Valiance Online Opens Pre-Alpha Spandex People Testing

Superheroes never die. They just switch MMOs. City of Heroes might have been reduced to a bittersweet memory, but you might find some of that old glory in Valiance Online‘s open pre-alpha test phase, which happily does not require you to sign NDAs in your blood. This upcoming MMORPG is set at the tail end of the 21st century, where spandex-clad superpeople roam free-range through the fictional city of San Cielo.

Valiance Online sparkles with all of the necessary staples, including the goofy poses characteristic of the genre. (“Hello! I am Red Man” – *jauntily position hands on hips* – “and I have come to save your city!”) The open game world is purportedly in a state of constant evolution and will be connected to character choices. There will also be a veritable cornucopia of costumes, zones, and customization options for your powers. In between swinging through skyscrapers and blasting fireballs, you’ll also be able to engage in everyone’s favorite secondary activity: decentralized capitalism.

Although manned by a group of gung-ho volunteers, the Powers That Be messing around behind the creative curtain are veterans from a wide variety of industries. Not only does it feature alumni from Bethesda, Turbine, Disney, it also contains from NASA and Coca-cola? Say what? Developers SilverHelm Studios are a small team for such an ambitious game, mind, and trying to crowdfund certain development goals with donations. City of Titans is another hope for CoH fans, having raised almost $700,00 on Kickstarter last year. Here’s a peek at Valiance Online:


  1. dethtoll says:

    That header is like a comic from 1999 puked.

    • LTK says:

      Jesus, it’s just wrong everywhere you look. Where did you find this?

    • vorador says:

      My guess is that Valiance Online commissioned Rob Liefeld.

      • Turkey says:

        Ouch. Let’s be honest, though, this is better than anything Liefeld could produce.

        • Tacroy says:

          I dunno, hoodie man seems to be missing a quarter of his head and robo-girl appears to be suffering from some sort of gene-splice accident.

          • Koozer says:

            If you plan on sleeping tonight, I recommend not looking too closely at the hand holding the gun. Or the rough approximations of what I can only imagine are legs to the right in the background.

      • Jalan says:

        Probably for the best, lest he start holding up a sign outside major comic publishing houses that reads “WILL ART FOR FOOD”.

  2. JohnnyPanzer says:

    So… they all suffer from stroke? Or just the artist who drew that abomination?

  3. Freud says:

    It looked quite stale for a superhero game. Shouldn’t fights and abilities be spectacular and not look like a MMO from a decade ago?


      MMO’s from a decade ago are the hot look for MMO’s now…. and forever.

  4. Guy Montag says:

    I quite liked that one hero in the trailer who just poses at bad guys.

    This looks like pre-pre-alpha, which I supposed makes sense, as this open pre-alpha started on the 13th, and this video came out last month. I can’t wait to see the great strides forward the game took in 2 weeks.

  5. MaXimillion says:

    Based on the video it looks like they’re trying to copy CoH as closely as possible. Even though I loved the game (and put about 5000 hours into it), I’m not sure that I want to play a cheap clone of it.

  6. aliksy says:

    As a rule I don’t play MMOs that pretend to be ‘action’ unless i can aim and dodge meaningfully.

  7. Rindan says:

    Wow! That looks awesome! I have been dying for another MMORPG with traditrional MMORPG combat. That sort of combat is SOOO much fun! The market it for it is truly huge and endless. Just look at WoW and all the money they got! I bet if they just boot that out the door money will flood in.

    I am being totally serious.

    The best case scenario is that this game makes enough money to pay for the people working on it. Any investor who funds this game under the delusion that they are going to get a pile of profit by funding a hit is a fucking idiot and it is for the best that they are parted from their money.

  8. rustybroomhandle says:

    Orange underwear flare alert!

  9. MacTheGeek says:

    That trailer is the best advertising Marvel Heroes and DCUO could have ever bought.

    • aliasi says:

      Except the game is pretty clearly aimed at the people who don’t WANT DCUO, Marvel Heroes, or Champions Online; they want their City of Heroes.

      Snarking about how it looks and plays like a ten-year-old MMO is a bit like snarking at Dwarf Fortress or Nethack for having impenetrable UIs and ASCII graphics; they’re precisely what the target audience wants.