Mount & Blade Viking DLC Isn’t Quite In Ship Shape

Roughly a week ago, the lads behind the Brytenwalda mod released the Viking Conquest DLC for Mount & Blade Warband. Replete with hundreds of cities to burn down and hundreds more people to bother, Viking Conquest promised a Dark Age Britain that is supposed to contain authentic scenes, scheming companions, bickering religious people, and… stuff.

The elevator pitch sounds amazing, honestly. Especially if you’re into the idea of having Vikings and British people butting heads. (Which I am.) But the Steam player reviews have rolled in and it looks like there are an unfortunate number of downward-pointing, disapproving-seeming thumbs. The main complaint appears to be the staggering number of bugs present within the DLC, ranging from missing textures to issues with the interface. The A.I seems to be atrocious too, although that may well just be the opinion of one person. Developers Brytenwalda (yes, that lot behind the eponymous mod) are patching away though, which is great because I hope continuous attention might well make this into a regular beauty.

Created for single-player voyages and multiplayer mayhem, Viking Conquest will set you back about £8.99 right now, which doesn’t seem like quite the ideal price to pay given its current state. While the developers slap on an additional level of polish, have a live-action trailer to delight yourself with:


  1. Duke of Chutney says:

    my brother steam gifted this to me. I’ve only played a few hours of it, but it has terrible performance for the graphics’s it comes with. My bro told me only to do the first couple of story missions because they totally bug out after a while. Byrtenwalda, whilst an excelent mod, was very buggy and had poor performance too so it doesn’t surprise me that this is a mess. Really though, the issue is less the bugs imo and more that this game is getting a little old to invest a full £9 in. Fundamentally its the same game and i’ve drained most of the variety out of it in Brytenwalda and warbands.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    Flee. Even if you somehow stomach the bugs, the latest patch broke the save games. It isn’t worth the pain right now. Viking Conquest was months from being finished.

  3. fantodant says:

    Some of the new features in the game are pretty cool…but I haven’t had the opportunity to check them out yet because of all the aforementioned bugs. I could stomach getting stuck at a point in the story arch and waiting for a patch to come along and let me move forward, but my third time in a row creating a character for sandbox mode and then getting a CTD on my first visit to a town? Servants, bring me my Deleter of Local Content. (Well no, just switch the mod menu back to 1257 or Gekokujo please.)

    Also…what the hell game is that above screenshot from? It sure as hell isn’t Warband!

    • Duke of Chutney says:

      good point on the screen shot, i assumed it was a pre-rendered or photoshoppy.

  4. SputnikSweetheart says:

    I want to give this a go but the reaction to this is disappointing. Might just have to wait a few months and pick it up when it’s fixed.

    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to this M&B mod L’Aigle which is basically the Napoleonic Wars DLC expanded into a full single-player game. It looks great and is coming out at the end of the month.

  5. Improper says:

    I was confused by this thing from the start. Warband has a boatload of great mods. Ones that actually work and improve the base game on every aspect by leaps and bounds, so it’s weird people were still so ready to pay for a DLC that doesn’t seem to offer much. Releasing priced content for 4+ year old game without even making a proper effort on it is really disappointing.

    I guess devs and Talewords wanted to create momentum for the series while Bannerlord is still a while away, but it’s not like M&B will be forgotten if they don’t have the sequel out before spring.

  6. Monkeh says:

    Still can’t believe RPS didn’t post about this KS-campaign: link to

    (too late now obviously)

  7. Premium User Badge

    Mikemcn says:

    It’s a mess, but I bought it because Warband and it’s Napoleonic Wars DLC are my favorite games, I had to show my support. I strongly believe they will fix the massive issues over time. If you played Warband, you’re used to some jank, so it might be worth it in a month or two? Keep track of those changelogs.

  8. Farsi Myrtle says:

    Plenty of bugs but it’s worth it for me. They fixed the crashes about one day after release, so at least it’s stable (though it sounds like some people still have a few issues).

    If you’re a bit of a nerd about this period in history, it’s good. The team’s obviously really into this side of it, more so than the technical side of game engines.

    And it’s Mount & Blade, so it’s still better than anything else.

    • Tanngnjost says:

      I am happy that I’ve bought it. I don’t care about mp, but story mode is lovely. So are the sea battles, the traiding and raiding.
      I can understand that the game might run a bit slow for many. I’ve noticed a bit of stutter myself, but not enough to ruin it for me.

  9. HeavyStorm says:

    I don’t mean to be a bully, but I just read this and, well, is this really a piece to be showing on RPS? The journalist clearly haven’t played the game, and is basing the whole article on Steam reviews. IF the title was “Steam Reviewers Think M&B isn’t quite in shape”…

    Checking facts is very important. As a gamer, I rely (very much!) on RPS opinion over games, and I don’t like being mislead (if you have played the game, well, I’m sorry… but I couldn’t understand that from the article itself).

  10. socrate says:

    This was just a silly release how about they put their effort in something like lets say…..M&B bannerlord instead of showing a broken product and remember everyone that they tend to put stuff out unfinished and buggy as hell…i swear if not for warband M&B would have never been known its the only one worth getting and napoleonic war DLC is also pretty fun and now after awhile without much bug