you might enjoy it? Sometimes, hideously broken games can open new doors to entirely fresh realms of entertainment.

Bioshock Triple Pack – $5.60/£3.58/€4.58
Three times the murder, three times the fun! Bioshock Triple Pack is exactly what it sounds like: a trifecta of games that range from iconic to “kinda sorta cool.” I am going to choose to believe I don’t need to introduce the Bioshock games. I shouldn’t. Honestly. You’re RPSers. This is about as familiar as the back of your hands, right? Right. (Also: take note that THIS particular price isn’t valid until the 29th.)

B-B-B-Bonus: Cool French game jam games! Ta-da!


  1. Kefren says:

    I have Rocksmith on the Xbox, but usually learn guitar songs through Rock Band 3’s tabbing for pro-guitar. The fun bit is that I have a normal electric guitar plugged into an amp and play – the Xbox gets no feedback, it just assumes I’m rubbish (“no fail mode” is turned on), but still thinks I have a pro guitar connected due to a clever dongle. No need for batteries for wireless rubbish either. Friends join in with game instruments if they’re round, I just play the real guitar but still get to appear in the game with them.

    The difference is that Rock Band has got me used to having the strings vertical, and frets as numbers; Rocksmith rotates it 90 degrees, which makes it difficult to switch between the two. Still, the idea of playing at my PC would give my shoulder a break. Anyone know if the special fine tune attachment Rocksmith needs is compatible between the Xbox and PC? Or would I need a separate dongle for PC?

    • LionsPhil says:


      Rocksmith™ requires a unique 1/4″-t- USB cable, that is the first of its kind, which allows users to plug any real guitar with a quarter-inch jack directly into their console or PC.
      Developed exclusively for Rocksmith™, this revolutionary cable turns the guitar’s signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be recognized and played through video game consoles or PC for the first time.”

      So…it’s half a USB sound card. And probably proprietary up the wazoo, because Ubisoft.

      • Wereon says:

        It’s also complete rubbish. It’s just a bog-standard USB guitar cable, sold at five times the price. Both Rocksmith games work absolutely fine with a cheap cable and a patch to disable the cable check.

        • TWChristine says:

          I’ve considered picking this up several times, and my main hold up is having to go out and find the cable (which like you said, seems to be rather expensive). Do you know if the patch works with Steam or will it start to flag me as “abusing the system”? Not too keen on getting my account locked down for them thinking I’m doing something nefarious..

          Also with the new Steam buying/gifting policy, I wonder if I can even buy it from a UK store and have it work from Canada.. (And I just now noticed that it’s no longer available, so doesn’t matter anyway!)

    • Kefren says:

      Yes, thanks. Elsewhere it looks like the Xbox cable does work on PC, sometimes with a bit of fiddling. A bigger issue was that I spotted Rocksmith 2014 on Steam requires Uplay, which I don’t want, so I just bought Rocksmith (original) on Steam. 75% off, no Uplay, probably hundreds of hours before you know ever song and can play them without the game.

      • Sinky says:

        The UI in 2014 is much better than the original Rocksmith.
        Also they patched it so it doesn’t actually start Uplay. And the game still works when it can’t connect to it.

      • DanMan says:

        It doesn’t actually require Uplay to play the game. Only the online features (stats, downloads,… ), but who cares.

        It’s worth mentioning that a lot of the DLC songs are currently cheap on Steam as well (mostly 50% off): link to

        Btw. Steam, fix your damn DLC overviews. That’s one way too long, non-filterable list of stuff.

      • Kefren says:

        Ah, so I won’t have to create a Uplay account in order to play RS2014?

      • vlonk says:

        Despite the vitriol I drop in the comment a little bit further down I STILL believe RS2014 is a big improvement over the original RS and worth the investment. You should ponder if the songlist (+better UI) of RS2014 is worth the 27 Euro price tag (17 EUR + Import tool 10EUR). That decision is really a matter of taste. On the other hand that price will fetch a good (offline) songbook that will focus on your favorite band.

    • vlonk says:

      I bought a hardcopy Rocksmith for the XBOX and a digital copy of Rocksmith 2014 for my PC in a Steam sale. The XBOX cable works just fine for me on the PC. Sadly I cannot convert the Rocksmith songs from my XBOX game to the PC… You are forced to buy rocksmith on the PC again and a converter import tool for another 10 Eurobucks. That is some horsehockey right there as is the DLC pricing policy which makes buying all songs seperately cheaper than buying the bundle…

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Aeroplane! Aeroplane! * flail *
    That is a very cute plushie Melody. You also have very clean floors, which I am assuming are courtesy of the bucket. But not the plushie.

    • Melody says:

      Nyaaaaaaaaaah :D
      The plushie’s name is Sam, because I can’t read, and the label actually says “San-X”, which is the plushie’s brand.

    • TWChristine says:

      Bargain Bucket is like my official way of talking with RPS commenters I like. So with that said, I hope the both of you, and GapGen, (who I know is floating around) have a wonderful holiday and a great new year! :D

  3. LionsPhil says:

    The back of my hand is COVERED IN BEES

  4. YoungSeal says:

    That Borderlands deal seems to be just for the Mac version.

    • LTK says:

      Nuuvem gives you a Steam key, which is platform-agnostic in the case of Borderlands.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Yeah, it’s not available. Sucks because it’s an insanely good price.

  5. Melody says:

    The Sea will Claim Everything is 50% off, making it 5$, no matter where you are.
    If you don’t buy it and play it and love it, we can’t be friends.

    link to

  6. Premium User Badge

    zapatapon says:

    In case anyone is wondering (like I did) if Nuuvem keys are affected by the recent Steam policy change, I can report that I bought The Banner Saga there this morning (currently at the sweet price of about 3.5$/3EUR) and that the key activated without hassle on my (mainland) europe Steam account.

    • Junkenstein says:

      Yeah, nothing’s changed as far as third party websites are concerned. As long as the game itself isn’t region locked, it doesn’t matter where you got your hands on a key.


    Wait, OnLive still exists?

    *reads list of games* And there is a Corto Maltese game? Does no one bother to inform me of anything?

  8. malkav11 says:

    RE: Nuuvem and Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Make sure you buy the Mac version, because there’s literally no difference (it’s a Steamplay game that supports Mac, Windows and Linux all for the same purchase) but for some reason the Mac listing is cheaper. Also, while the season pass is barely discounted, the exchange rate makes it about $15 as well (buy the PC listing in this case, since the Mac version of the season pass is more, again for no apparent reason since they’re the same thing and register on any OS version of the game.) vs the list $30 on Steam.

  9. Kala says:

    “Between you and me, I have a habit of never truly finishing a game. I always leave it just before the last boss, the last fight before the curtains close. It lets me pretend that the adventure isn’t over and I can go back.”

    Same. I really have to force myself to finish stuff.
    I get to a certain point and then…just don’t want to.

    (friends get very frustrated with this. “haven’t you finished [x] yet?”)

  10. Towercap says:

    That teddy bear has a camel toe.

    I’m SO sorry.

  11. Kefren says:

    Bah, I keep offering free games on bargain buckets and my RPS posts keep getting deleted, why is that? It’s really frustrating. I can’t be bothered retyping but I have a Witcher 2 GOG code which expires in a week, let me know if you want it (free), contact details on my blog.