Cosmic Star Heroine Alpha Already Shows Star Quality

Gunmancy. Froggoths. Pop-culture cheekiness. Sentient snot. Yes, my friends, Cosmic Star Heroine is already looking like a star. If you’re wondering what I’m blathering about, Zeboyd Games recently released half an hour’s worth of gameplay footage, all from the alpha version of the upcoming turn-based RPG, which draws inspiration from the likes of Chrono Trigger.

To provide a spot of background, Cosmic Star Heroine, er, stars one Alyssa L’Salle, an intergalactic superagent who finds herself crossing laser beams with her former bosses. Unlike most JRPGs of its ilk, Cosmic Star Heroine promises to have same-screen combat and enemy groups that will actually chase you across the map, instead of randomly popping up from the pixels and going, “BOO!” As an added bonus, you’ll also get Suikoden-style spy headquarters to customize however you choose. No word has been released as to whether or not it will provide you the option to add teddybears to your den of thieves, I’m afraid. It should be noted that while Cosmic Star Heroine is supposed to contain plenty of humor, it is not a parody. Also, expect about 11 playable characters and 3 planets to dawdle around it. Perfect number, if you ask me.

The game is slated for a 2015 release, but the devs are quick to note that it will be done “when it’s good & done” instead of “when we think you’ll pay the most money.” Which is a fantastic policy. Price-wise, it will “most likely” cost around $10 to $15. You can find the answers to a number of other common questions over here.


  1. Kitsunin says:

    Zeboyd has already made the best JRPG gameplay system of all time in the past, so this can’t possibly be good and ready too soon.

    • BisonHero says:

      Was it the one from Penny Arcade Episode 3? Because that one is pretty much ideal, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Each battle a proper challenge with no grinding whatsoever necessary or forced upon you. Reusable items and energy which charges in battle ensuring you take each one seriously and aren’t forced to skimp on your resources outside of bosses.

        I think 4 did it even better though, adding more variety and out of battle considerations.

  2. Gonefornow says:

    Seems rather nice, although I find the instant cut between battle and victory music quite jarring.

    I like how modern JRPGs have remove most of the unnecessary busywork (healing, inventory micro) and concentrated on the most interesting stuff (characters, tactical battles, worlds, exploration [you can always have more of this though]).

    • HyperDuckChris says:

      Totally agree with you, we haven’t tailored any of the music yet for things like seamless looping and fading nicely, I’ve already spoken with Bill n Rob about that jarring switch, and it’ll be sorted for the final game I promise that! We care very much about the audio and entire experience that’ll bring, so no rookie mistakes here :)

  3. Crafter says:

    The dynamism of Chrono Trigger combat system seems to be entirely absent.
    I guess it could be fixed but at the moment the battles look soporific.

  4. Kala says:

    “As an added bonus, you’ll also get Suikoden-style spy headquarters to customize however you choose. ”

    Oh, man. Sold on that alone. I LOVED, LOVED that in Suikoden.

    (and listen to the soundtrack from a bard)

  5. v21v21v21 says:

    Why do JRPG heroes during battle animation look as if they have to use the bathroom?…


    So anyone else thinks it was Dave who killed all these people, by opening the door and releasing the monster before they were prepared? They already had the keycard…

  7. mistwolf says:

    One of the few games I’ve backed on Kickstarter, and it’s been a long (but not unreasonably so!) time waiting. I look forward to it a lot! They are great about keeping backers updated and such, it’s been a real highlight of what KS can do.